Brian’s Column: Old Paradigm to New Paradigm

A read-view list for the ‘New Way’
by Brian Wright

I don’t know who actually invigorated the term paradigm, maybe that guy we read back in college in the ancient 1970s: Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962). Anyway, many of my writing and editing peers would chide me for using so pretentious a word as paradigm—which means roughly a model, a structure, a pattern, a way of seeing the world.

But lately I’ve heard respected members of the “spiritual growth movement” referring to the Old Paradigm and the New Paradigm. The former encompassing the whole mass of Western institutions that seek to dominate, impoverish, and destroy all the good humans thru tyranny and war; the latter decidedly humane… embracing the next stage of human consciousness, not to mention the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP).
— bw

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So Old Way vs. New Way? It’s a no-brainer, we simply must move on. What leads me to this column is essentially a conversation I have repeatedly with so many of my conventional peers—middle class, college-degreed, engineering or science. They simply refuse to even consider the evidence that official media-government orthodox explanations of political and economic catastrophes—such as the 9/11 attacks and/or wealth transfer of untracked $trillions to unknown international banksters—are bunk.

Why should they? As Upton Sinclair put it:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something
when his job depends on not understanding it.

Well, it’s not that my friends’ jobs depend on belief in patently absurd official fairy tales, rather these friends of mine have the deep, desperate, and false perception that their world depends on these sophisticated lies. They’re victims of mass propaganda, not unlike what the communists tried to inflict. But just like these communist societies, the brainwashing drug eventually wears off… and the people stop believing anything the government says. [Usually the “common people,” the blue collars, the not-so-comfortable, the more looted and job-dispossessed, the great mass of victims of the Oligarchy, stop believing first; they hear the interminable government/cartel self-serving Baloney Stuff—on Channels 2 thru 1002, and NPR—and say, “Hey, Slick, don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s rainin’!”

Fortunately, that’s where we are today. The vast majority of Americans knows the government (and its Wall Street lackeys and media) is lying… about everything. What’s more, the truth is coming home to roost quickly and in spades for the liars. We are in a race now: the Oligarchy in America is scurrying to shut down—by repeated acts of treason and assaults on free men—every last libertarian thought or action. At the same time, the good people are cramming for the truth and rising up in various ways… to overthrow and move their lives away from the Old Paradigm of tyranny and domination to reason and liberty in the neighborhood.

To serve the truth crammers, I want to share what I’ve come to know—or at least believe I’ve come close to knowing—over the past 45 years, especially more recently via my commentaries and reviews. In my humble opinion rational philosophy, critical thinking, conceptual thought, reading and writing compose a key part of the New Paradigm and, in terms of preferred awareness states, will soon displace the Old Paradigm’s concrete-bound, emotional-perceptual mode of consciousness. [I realize in this youth-catered world of TV and Twitter my opinion is not conventional wisdom, but to paraphrase Wayne Gretsky, “I score by knowing exactly where the puck is and, as a consequence, where it will be.”]

The List

Well, here it is. To be continued and refined and organized. Note that I have broken down the lists going from the more concrete and immediate to the more universal—though sometimes, in the case of my book and G. Edward Griffin’s Jekyll Island, the item will have both immediate concrete relevance and universal insights.

