Guest Column: Fighting for Liberty…

… as a Republican

How to Fight for Republican Victory without Selling Your Soul
by Shane Trejo, from The Detroit Constitutionalist

RogueElephantRecently, I have been very busy volunteering for republican state house rep candidates, and informing the masses about the horrors of the federal and state government’s constitutional violations while doing so. It is very rewarding to work for principled candidates and to be the antidote for the mainstream media’s propaganda at the same time. I have been talking to people about the police brutality epidemic that is enveloping our country, federal government malfeasance and the generally woeful state of affairs. People have been very receptive to the message.

However if I were going door to door to re-elect Gov. Snyder, I couldn’t talk about Constitutional issues without being disingenuous because he is among the worst offenders in the state. If I were going door to door for David Trott, I couldn’t talk about the benefits of property rights because he’s the monster who has made millions exploiting unfair government rules to expel thousands from their homes. Of course, the deluded saps selling their souls in the name of ‘Republican unity’ do go door-to-door and promote bums like Snyder and Trott proclaiming them to be Constitutional conservatives. These acts of cowardice poison the well and ruin our reputation amongst the public, to the detriment of freedom.

That is actually the biggest hurdle to overcome when I am doing my activism. When I tell people that I am supporting Republican candidates, they are not always happy. Sometimes, they completely tune me out and refuse to give me a fair shake because of my support of Republican politicians. It makes me angry, but I can’t say that I blame them. With Snyder going around at the helm of the MIGOP, it is a tough sell to voters that conservatives are fighting for freedom and Constitutional governance. He has squandered all of the Constitutional credentials for Michigan conservatives in order to roll around in the federal blood money from Dictator Obama.

If you are going door to door for Snyder, Trott, or one of Michigan’s deplorable RINO scumbags, take a hard look at yourself in the mirror. What are you doing with your life? Why are you shooting yourself in the foot? Why are you rewarding your betrayers and backstabbers? These cretins are causing the masses to run from the Republican Party like a plague. They are delivering the country to Obama on a silver platter. And you want to help them to do this? What’s wrong with you?

Whatever Stockholm Syndrome you’ve developed isn’t helping the country. What we need is courageous, heroic Americans willing to stand up against the tidal wave of tyranny and evil that is enveloping the country. If you are going door-to-door for Snyder or Trott, you are apart of the problem. No doubt about it. You might as well have the word ‘SUCKER’ tattooed into your forehead. You are not cut from the same cloth as the Founding Fathers, and you are quite frankly a disgrace to everything that they stood for.

That may sound a bit harsh, but it’s the bad medicine that you need if you’re willing to support Snyder after he implemented Obamacare, pushed for Common Core, taxed pensions, pushed for additional gas and internet sales taxes, boosted the minimum wage, bailed out Detroit, fundraised with enemy of the 2nd Amendment Michael Bloomberg, and hobnobbed with Jimmy Carter at an Islamist conference. You need a wake up call if you’re willing to tolerate this.

Save the pathetic excuses. Save the apologetics. Save the tired ‘lesser of the two evils’ canard. It is that type of absurd, gutless line of thinking that has allowed America to slip from the world’s greatest country to a pathetic joke. Now it is time to be like Christ, who would have never accepted evil just because it had an R next to its name. Now it is time to stand for principle. That is the only way we can begin to turnaround our nation before it is lost forever to the orgy of corruption perpetrated upon us by power-mad bureaucrats like Obama and Snyder.

There are many good candidates you can work to get elected in the Republican Party. State House Representative candidates Martin Howrylak, David Lonier, Steve Boron and Jim Runstead are several in the area who I can personally vouch for as standing consistently for freedom. As a matter of fact, I have been going door-to-door with Republican state house candidate Bob Brim reaching out to minorities on the police state issue. That is how we grow the party, by reaching out to groups that have been alienated by the tone-deaf Republican establishment and extending an olive branch to them. This also breaks down the artificial white vs. black divide that is being perpetrated by Obama and his complicit left-wing sycophants. While Snyder bends over backwards to enable Obama’s agenda at every turn, we pull up our sleeves and do the hard grassroots work to fight him. This is how Republican activism should be done, rather than just mindless bootlicking of whoever is in power.

You can go door-to-door for many different republicans and keep your conscience in tact. However, helping people like Snyder or Trott makes absolutely no sense from a conservative point of view. Surrendering your values to fight for someone who has sold your children’s future down the river makes no sense. If you give Snyder your time and energy, you’re no better than the personality cult that surrounds Obama. It’s time to wake up. The country is hanging by a thread. It’s time to try something new, and actually have a backbone. Maybe then some of our most prominent candidates will be less vomit-inducingly putrid for a change.

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