Guest Column: Fighting for Liberty…

… as a Republican

How to Fight for Republican Victory without Selling Your Soul
by Shane Trejo, from The Detroit Constitutionalist

RogueElephantRecently, I have been very busy volunteering for republican state house rep candidates, and informing the masses about the horrors of the federal and state government’s constitutional violations while doing so. It is very rewarding to work for principled candidates and to be the antidote for the mainstream media’s propaganda at the same time. I have been talking to people about the police brutality epidemic that is enveloping our country, federal government malfeasance and the generally woeful state of affairs. People have been very receptive to the message. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: RINOs and DINOs and Trolls, Oh My! (Part 1)

Noteworthy barnacles on the butt of the modern liberty movement
Part 1: RINOs and DINOs

Left, Right, Prospects for LibertyIn my long career as a libertarian activist—and I use the term libertarian (rather than turning the noun liberty into an adjective) for a reason[1]—I’ve encountered virtually every dilatory and unconstructive ‘methodology’ or political practice that’s come around. Indeed, I’ve been a vocal proponent of more than one… in my testosterone-alcohol-and-ego-fueled youth, mostly. Now I feel I’ve reached a stage of consciousness that enables me to see through three key particularly unhelpful ideologies afflicting our cause today, the better, I hope, to let go of them. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: Libertarian Children’s Story

Sample offshoots of a Republican children’s tale

The other day when I received the public-domain story with the punchline “Welcome to the Republican Party,” I simply couldn’t leave it alone. We all know about big-government “Republicans in Name Only” (RINOs), and it isn’t the least bit funny how they posture as advocates of liberty. Then you have the Dems, who have given up posturing as anything except Stalinistas. The only snappy (and truth-based) repartee I can find comes from the libertarian neck of the woods. — bw Continue reading