Brian’s Column: 911 and the Emperor’s New Clothes

Open letter to my techie-buds in continued denial
by Brian Wright

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedOriginally posted October 28, 2012

… no matter who you are. But I especially want to address this short missive to my Old Paradigm peers in engineering and science professions, and libertarian friends from the world of technology who yet resist or deny exposure of the Big Lie that is the US government’s (USG’s) official conspiracy theory (OCT) of the attacks of 9/11/2001. Much is at stake; the people need you to firmly attest to objective reality, help shine the light to guide humanity in its dark hour of dire need.

Dear Esteemed Acquaintance:

In the past, I confess I’ve been too direct in asserting the overwhelming amount of evidence to the effect that the OCT is so absurd as to be, well, insulting. Those of you who still accept the OCT either 1) cite the few authorities, e.g. the Popular Mechanics apologia, who support it, 2) assert apriori assumptions—”No way my boy is a criminal.”—, 3) disguise consideration of evidence with kneejerk denial of evidence (e.g.: “Hi-tech explosives and molten metal were not found at the World Trade Center (WTC).”), or 4) refuse to face the issue at all. None of these responses will stand up to the tsunami of discovery by thousands of dedicated-citizen truth-seekers heading our way. So why not join the truth forces now? Continue reading

Book Review: The Barrier Cloud (2011)

Understanding the key obstacle to a free society
by Brian R. Wright (reviewed by the author)

barrier_cloudIt’s time to refresh the date on this book review and post it anew. The Barrier Cloud has everything to do with whether the Rise of the Independents, per The Truman Prophecy, will actually come to pass. — Brian R. Wright, editor and proprietor

A word up front, because for this particular book—which is actually a 28-page, easy-to-read booklet—I envision sending the knowledge out to a fairly select group of individuals. The Barrier Cloud conveys the core ideas needed for all freedom fighters to be successful.[1] I’ll put it even more strongly: if key leaders and followers in the freedom movement do not learn and adopt the concepts presented in this book, full flowering of a benevolent society without coercion is unlikely. Thus, this book and review are addressed to “key leaders and followers in the freedom movement.”

The Barrier Cloud[2] represents some new thinking for how to bring the core ideas of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle to the marketplace… both a) to the general readership of caring, conscientious world citizens[3] who are at least emotionally inclined toward political liberty and b) to the self-identified libertarian activists of whom there are not yet sufficient numbers. I made the decision, subconsciously as it turns out, to break the SNaP book—published via Lulu—into seven distinct “modules,” more easily digestible chunks of knowledge… for the younger, who do not like to read long stuff, and for the older, who find it difficult to read long stuff. These are the seven standalone modules, each approximately 28 pages: Continue reading

Brian’s Column: The Barrier Cloud and 9/11 Truth

Cosmic significance of facing deep facts
by Brian Wright

“The extent to which our national security state was systematically marshaled for the assassination of President John Kennedy remains incomprehensible to us. When we live in a system, we absorb a system and think in a system. We lack the independence to judge the system around us. Yet the evidence we have seen points toward our national security state, the systemic bubble in which we all live, as the source of Kennedy’s murder and immediate coverup.”
— from JFK and the Unspeakable, James Douglass, page 370. Continue reading