The Religion of FLOW (Increment 1)

FLOW (Fellowship for Liberation of Our World)
What I have in mind and why I’m launching this year
By Brian R. Wright

Note: I’m choosing to build this column as a description in stages. This column builds on the former one, which is the Starting Segment here.— brw

Some recent instructive face time with one of my more insistent muses has caused me to realize that I need to ‘get on the stick,’ as my peers would tell me in high school. I couldn’t even answer her briefly as to what in fact FLOW was or is, much more why anyone would want to join up… or how she would benefit from it.

Recent dreams here, here, and here have provided some light along the path, then the reinvigoration of my Falun Dafa practice has supplied what heretofore had been missing for the breathing sacred being, i.e. you and me. I sketched what you see on the right in less than a couple of minutes while waiting to shower—it’s the initial FLOW chart, 🙂 so to speak, everything is anticipated there, just not positioned exactly where it will turn out.

Yes, I am building FLOW as a faith or religion with the same features of any of the Abra-hamic ones: Judaism, Christianity, Islam—although sans ‘God.’ Akin to Buddhism, except supporting the apotheosis of each individual’s independent consciousness and Being … in accordance with the laws of Nature and the sacred nonaggression principle. Also, like, say, Unitarianism, tho without any doors open for state-worship or altruistic-identity politics. Rational, spiritual, creative, and benevolent: Ayn Rand, Eckhart Tolle, Jon Rappoport, and Bagger Vance meet one another for a common purpose: our mutual spiritual well being.

A religion has two general aspects: doctrine and practice. I’ll summarize each first, then expand with narrative to where I am now in the integration.

Twenty-Five Words: FLOW Doctrine

Just as flow in nature is enhanced by removing obstacles, FLOW leverages the cultivation practice of Falun Dafa to dispel barriers to independent conscious-ness, and fosters an individual’s inner peace, outer peace, and creative abundance.

Falun Dafa, briefly explained here in a flyer I composed for its DVD, is the missing link I was looking for to breathe life into the FLOW system, make the FLOW idea and prac-tice much more alive for people. [The ideas behind FLOW are vibrant, but they are, after all, mind constructs, which can become the tail of mental illusion wagging the dog of one’s soulful reality… which is, after all, the general human affliction we’re trying to reverse.]

Why Falun (wheel) Dafa (great law)? Because it’s a very simple set of exercises that integrates a focus on justice for the individual in society. Truth, Tolerance, Compassion: these are the pillars Falun Dafa wants its adherents to cultivate. The meditative practice is from Chinese antiquity, and was founded in modern form by Mr. Li Hongzhi in China near the time of the democracy protests there. It acquired 10s of millions of followers, and, on account of these followers protesting general mistreatment by the government, it became the target of a horrific Chinese state persecution that continues to this day.[1]

Significant philosophical thinking with individualist political foundations complement the Falun Dafa spiritual entry-assist for FLOW, and will be outlined in planned documentation.

Twenty-Five Words: FLOW Practice

My main concept of FLOW and hence its orienting practice is to provide a haven and impetus for existing independently conscious human beings to seed, grow, and spread independent consciousness in themselves and throughout our species You see the main theme here, don’t you: a coalescence of (human) beings of independent consciousness. This theme is announced in my hybrid novel, The Truman Prophecy (2016), where the prophet Hiram Chance enlists the services of remarkable co-INdependent souls to quickly and systematically effect the removal of the Barrier Cloud[2] and let our people flow.

Two sides exist to the word practice:

  1. the ethical conduct of one’s life according to FLOW
  2. the organization of the fellowship: its goals, symbols, rituals, activities, etc.

Briefly, as for the first category, FLOW isn’t proposing or creating any new ground. Aside from the Falun Dafa practice and its cultivation of Truth, Tolerance, and Compassion in the individual, we will refine and encourage what contributes to independent consciousness: reason, intellectual and moral courage to both know the truth and stand up for it, (good)  manners, healthful practices, embracing the nonaggression principle, self-improvement, ambition, respect and care for other human beings and sentient creatures, civic respons-ibility…  to be elaborated further in the planned documentation (TBEFPD). For the time being, as a guidepost and affirmation, here is the brief FLOW Creed I’ve come up with:

I am here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold.
I connect to the Source with Truth, Tolerance, and Compassion.
I embrace my fellow sentient beings in the spirit and practice of the sacred nonaggression principle.
Daily I flow with the effortless power of my Authentic Swing.

