Stonebeam 20. What if… (we stop obeying)?

Think or obey, Thrive or hive, that is the question.
Story Shot 20, by Brian R. Wright  PDF Version, 17 January 2021

A thought just hit me on this dreary gray winter morn:

What if a large percentage (a majority?) of people don’t really care about what’s true or false, they simply want the comfort of obeying? If so, why not tell them the stark truth:

Authority: “We know ‘covid’ is a fake disease for selling high-profit killer snake oil to ciphers like you. Its salesmen-barkers work the crowd w/rumors that this ‘Black Plague’ will kill you and, more important, others, if you don’t buy the ‘product.’”

Cipher U: “Sold. It would be evil to let others die.”

Authority: “Lockdowns destroy lives and livelihoods on a global scale, they make disease worse and suppress immune systems. We need them, however, for control and subjugation. That’s why we foster public-spirited participation.”

Cipher U: “Rah-rah: close biz, stay home, touch not, isolate gram and gramps.”

Authority: “We also know masks have no benefit against viruses, even if the ‘covid’ ‘virus’ were real. Our own poobahs have said so. But now we need the mass masking to create an image of benign compliance and to further destroy everyone’s health.”

Cipher U: “I’m in. Wear a mask, sacrifice all to the Holy Hive… or else.”

Authority: “Now the injectables: not “your father’s vahttccine,” rather a ‘Human 2.0’ OS that lets central command shake and bake you with 5G radiation and atmospheric chems, nanobots. We skipped animal tests, or anything long-term; these pokes not only maim and kill, they turn you into full-tilt bot-slave, more than you already are.

Cipher U: “Say no more. Jab me up, bring the army, force everyone!”

Get the picture? Obey or think. Obey is easier; just say good-bye to the ol’ soul.

Big Brother says do it, you say, “How high?!”

Well, too many of you, too many of us. This brings up Edward Bernays’ famous quote:

The conscious and intelligent manipulation  of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who run this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government, which is the true ruling power of our country.  — Propaganda (1928)

Hey, there’s no shame in being fooled into obedience. We’ve all been exposed to the collective-brain[1] submission ‘virus.’ What do you think the government schools were for? And the government media, Big Tech, social media, it’s all part and parcel of the global domination agenda (GDA)[2] inflicted on “the masses” for quite some time.

No shame, so long as when and if you awake to the truth, you act.

A global community of Independents is what needs building; that takes literally millions of formerly obedient victims “waking up” and acting: “Today, I’ll think rather than obey.” Can the ‘succumbed’ Becky Driscolls (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) be brought back? The Pollyanna in me says yes, with a little care from their friends.

Hint for success: Most of our peers who balk at the wake point, have been collective-brained to the extent of dismissing the GDA as a massive “conspiracy theory,” and they emotionally reject anything they’ve tagged as such. The Thrive 1 video (footnote 2) is the best I’ve found for getting past that BIG block… to “causality theory” and proof.

The good news is that when you thought leaders of a community awaken and act, you bring the vastly greater numbers of Joe Lunchbuckets, wanting to emulate you, along with you… this is why the Great Awakening can happen as a step function.

[1] | Writings | Brian’s Columns | 2019.06.30 Sharing Healing Tools (Collective Brain)

[2]  The best presentation (free video) of the GDA is at FYI, there is obviously a ‘who’ behind the control agenda, some whos more than others. For now, official Thrivism simply leaves that ‘who’ generic. Pending specifics, I personally use the phrase “Global Syndicate” or simply “the Syndicate.”

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