Brian’s Column: Huckleberry Hiatus

Taking vacation to the front lines… for a while
by Brian Wright

HuckleberryThe following open letter represents my Memorial Day 2012 message obliquely offered to the tens of thousands of individuals throughout the world who have come to embrace the freedom philosophy, yet find many of their esteemed peers do not see the value of that philosophy and, more pointedly, the peers deny the imminent, dire central-state threats to our liberty. My poker gang — huckleberries[1] — whom I’ve known for more than 30 years, are engineers I’ve worked with… and drank with. I love ’em, but I have to be away for a while to support the cause. Hope this letter helps some of my freedom people in similar situations.

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Fellow Manistee Marauders,

Hey Gang, this is a followup to my former cryptic response to whether I’d be joining our annual trek to the Uppa US region this year for cards, killer croquet, Fern Gully, pancake toss, campfire polka, too much sccoottcchh, and other Wilderness Festival excess—which, granted, after 30-some years has fallen off some. That short message was basically that I needed to devote full time this summer to ‘the Restoration.’ I know what you’re thinking: “Brian’s referring to political activity: what a conceited bastard to think his unique attention to the country’s problems can put a dent in them. Besides, what problems?”

That rhetorical question—indicating oblivion to any US-govt faux pas, short of the president taking a machete to a girl scout on the White House lawn—says it all. With you, my dearest huckleberries, I feel always as the little boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes—who calls the king naked, while you, the sycophants and adults in the story, insist His Highness is clad in the finest silk. [Actually, the metaphor for our situation is more like The Emperor’s 900# Gorilla, a beast running amok in the living room that none of our polite society wants or chooses to regard as a) present or b) deadly.]

Black Hearts

What causes people to ignore the obvious? This recent column in Huffpost from Robin Koerner passed my way: He describes an experiment conducted at Harvard in 1949, in which subjects were shown playing cards from a normal deck and asked to call out what they saw. Which they did correctly. After a while, though, the researchers would slip in “incongruous cards” where the colors red and black were switched, such as black hearts or diamonds and red clubs or spades. The subjects failed to notice the wrong cards for a ‘very long’ time until the number of such cards saturated the deck, at which point they suddenly realized the ‘old paradigm’ of the standard deck no longer applied.

As Goethe said, “We see only what we know.”

Thus many Americans today despite the stunningly black hearts revealed by a rogue US government (GOTUS)—9/11 false-flag state-terror attacks, aggressive wars, torture as public policy, gross violations of the Constitution, and routine degradation and humiliation of our countrymen via TSA and other GOTUS stormtroopers—continue to believe in GOTUS virtue. And so do you, my friends. You exhibit the common tendency of unquestioned obedience to authority, blind nationalist faith, and American exceptionalism—i.e. the United States is always virtuous and well meaning.

Well, it isn’t. Those links above show beyond doubt that GOTUS—that’s right, your government—is a monster… serving a Global Cabal intent on enslaving humanity. GOTUS is out to KILLUS: The ‘black hearts’ have reached the ‘threshold of incongruity’ where everyone will soon see that the Old Paradigm deck is gone, and the mantra of ‘duty, honor, country’ twisted to stoke the Death Star—which fullyintends to crush partisans of the Freedom Philosophy as a first order of business.

And that means me. Rebel patriots are declared enemies of Death Star GOTUS. The Constitution is in the ashcan; US dictators are degrading, jailing, torturing, and murdering on home soil now; yours truly will soon be a priority target. Thus I have to devote most energy to a) exposing the truth of GOTUS and b) fighting for liberty via the most appropriate tools available. [Essentially, a = 9/11 Truth via Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and b = a number of effective political activities: the Ron Paul Revolution, Gary Johnson and the Libertarians {sounds like a band}, drug freedom, and Nullification—by both juries and state legislatures of bad law.]

Paradigm Shift

I sent you that brief note a few weeks ago that I would not be able to participate in multiday social activity until ‘the Restoration’ was effected. What I meant by Restoration was reestablishment of full human liberty under the Constitution… which entails the destruction of the Cartel, the modern corporate-warlord patriarchy. Did you see The Matrix? I used to think, until, truly, early this month, that most of my fellow humans were hopelessly trapped like those in the Matrix, living in a dream world while serving as energy and cannon fodder for the Programmers (analogs to the Patriarchy). I’m not so pessimistic now.

For one thing, the column by Koerner mentioned above convinces me that my peers, huckleberry and otherwise, are not moral or intellectual cowards so much as they ‘only see what they know.’ And they/you will soon be seeing and knowing the truth. So many things point to an imminent paradigm shift: all the excesses of GOTUS (surveillance society running amok, mass looting, mass jailing, mass torture, mass murder… lethally irradiating, gateraping, and/or pornoscanning our women, shooting antiwar veterans in the face, pepper-spraying 85-year-old grandmothers), combined with the self-demoralization and cannibalization of and by the ruling class core, portend upheaval in the near term. Even as soon as this year’s end when you consider the power of rebel-patriot ideas and forces.

So my friends, the shift is happening fast. As an intellectual leader in the patriot-rebel community—primarily via my book, the Sacred Nonaggression Principle and my understanding of the Barrier Cloud—I can truly help assure that this imminent change is salutary, not cataclysmic. Further, I’m an aspiring spiritual teacher who has come up with a powerful system for positive life transformation, I call it FLOW. My initial promotional brochure is available here, and I’m close to making a major presentation to the reason community, in Michigan, this year. The following diagram faintly suggests.


Yes, I do think I can make a difference.

Final Word

So, guys, In a word the country appears to be in deep doodoo, the canoe is about to tip in cold water. [CG, Tristan, Kevin, CG!] But if it should tip, there are many who will step in to right the ship and get the victims to warm and high ground. I feel this is the time for me to help out for the general good, stand ready to deal with whatever form the real emergency takes, rather than participate in our annual bacchanalia. Like MacArthur, I shall return. The weekend in question I do have a Libertarian Party convention, and probably well into December, I’ll be doing what I can so that as the Bad Moon rises, the Good Moon follows close behind.

Please do me a favor and, before the paradigm shifts for you, do some advance reading, especially in the area of the Freedom Philosophy. Also, keep in mind this adage: “What we regard as true is strongly dependent on what we consider sources of valid information.” The mainstream media is corporate-warlord manipulative news; read up on the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird. Let me suggest that you start obtaining your real news from alternative media, especially My own books are worthwhile, and let me point you to a classic Freedom Philosophy book from my friend Mary Ruwart: Healing our World: in an Age of Aggression. Naturally, I have other works to refer.

Considering the ravages of current Death Star GOTUS, remember these words from Henry David Thoreau, which form my working motto as of this five minutes:

“How does it become a man to behave toward this American government today? I answer that he cannot without disgrace be associated with it.”

We shall overcome… and, the fates willing, I’ll be back with serape, starchy fillers, and scribe pad comes the next vernal equinox.

[1] The term huckleberry is colloquial for ‘common friend,’ someone(s) you’ve been thrown together in life with more than casually and who means something more to you than ongoing acquaintance. My poker gang guys are not friends in the Emersonian sense of ‘another self,’ but they are certainly friends enough.

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