Brian’s Column: Panarchy Papers, Pt. 1

Making a clean transition from Old Paradigm to New
by Brian Wright

So what’s panarchy? Interestingly, until a couple of weeks ago I’d never heard or read the term, but I pinged a Google ad for an active-looking site called Panarchy South Jersey, then sent the Webmaster a note. Which led to more search, esp. this Wikipedia entry, showing the idea of being able to choose governments dates back to at least 1860 with a man named de Puydt… who wrote:

“The truth is that there is not enough of the right kind of freedom, the fundamental freedom to choose to be free or not to be free, according to one’s preference…. Thus I demand, for each and every member of human society, freedom of association according to inclination and of activity according to aptitude. In other words, the absolute right to choose the political surroundings in which to live, and to ask for nothing else.” [1]

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Now, that’s my kinda idea, for sure!

…and nearly every libertarian I know, even the anarchist (no government), is sympathetic to freedom of choice in selection of the political system in which we wish to live. In fact, because such individual discretion —panarchy—effectively removes legal compulsion in society, one sees that panarchy is nothing more nor less than constructive anarchy. [I don’t see anything in the concept of panarchy that prohibits one from choosing ‘no government at all.’] This is how societies of the future will look, and how a few societies, especially in the Free State, are shaping up right now.

So the word panarchy expresses quite effectively my entire practical political philosophy—just goes to show you can teach an old dog new tricks. Armed with this simple notion, I now sally forth—in full recognition of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle—to a) declare my individual sovereignty on principle, b) vacate any contract existing governments have presumed for me, and c) enter the open market (agora) to find such security and legal structures I desire. Adios mi federales! It doesn’t need to be stressed that in today’s context of the Leviathan Corporate-State steps b) and c) may encounter resistance from the existing government. Thus, how do we minimize the infliction of harm on us (from the nasty G-men armies and police) as we move on to our New Paradigm?

We first need to be clear how intolerable the current government is. The following polemic rant, which accompanied an email recently sent to a renewed friend, ain’t Jefferson’s bill of particulars in the Declaration, but it’s my honest take as of this five minutes about the evils inflicted by the Leviathan Corporate-State, US branch, on people around the world:

A long train of abuses and usurpations

…I feel we’re on the threshold of a major confrontation between the humans and the “Alien Space Lizards”–ASLness is a syndrome of men with the Power Sickness (aka the money power). I feel it’s coming to a head with revelations of systematic torture by American forces–that continue, but went ballistic during Bush II–, the recent TSA thuggery, and, well, a dozen major power grabs by the central corporate-bankster state that have been accelerating… everything from taking away vitamins to shutting down family farms.

And there are “our friends,” who don’t care about these monstrous state crimes. There really isn’t any duress on our guys. The only thing our guys are afraid of is not having an “acceptable” opinion. It’s pathetic, and I almost feel sorry for them.

…the denial system is running out of gas. Even Geraldo, as you’ll notice from the ref in my Perks, has turned on 9/11. He says he’s not into conspiracy theories–ignoring that the official government 9/11 fairy tale is a conspiracy theory–but for some reason Geraldo believes 1400 architects and engineers have legitimate questions about World Trade Center 7. Yes, we do.

The government propaganda is all lies, lies, lies–Osama bin Laden, 9/11, Al Qaeda, the underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, the print cartridge bomber, etc. ad infinitum, all false-flag state terror ops calculated to create a wall of fear that enables naked scanning and groping of your 16-year-old daughter.[2] Webster Tarpley lays out the methodology in Synthetic Terror.

But I do see the people, like with TSA, beginning to doubt this house of cards bullshit government—this agency of genocide, atrocities unlimited, and universal plunder for the central banksters and their corporate buds (the Alien Space Lizards)… who, unlike most real humans, are happy to initiate force against others without batting an eye.

So we live in a time when the chickens are coming home to roost. Where thoughtful men are concerned to take any job for the military or the government because it may help some armchair shit-for-brains video warrior rain down hell on some poor goatherder in the mountains of Pakistan… or Colorado. It’s over.

I’m not sure if the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld torture prosecutions, the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfield false-war prosecutions, 9/11 investigations and prosecutions, prosecutions of Obama’s bankster buds at Goldman Sachs and the Fed, Camp FEMA plans, Chemtrails, or any of a handful of other state crimes will be bringing down the house of cards.

So stay loose, I fully expect the cornered animal to lash out with something completely awful, but I fervently hope it will eventually accept its fate and die… let us build a humane civilization based on the nonaggression principle. Down with the TSA, DHS, Patriot Act, Real ID, CIA, NSA, and the BF Death Star in general.

So the evils are manifest, far more menacing than in colonial times when mind control was in its infancy and the ideas of liberty actually spread like wildfire through all of society. To me, and to many, these evils inflicted by the state will not be overcome—much less their perpetrators brought to justice—in the context of a state, even if that state be the United States of America fully bound anew to the US Constitution and to the common law.

The stay and play alternative

But I do consider respectfully the arguments and actions of those who, like Pete Hendrickson, point out that our remedies to tyranny, in the United States at least, lie in the Constitution and in the law as written… especially the federal ‘income’ tax law. In our context, Pete is a minarchist who believes the best policy in terms of minimizing harm is to stay with the existing US government structure while continuing to insist on the small-government qualities of this written law.

My third path

As the Indian said to the Mermaid: How?

Even though I intend to advocate some actions consistent with the “stay and play” position, my own argument is for independence, separation, discharge, however you want to characterize the disconnection we must make from the existing American “pathocracy.” But How we disconnect is as important as that we disconnect. I’ll develop the process that makes sense to me and present it in the next two columns, complete with some recommended wording of documentation… the “papers of panarchy.”

Link to Panarchy, Part 2.

[1] P. E. de Puydt, Panarchy, first published in French in the Revue Trimestrielle, Bruxelles, July 1860. [If you go to that Panarchy link, and do further research, you’ll find some of the later leaders who promote this ideology.]

[2] It’s prepping the humans for mass incarceration and liquidation, just like the Nazis, key ones of whom, by the way, were secretly brought into the fledgling CIA with Operation Paperclip at the end of the war.

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