Guest Column: Mark Baker Closing His Family Farm

Michigan armed thugs chase patriot Mark Baker and family from farm and home
by Shane Trejo (Subtitle supplied by Coffee Coaster proprietor)
c/o Michigan Tenth Amendment Center



Mark_Baker_1Take a look at the picture above, and realize that is what you are living under. Totalitarianism has taken root in America, and it is a bipartisan affair. Both parties have sold our freedoms down the river.

The latest casualty in the government’s war against the rights of the people is Mark Baker. He is closing his small farm after many years of battling against state bureaucrats.

You can access his announcement at this link. A fuller background story appears here.

While we were enjoying the Christmas holiday, Michigan state bureaucrats under the command of Governor Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette were terrorizing the family of a patriotic military veteran to drive him out of business at the behest of their special interest paymasters of the Michigan Pork Producers Association and other special interests in the industrial pork lobby . Continue reading

Guest Column: Fighting for Liberty…

… as a Republican

How to Fight for Republican Victory without Selling Your Soul
by Shane Trejo, from The Detroit Constitutionalist

RogueElephantRecently, I have been very busy volunteering for republican state house rep candidates, and informing the masses about the horrors of the federal and state government’s constitutional violations while doing so. It is very rewarding to work for principled candidates and to be the antidote for the mainstream media’s propaganda at the same time. I have been talking to people about the police brutality epidemic that is enveloping our country, federal government malfeasance and the generally woeful state of affairs. People have been very receptive to the message. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: “The Shot Heard ’round the World, II” (?)

… or certainly the state of Michigan

IntroFrom liberty Republican David Lonier’s email 8/15/2014:

“As many of you may have heard and/or witnessed, the 11th Congressional District achieved a milestone victory for true conservatism at the [Oakland] County Convention last night by electing Matt Maddock as our Chairman. The result was the removal of a preselected slate of establishment delegates to the State convention and the approval by a two to one majority (204:115) of a more representative slate.”

Detroit News report here. And the Detroit Free Press report here. Continue reading