For the second category dealing with the organization and its spread, also briefly, I have in mind a dual-pronged cell structure, supplemented on the social side by regular gatherings more oriented to fellowship, education, and celebration. Ritual, liturgy, and symbolism will be simple, but not wholly absent—as with, say, the Society of Friends. We want to create a sense of pride in belonging to FLOW, with markings that signify higher levels of commit-ment to the fellowship and its ideals. {Especially for the Browns among us.[3]}

The membership part of the organization/fellowship is a 7 x unlimited matrix for orienting and informing those who choose to belong, I conceive of it having a bottom up architecture like a tree with branches flowing toward the sky (consistent with the Truth-Tolerance-Compassion FLOW symbol above). [The normal top down image for organization is shown directly on the left. Each individual, as well, is active in the affairs of society according to that structure. For example, in the United States we are organized politically by neighborhood, municipality, county, state, federal… and FLOW active members will act to effect change in society, in concert, along those lines.] TBEFPD.

Once again the purpose of all FLOW practice is to free the individual consciousness and extend the voluntary community of such consciousnesses into the cosmos, leaving behind once and for all the MOPS collectivized-mind ‘tape worm’ that has chained humanity to oppression and war forever… and now in the Age of Toxocracy threatens to end us.

The Dr. Miles J. Bennell Society—Why I Am Personally Doing FLOW

Before I barge into just how I see FLOW being implemented and the benefits it may afford, let’s consider my motivation for creating it. Probably only a handful of my readers can answer the question, “Who is Dr. Miles J. Bennell?” without accessing their search engines. Well, Dr. Bennell is the fictional character played by Kevin McCarthy in the 1956 sci-fi, horror movie classic, Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Written by Jack Finney as a serialized novel for Collier’s Magazine in 1954, the story is about a small northern California town, Santa Mira, being infiltrated then overcome by a space-borne alien species. The invading spore-like creature generates seeds that become pods, which when placed near a sleeping human being take that person’s physical form; when the person falls asleep, the person’s cells and memories are transferred to the duplicate, creating a collectively programmed human who continues the duplication process among the remaining human population.

Dr. Bennell slowly discovers what’s happening, then flees Santa Mira with the love of his life, Becky Driscoll, with converted townspeople on their heels. The pods are being grown at an accelerated pace in farms near Santa Mira and surrounding towns. In the movie, he’s ultimately picked up by the police from a crowded highway leading to San Francisco. He frantically tries to convince them of what’s happening and its grave danger….

To me, the plot of Body Snatchers is the perfect metaphor for what the Men of the Power Sickness have been inflicting on the great numbers of humanity in our time… though on a longer-term scale: by 1) mass indoctrination thru the compulsory state schools’ monopoly, 2) incessant barrages of media propaganda, now especially via the perceptual-emotional mode of consciousness fed by contrived dramatic news/entertainment imagery, and 3) imposition of a number of covert, deceptive high-crime acts of aggression by the corporate state on people as a whole thanks to the majority falling asleep and giving in—acquiescing. The majority has increasingly yielded to the paralyzing collective-mind noise.

Hence the need for self-consciously preparing the forces of Independent Being to ward off the immediate threat, then to reclaim our humanity by turning the species forward toward full independent consciousness. That’s what I call a Miles J. Bennell-worthy motive… and it’s always been my heartfelt desire to contribute to such a noble cause.

[to be continued in next week’s Brian’s Column]

[1] Please be aware that FLOW does encourage other healthful energy and healing practices—I’m particularly fond of the “Yoga for the West of Us” ways of David Scott Lynn, for instance—it’s just that Falun Dafa seems to match up perfectly for the FLOW mission. Also, I want to say that the best way to do Falun Dafa, or at least to start off with it, is in a small group setting: you should be able to find one near you from accessing the umbrella worldwide site:

[2] The Barrier Cloud is a concept that comes from my book of the same name and originally represented a combination psychological-socio-logical obstacle to an individual embracing the universal nonaggression principle. Thus, the Barrier Cloud is what holds back “the people” from achieving a benevolent society of liberty, abundance, and peace. And it rises from a combination of an anachronistic biological tendency with which most of us are afflicted .AND. the opportunistic exploitation of this trait by a small, parasitic cabal of men whose survival depends on manipulating others to serve them. I have also coined a generic concept for this cabal: the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS).

I’ve expanded the concept of the Barrier Cloud from simply its preventing human beings from embracing the nonaggression principle to its impeding human beings from achieving fully independent consciousnesses… and flourishing thereby. The MOPS worst nightmare is having people wake up, realize they’ve been manipulated and deceived, then like a bunch of Ayn Rand Atlases [Atlas was the Greek god condemned to hold up the earth (actually the sky or cosmos) for eternity] shrugging off the MOPS entirely. Bye Bye. FLOW is motivated by a strong desire to aid in that discovery. But I intend FLOW to prevail post-MOPS as a spiritual fellowship and just a wonderful group of people to party with. 🙂

[3] Reference to the Keirsey-Bates, Please Understand Me model for describing personality ‘types.’ Browns are the organizers and belongers of our world, and make up a large percentage of society.

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