Book Review: Consent of the Governed (2015)

Scratches the itch for liberty like no other book since Cracking the Code
By Jason W. Hoyt
Reviewed by Brian R. Wright

Abundant thanks to my recently realized compatriot, one David Schied (standing on the front lines boldly against Michigan general corruption), for referring me to this remarkable groundbreaking rallying cry for the people’s reassumption of their inherent grand jury authority. David, in a recent conversation, extolled Consent of the Governed as perhaps the most important book he’s read in the past decade… commanding his undivided attention until completion.

I purchased the Amazon Kindle edition for a very reasonable price of $5.99, digested it in roughly a week, and I agree: It IS the most important book that activists for liberty will read this year or for the remainder of the 20-teens. Why? Because as the subtitles tell us, it is the people’s guide to holding government accountable, informing us—with meticulously researched references—that ‘we the people’ are, indeed, in charge and fully constitutionally franchised to take back our direct power over all the institutions of government. By OUR grand juries. NOW.

“We don’t have to wait for elections.” We don’t have to wait period.

It’s simply a matter of working out the details. How to best coordinate the state’s—federal, state, and local levels—wholesale relinquishment of corruptly assumed authority with its facilitation, accommodation, and  enforcement of the people’s grand jury investigations, indictments and presentments[1] (and petit or trial jury functions, too, by the way). In other words, make all public officials, in fact, what they were meant to be in theory: direct, 24/7/365-accountable servants, gophers, waterboys of and for the people.

“That’s mighty tall talk for a one-eyed fat man,” you say. [ref. John Wayne film, True Grit.]

Admittedly it sounds that way on the surface. But Consent of the Governed makes it clear that our legal traditions have been exactly that, i.e. the grand jury was a practical tool developed over the centuries—from the Magna Carta to its highest expression in the Declaration of Independence and our American First Principles—that people used in their daily lives to keep government constrained to those principles and out of their knickers.

Consider the fifth 1st Principle, “… that whenever government becomes destructive of those ends [life, liberty, and/or property of the individual] it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it….” Contained in that premise is the obvious right of the people, in order to avoid the destruction of revolution, directly to monitor and control government. Hence, grand juries. Independent of the state, and belonging directly to the people themselves.

The unsubstantiated tall talk comes from corrupt, abusive government officials at all levels. Today, every single one of us with the political awareness of a tadpole knows that easily a dozen of our own personal peers have been hammered flat by an engine of terminal public corruption running amok: ruinous divorce and custody incursions, drug prosecutions, civil asset forfeitures, utility-company rights- and health-assaults, spurious criminal charges, blatant sanctioning of police aggression, surveillance and warrantless siezures, routine violations by corporate police-state thugs on our persons, liberties, and property. We are seeing today a fullfledged EPIDEMIC of state crimes against humanity.

That’s what happens when a free people lays down its sword and shield. Public officials and untold scores of their obedient, government-schooled drones unite to cash in on the values and virtues that we the productive class—people of conscience and independent consciousness—struggle valiantly to achieve.

Since 2013 when I was inspired to read Kelly Mordecai’s seminal work, The Hidden 4th Branch: A corrupt government’s worst nightmare, and then offer a resolution to support grand juries to the Libertarian Party of Michigan, I’ve been envisioning the restoration of that power of the people. Kelly’s book is a good start, and what Jason has done yields all the historical and modern references that we need to do the job. Jason also goes above the reference data to formulate simple characteristics for what a grand jury is and is not, and exactly how the federal government in particular managed to steal away our grand juries in the dead of night… with the Federal Criminal Procedure Law of 1946.

Much more intellectual ammunition is arrayed to help us strike the target and move to a free society all cleaned up from generations of corruption. I also point out that Mr. Hoyt, Mr. Mordecai, myself, and others pursuing efficient “people’s restored independent multilevel everywhere” (PRIME) grand jury assertion are well advised to attend to the Hendrickson Discovery [referred to in the title of this column] that is already in play and soon to reach critical mass to deprive our rogue federal behemoth of the funds it is relying on to foster global full-spectrum dominance.  And my own efforts are leading toward what I’m calling my First Principles’ Initiative, with launch in late January 2018.

Mr. Hoyt does grasp the connection between First Principles of the Declaration of Inde-pendence and the PRIME grand jury. In the book, he discusses a specific abuse of power inflicted on one Terry Trussell of Dixie County, Florida, in regards to Common Core and corrupt Florida education officials and county officials. Clearly, these officials and thous-ands of others across the country are usurpers, who only respond to the people taking charge through our own grand juries to enforce our own First Principles.

I do have a few caveats on Consent of the Governed, but they are trivial in terms of the great need for this book in our arsenal for reclaiming our natural rights. I have been reading the Kindle version of the book, out of convenience and price, but CoG will become a main-stay for my own First Principles Initiative and as we move forward with several other ideas in concert to achieve victory. I’ll be buying and distributing dozens upon dozens of CoG print version in my conduct of the Initiative. Sales are going to go through the roof.

Buy the book, review the book. It’s the next Bitcoin of the Independents’ Movement.

In Summary

The author provides a highly readable primer that conversationally presents and author-itatively supports what thus has to be seen as a glaring fact by all but the most dim or brainwashed: We the people are supposed to be in charge, our country’s founders fought and died for our right to be in charge, the grand jury is our cardinal birthright tool for taking charge, and now is the time to pick up the gauntlet en masse. Start by reading Jason Hoyt’s  book, then organize—he has several worthwhile ideas, and others do, as well, we’ll be hooking up—to bring grand juries to all… to restore the Republic.


[1] Understanding the mechanics of real, independent people’s grand juries requires learning or relearning some terminology, which Consent of the Governed, provides in an easy to comprehend format. Investigation by a real grand jury in practice will be accomp-lished by a special investigator(s)/prosecutor(s) who is not a state official, and who will report to the grand jury foreman. An indictment is a general term for the grand jury saying probable cause exists for trial on the charges; it also means more specifically that it is likely one nonstate actor has harmed another nonstate actor. A presentment is issued when the grand jury determines it likely that a state actor has harmed a nonstate actor.

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