Brian’s Column: New Breathe-Easy Healing Bikini Mask

Announcing the latest innovation in general-public facial accessories
Brian R. Wright

We’ve been inundated lately with guidelines and supposed requirements for the general public to be wearing “face coverings” as purported protection against a strand of RNA labeled by medical authorities as the SARS CoV-2 ‘virus,’ allegedly causing the disease labeled COVID-19 (‘covid’)… as determined by the wholly arbitrary and meaningless “gold standard” diagnostic PCR (polymerase chain-reaction, a molecular-compound manufacturing technique never intended to diagnose infectious agents) test.

And even though no scientific studies have determined that general-public wearing of face coverings of any kind prevents or mitigates viral infection, a lot of executive officials acting outside their constitutional or legislative authority have belligerently “insisted” that individuals put on such yokes as they go about  their public business. Ref. The photograph at top-right shows the manufacturer’s statement regarding inefficacy of its ear loop masks for preventing ‘covid.’ This photo on the right is of me, with a slightly misaligned bikini mask.

Recognizing that NOT wearing a mask is as effective against ‘covid’ as wearing one (, a local high-powered citizens’ health team kicked around some ideas for a minimalist face covering that would be at least as protective as the ubiquitous face drapings we’ve been seeing around us. Moreover, the design would incorporate extraordinary healing powers—enabling its wearer to breathe freely and openly, keeping his immune system in top running condition. The figure shows the assembly diagram for the Breathe-Easy™ healing bikini mask, the first generation of which the team has released for immediate use and peace of mind.

Yes, the design team understands that going mask free is the preferred health and beauty option for us Independents (, and makes a strong statement of refusal to submit to collective-brain ( insanity. BUT going maskless in this Age of Obeissance to the Wizards of ‘Ozmatron’ is also rife with anxiety as you get dirty looks, sometimes physical interference, as the Maskatons revert to herd mentality of seeing the maskless as an existential threat.

Use the Breathe-Easy (BE) healing bikini mask as a special transition to #MaskNot in the era of STUPID-19. Its days are numbered anyway. The disease is dying out—or a better way of looking at it is that the authorities who planned the demic are running out of victims (—even official ‘covid’ deaths (many of them opportunistic, systematic murders) are down 90%. And the now-media-ballyhooed surge of “cases,” almost all of them without major symptoms, is due to performance of more (meaningless and often fraudulent, too) testing.

Note: And everyone in mainstream continues to ignore this fact. We have a working cure for those who have the serious respiratory system problems—chiefly hypoxia, caused by the REAL agent of concern often diagnosed mistakenly as the SARS CoV-2 RNA strand
( and labeled as the ‘covid’ disease—it’s a hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) composition, shown in this HighWire segment by Dr. Zev Zelikov: Dr. Z states that legally prohibiting or interfering with access to this proven formula is an act of mass murder.

[The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has filed a lawsuit ( against the Department of Health and Human Services and the FDA for “irrational interference by the FDA with timely access to hydroxychloroquine.]

By wearing a Breathe-Easy healing mask, you’re telling the Maskatons where you shop that 1) you care enough to take precautions and 2) you’re calling the giant Mask Emperor naked… and it’s time for your peers to wake up and human up, as well. I am about to field test the first of my BE masks today at three stops here in SE Michigan. And I always bring along my name badge, a few handouts, and my Fellowship cards along. [You can find the tools to make up the badge and handouts at this link:]

The second generation of the BE masks will be spectacular!

“#MaskNot: What you can do for your country.”

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