Brian’s Column: Eureka-Bingo! Major Discovery on STUPID-19

On the Final Steps to Figuring out the Massive Deception of ‘Covid’
By Brian R. Wright

Patrick Henry —> and I say Happy Independents Day. Note the form of the word, because if we do not rise as Independents, we shall surely not rise much longer.

Yes, thanks to a lot of help from my friends, I believe I have figured out the keys to the Deception of All Time, which give very timely clues to whodunit, as well. Three key articles, columns, or videos:

    7/2/2020, Murder by Lockdown—Lew Rockwell republication of the fourth installment of a four-part column by Jon Rappoport, reporting on an article by John Pospichal ( in Medium.
    7/2/2020 Dr. Zev Zelenko shows CV success with HCQ-zinc, consumate pure clinical outpatient doctor successfully treats hundreds of patients for advanced symptoms of  ‘COVID-19,’ preventing need for hospitalization. Confirmed by 1000s of other practitioners worldwide.
    7/3/2020 COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless. Subtitle: Everything we’ve been told about COVID is a HOAX!,  referred by precious, indefatigable Barb Lowe of the National Vaccine Information Center (@NVICLoeDown), article by Brian Shilhavy, Health Impact News.

These are the three data points that I believe have finally led to a resolution of serious questions that were remaining as to whether ‘covid’ was real, and if it was, what was/is it. We know from the Rockwell article and from whistleblower work in NYC, in particular, including Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell ( and RN hero Erin Osznewski ( that cognizant hospital staff were and are directing ‘covid’-diagnosed and even NON-‘covid’-diagnosed patients to ventilators [and virtually certain death, 90% fatal via lung explosion].

Then we also know from bullet #2 that there’s a “something” called “COVID-19” presenting as extreme respiratory symptoms (hypoxia presumably being among them) that Zelekov’s work and 100s of other doctors worldwide are successfully treating—~ 100% to no symptoms (—with hydroxychloroquine-zinc-azithromycin. Continue reading

Book Review: Building a Bridge to the 18th Century (1999)

How the past can improve our future
by Neil Postman
1999, First Vintage Books, 193 pages

Building_a_BridgeNeil Postman, longtime professor and eventual chair of the department of culture and communication at New York University, sadly died in 2003 at the age of 72.  Bridge is his final book, and it deals with the same universal themes found in his earlier 20-odd works: language, reason, education, childhood, and the idea of progress. [I also want to state that this book, as so many others, I decided to read and review thanks to reference from my dear mother, who was always in her own orbit politically and managed, eventually, with works such as these, to liberate my literal cause-orientation from its familiar strait jackets.]

Despairing over post-modernists who claim words don’t stand for anything real, he makes a case for reading and writing. Indeed, he feels if we don’t come up with a meaningful narrative for our world, we’re toast.

It is no accident, Postman is a huge fan of the two Thomases: Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine, particularly Paine.

Note: Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense and The CrisisCommon Sense sold as many as 600,000 copies, which would be equivalent to a run of 60 million copies in the United States today. Continue reading