Movie Review: Sex and the City (2008)

Appreciated yet flawed homage to original (4/10)

Sex_and_City“Never try to relive the past: the fire will have become ashes.”
— General Douglas MacArthur

Like many moviegoers and Sex and the City series fans, I desperately wanted to fall in love with this movie as much as I had fallen in love with practically everything about the TV show.  Alas, my subtitle speaks with kid gloves only because of the enormous respect I had for that groundbreaking creative enterprise on HBO, Sunday nights—running from 1998 to 2004 with a total of 94 episodes.  But if I’m Ebert and/or Roeper, all honesty requires a thumbs down on the movie… even a ‘way down:’

An obvious ringer right off the top: “What in the holy hallelujah is Jennifer Hudson doing in this movie?!” Continue reading

Book Review: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (2001)

A funloving English contrarian roasts the pretensions of
New York’s Magazine Avenue
by Toby Young

How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

Someone must have loaned me this book from Toby Young when I wasn’t looking. A week or two ago, I was scrounging thru my top bookshelf for some lighter reading to accompany me on a trip up north, when I see How to Lose Friends peeking out from between a dog-eared road atlas and a software manual. I read a couple of pages and said this is just right.

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