Brian’s Column: The Barrier Cloud and 9/11 Truth

Cosmic significance of facing deep facts
by Brian Wright

“The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb a system and think in a system. We lack the independence to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy’s murder and immediate coverup.”
— from JFK and the Unspeakable, James Douglass, page 370.


This week in some e-banter with a dear lady friend of mine, I sent her the link to my TSA/DHS satire column from last week. Which column, by the way, I thought was halfway decent and is getting a few Facebook Likes. After disclaiming about the subject being outside her bailiwick of concern, I came back that, yes, I picked up that our ‘psychological domains’ were perhaps diverging. Then I asked if she had “in any way been touched by the TSA controversy, are its practices—body searches and naked scanners—at all alarming to you?”

This woman is a strong advocate of critical thinking, so her response, complete with highlighting and bolding, was frankly disappointing and, to a high degree, unbelievable:

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It’s alarming in that I see it as a necessary evil… TSA appears to be between a rock and a hard-place on the issue.  But I believe most frequent flyers feel safer with the bodyscans/patdowns than without…  I think we’ve been incredibly fortunate not to have had another brush with terrorism on our soil as of yet.  As they say, it’s not a matter of IF, but only WHEN… and on what scale.  —  The true danger is, as you quote: barbarians at the gate… but not the ones YOU refer to, our domestic barbarians…  The thing to fear is actual barbarians, true glassy-eyed savages with small intellects, large prejudices, an insane, burning hate for all things Western, smug because they’re holding the trump card, the one that says:  I’m not afraid to die, and YOU are….

In one 9/11-induced paragraph my friend cites nearly every cliche of false-flag state terror and DHS/TSA-thuggery apologia that I’ve seen, without actually stating that radical Arab Muslims are the evil incarnate threat… thus, if, to prevent such suicidal evils being inflicted again, we have to load Americans into cattle cars and send them to FEMA detention camps, well, sacrifices have to be made. [The good news for my friend is she can let go of her fears, because ‘anti-West radical-Arab Muslim terror’ is a complete fabrication. The bad news: she’s bought the lie hook, line, and bin Laden.]

Those who can make you believe absurdities
can make you commit [or turn one’s head in the presence of] atrocities.
— Voltaire

I’m not here to state the facts about contrived terror, or about rational alternatives to being gate-raped at airports… or to get on my lady friend’s case for being susceptible to the ubiquitous mind-control BS machinery. This column isn’t focusing on facts,[1] rather two areas:

  • in what psychological context facts don’t matter, and
  • just who runs the absurdity-generation business

These two characteristics actually represent what I have discovered as the interior cause and exterior cause of the Barrier Cloud, respectively. The Barrier Cloud is my name for the impediment to the achievement of a free, benevolent human society based on the nonaggression principle (NaP).

The Barrier Cloud

The Barrier Cloud stands between us and the New Paradigm, between the past of domination and aggression and the future of love and abundance. It’s very important that normal humans—which I believe (self-evidently) are inclined toward the NaP—learn exactly what inside and what outside stand in the way of our destiny. The Barrier Cloud is my fourth module in the Liberation Technology series… a group of seven documents I’ve developed for purposes of helping people to implement liberty via accelerated consciousness—i.e. via the Sacred NaP (SNaP) system.

Please look to the image above right, which displays the cover for the Barrier Cloud module. It is a book, only 28 pages in length, that just last week I published via Amazon Createspace publishing. I’m working out a marketing plan for the entire Liberation Tech/SNaP suite of monographs. I truly feel they are individually and collectively the magic-bullet discovery that solves in very short order all humankind’s significant political-economic problems. In particular, the Barrier Cloud module is core, and I expect it to go viral this year (2011). I am offering, today, free, signed print copies of this module in return for a simple positive paragraph of comment on the Amazon page. Please contact me for details and for purchases in quantity.

In connection with the internal cause of the Barrier Cloud, the opening quote above by James Douglass expresses a fundamental insight. Namely, that many people—even those with high intelligence and, at least abstract, pride in critical thinking who have a stake in a political system and its corollary intellectual-authority system—are desperately bound to that system of belief despite overwhelming objective specific evidence that the system is deceitful, plundering, and murderous. I have even suggested a name for this ‘blind obedience to authority’ psychological syndrome: the Stunted Limbic System (SLS).[2]

Potential of 9/11 Truth

Is there a cure to the SLS? Or from the external side, is there a cure to the Men of the Power Sickness (MoPS), who have reached a critical mass in destroying human liberty… possibly forever? Yes, and yes. You will find it in this core module of my Libtech Series: The Barrier Cloud (BC). Knowing how to penetrate the BC enables us to move on as a species. But time is of the essence now, that’s why 9/11 Truth is vital. The psychologically and politically cosmic characteristics about 9/11 are:

  • It is a BC external-cause lie, a false-flag state terror attack with the immediate objective of a war of aggression and the ultimate objective of complete domination—by the MoPS—of the minds and bodies of all natural human beings.
  • By virtue of the attacks and the external-cause propaganda, the minds of the authoritarian-sensitive have been locked into a seemingly impregnable conviction that US government coercion —including imprisonment, torture, civilian massacre, violations of person and privacy, worldwide—is desirable and good.
  • The attacks of 9/11 are such a horrific, central act in human civilization, that when the true perpetrators are found out and details of the crime exposed, the external cause of the BC will evaporate. [The SLS problem will rapidly fade away as well.]

Ironically, 9/11 Truth is the hot button to a remarkable catharsis, a short cut to the New Paradigm. I’ll tell you my solutions/cures to the Barrier Cloud: a) the SNaP and b) individual commitment to spiritual enlightenment. But, please, acquire and read The Barrier Cloud. It will make clear the optimum steps, and how important each of us is to the struggle. Fight for the truth, fight for the SNaP, realize the human ideal.

[1] For the best 9/11 truth summary I’ve seen, please read this PDF file from Dr. David Ray Griffin. [And make a small donation via PayPal below, if you would, which I will share with the good folks at Global Outlook.] To learn the straight skinny about DHS, TSA, and the Patriot Act, here’s a good link, but simply go to Brasscheck TV and bring up TSA. Brasscheck is a tiger about these police-state jackbooters.

[2] The limbic system is also known as the paleomammalian brain, and served as ‘the’ brain for homo sapiens until the cerebral cortex came on board. It is a primitive neural center that governs emotions, urges, and, on a biological level, who or what one regards as reality-authority.

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