Brian’s Column: Three Dreams

Sharing three powerful dreams behind First Principles and Independent Being
By Brian R. Wright

My latest project(s) are the First Principles Foundation, First Principles’ grand juries, and the corresponding Independents’ Movement…. all of which ideas were hinted at in my 2016 novel, The Truman Prophecy. Immediately upon waking from each of the sleep sessions, I felt an incredible release of energy, as well. I have a ‘muse,’ Robingale, who lives in the Free State (NH). We chatted shortly after the third dream and she helped me to grasp much more fully what they all mean. I’ll provide a paragraph on that below.

Here’s the text of the dreams and thoughts directly induced and written down:

Dream #1: 9/17/17 ~0500-0600

Conference on 9/11 in a major hotel venue—may already be happening via C. [Cynthia] McKinney, et al—everything is professional, good security, all respectful, MUCH REAL TRUTH!

I have a booth on First Principles Grand Jury for Justice 9/11 and justice in general. [The rest of this is not the dream, rather thoughts immediately induced by the dream and written down.] Idea for a book… “…Shall Empanel…” and I need to get with Peter Konetchy to read sources, develop plan.

This is all proceeding from ‘Being’ Consciousness, which is enabling synchronicity and Creative Consciousness of Jon Rappoport inclination. Very similar to Gravity Golf and the AJ [AJ Reveals the Truth about Golf] ‘systems.’ Liberation among the rubble. Integrates with The Truman Prophecy almost perfectly… and my muses’ concerns for practicality.

Grassroots, simple, ground up, human, dispels the domination sickness, restores us, the republic.

Side bar left: All thanks to log entry [in my journal] yesterday on Staying with Being Consciousness and the Deep Quiet. Calming.

Side bar right: Plus, I become a ‘prophet’ rather than a fire bringer.

What was really energizing about this was how the dream really just opened up the channels and I just did it. Zero stress or anxiety.

Dream #2: 10/10/17 ~ 0600

Once again a dream leading the way. The Truman Prophecy, I’m coming up with a vision of its meaning—to break free from the programmed reality. It’s imminent, and most of us will do so, a la Truman Burbank [Jim Carrey character in the movie, The Truman Show (1999)].

I’m in a high rise and some muse types also business types are waiting on me to capture the marketing pizzazz to overcome the sickness that so many people are stuck with. Trial and error [and some people in the audience are made sicker in resistance and misdirection about Independent Consciousness], but ultimately I do come up with the marketing poetry to lead people to health and freedom.

What is the Truman Prophecy? … in the form of What is the Matrix?

Dream #3: 10/20/17 ~0:40

Wow! This was like an acid trip that was a roller coaster ride… it was an amazing 3D movie where the special effects flowed all around me and images and shapes shifted—rapidly—and just when I would run into something the scene would change, or I would change it, so I would escape by going on to the next image.

Eventually, I even ‘learned’ how to control the scenes by speeding them up or slowing them down… I came to realize that I would be all right if I gave myself to whatever was coming. I was afraid at first, then I realized I had chosen this and was in charge. I had immense release and power.

Final scene, it all comes together as this beautiful Harley (light blue) assembles itself around me, then Rose [my ex] materializes sitting on the back with a smile and we ride off slowly via a parking lot, engine rumbling powerfully, to a motel with two stories and that’s where the movie reality wears off. I’m great. She’s great.


Per my conversation with Robin, all three of the above dreams summon a spiritual magnet drawing me to what I’m meant to do at this stage of my life: 1) the first dream showing how critical the reality of JUSTICE is in our world and leading me to the First Principles and then to these Principles’ connection to people’s restored independent multilevel everywhere (PRIME) grand juries, 2) Dream 2 going to the heart of what is holding people back from unplugging, then 3) the third one revealing how creative consciousness turns us loose as individuals and as a species to meet the glorious challenges we shall now be able to handle (as Independent Beings).

So watch out world, here we come!

Let me give a nod to Robin’s excellent company, Empowered Mindscape, especially in time for this holiday season. She’s really a remarkable seer and her healing stones, in particular, are perfect for keeping one solidly on the path of personal empowerment… replenishing the soul. I employ them (and the corresponding cards and meditations), daily, in conjunction with my newly refreshed discovery and practice of Falun Dafa.  Try them, you won’t be disappointed.




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