Movie Review: Suburban Girl (2007)

Nice twist on the older man-younger woman tale (7/10)

Suburban_GirlChloe, as they enter the library for a book signing:
“Why are we here?”
Brett: “Because I’ll never make full editor until I start mixing with the oligarchs… and he [pointing at Archie Knox] is one of them.”

Archie, on learning her name: “Let me guess, your novelist father named you after Brett Ashley in the Sun Also Rises.”
Brett: “My father’s a doctor. But yes, I was named after that character.  My brother’s named Ethan… after Ethan Frome.”
Archie: “Well, as I always say, better to be named after a sensuous 1920s flapper than…”
Brett: “… than a tragic, desperate man with an ugly scar across his forehead.”

This one didn’t get much promotion, and you know the mass movie market has been restricted when the occupation of the principal character is copyeditor (sometimes called proofreader).  Brett Eisenberg (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a Manhattan literary assistant with dreams of a life doing what she loves: reading and editing books, being part of the great scene of New York idea culture.  The movie intro shows her working on a manuscript using the standard proofreader markings, in pencil.  Yer humble commentator once worked in these fields of the copy and deep editors, so I know the ropes or the “stets”[1] so to speak. Continue reading