Emergency Truth List [Practical and Immediate Truth Needs]
Item [1] Author Description
Global Outlook: Special Issue 13 (magazine book)
[Link to special reviews.]
Zwicker, Woods, David Ray Griffin, Burrows, et al Placing this book first on the list because it covers a lot of bases that affect us now, including the Oligarchy’s intention to destroy the American system of liberty and economic well being. Link
Creature from Jekyll Island Griffin, G. Edward Crucial VIP book to understanding the Federal Reserve and its beneficiaries… and banksters ruling via the Old Way, mainly thru war and human destruction. “He who has the gold…” Review, Link
Cracking the Code Hendrickson, Peter Pete takes advantage of the 90s’ digitizing of the federal tax statutes and code to demonstrate non-privileged earnings (most of ours) are not subject to ‘income’ tax. Review, Link
Sacred Nonaggression Principle Wright, Brian Articulates the central organizing principle of the New Way… advocating it as the highest moral principle in society. Systematic treatment of the nonaggression ideal. Review, Link [2]
Debunking 911 Debunking Griffin, Dr. David Ray Respected scholar D.R. Griffin presents the most scientifically rigorous whole-picture argument for 9/11 truth. This is his most thorough treatment of several world-class books. Review, Link
JFK and the Unspeakable Douglass, James Thorough uncovering of the motive, means, and opportunity for the assassination of JFK… particularly his turning away from war: i.e. motive. Vital to knowing ‘the who’ behind all. Review, Link
History Will Not Absolve Us Schotz, E. Martin Very important companion book to any JFK assassination proof. Deals with the psychology, particularly on the left, of those who cave to unspeakable acts in broad political daylight. Review, Link
United Stated Constitution and Declaration of Independence Framers Placed at a high spot for reasons that should be obvious. I would like to see a groundswell of millions of people reading and spreading the USC. That will turn the tide for the humans quickly. Review, Link
9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in the USA Tarpley, Webster I’m currently (4/20/10) reading this book. Tarpley is as good as an insider: he knows how false-flag, state-sponsored acts of terror work. He touches all the bases on 9/11, shows obvious motive. Link
Overcoming People’s Psychological Resistance to 9/11 Truth (DVD) Jenkins, Dan So many otherwise reasonable people deny 9/11 reason and causality. Jenkins kindly and thoroughly explains the often subconscious resistance to the evidence. Review, Link
Occult Technology of Power Transcriber, The An important little monograph that describes the hidden government — actually more focused on the Rockefeller branch of the A2FCO. Well written and brimming with suppressed truth. Review, Link
Secret behind Secret Societies, The Rappoport, Jon The secret society uses symbols and ritual to control and dominate others. The alternative holds each of us possesses immense creative power to achieve our own artistic vision of life. Review, Link
Underground History of American Education Gatto, John Taylor Have only read condensed book of Gatto’s magnum opus; his ideas are liberating and psychologically remedial. Turning our children’s minds over to the state = ultimate act of unconsciousness. Link
Matrix, The (DVD) Wachowskis A fascinating, artistic science fiction metaphor for mind control and mind freedom. The humans are up against the Matrix, which plug people into a dream world, to suck out their energy. Review, Link
V for Vendetta (DVD) Wachowskis Included for motivational purposes, also the insight into the minds of the psychopaths who inhabit the A2FCO. If V doesn’t get you fired up for revolution, you’re dead or chose the Dark Side. Review, Link
Incident at Sakhalin
(KAL 007: 1983)
Brun, Michel This book and the next two books are provided here as additional evidence of takeover of “legitimate” US government by the (Anglo-American Finance-Capitialist) Oligarchy (A2FCO). Link
Third Terrorist, The
(OKC bombing: 1995)
Davis, Jayna Ms. Davis was a reporter for local Oklahoma City NBC TV affiliate. Her investigation proves beyond a reasonable doubt that McVeigh and Nichols were patsies in a much bigger (false-flag) attack. Link
First Strike
(TWA Fl 800: 1996)
Cashill, Jack;
Sanders, James
TWA flight 800 crashed off the coast of Long Island, July 17; Cashill and Sanders document mainly the government’s wholesale denial and destruction of evidence and massive coverup. Link
Waco: Rules of Engagement (DVD)
[Waco Massacre: Spring 1993]
Gazecki, William Another case of government lies and coverup. Only for Waco, the motive = terror; the government simply wanted to demonstrate that it could and would slaughter American civilians w/impunity. Link
Terrible Revenge, A de Zayas, Alfred Maurice A little-known aftermath of WW2 is that hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans were slaughtered, millions dispossessed, by Soviet govts. and tribal thugs, enabled by Churchill, Roosevelt. Review, Link
Palestine: Peace not Apartheid Carter, Jimmy Important book: no American president has ever truly taken on the Zionist Israeli lobbies on anything, especially when it comes to the Palestinian issue. Reveals suppressed truth. Review, Link
Tucker: The Man and His Dream (DVD) Coppola, Francis Ford American hero who deserves to be commemorated, in my humble opinion above any industrial leader in the country’s history. It’s the idea that counts, the dream, the rest is just machinery. Review, Link
Corporation, The (DVD) Achbar, Mark Documentary presenting the nature and growth of corporations as the ruling economic entity of the modern world. Focusing more on the dark side of state privilege and pathology. Review, Link
Who Killed the Electric Car? (DVD) Paine, Chris A heartbreaking movie about GM’s production of a fully electric car, the EV1, in small quantities and its marketing in Southern California. The car was a winner; GM scuttled for political reasons. Review, Link

The second table is a combination of more philosophic, spiritual, and ethical works, proceeding from the amazing consciousness liberating Power of Now from my man, Eckhart. Even though we are in political-economic emergency mode because of the Manipulators, and must overthrow the disease-bearing ruler-parasites, it is vital to realize that we humans must set as a priority freeing our consciousnesses individually. And moving to the New Paradigm. That accomplishes the release from the would-be domination most efficiently.

General Enlightenment and Background Knowledge List
Item Author Description
Power of Now Tolle, Eckhart Very important work, at least for me, makes it easy to grasp the essentials of coming alive spiritually. A natural complement to the Sacred Nonaggression Principle. Review, Link
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Pirsig, Robert Culture bearing work of the 1970s, Pirsig applies Eastern philosophy and meditations to technology, finds “Quality” in the soul of our machinery, esp. motorcycles. Packed with insights. Review, Link
Singularity is Near, The Kurzweil, Ray Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist who argues that biology and technology are heading toward a major hookup. Soon. Subtitle: When humans transcend biology.
Review, Link
Ayn Rand: A sense of life (DVD) Paxton, Michael A wondrous treatment of novelist-philosopher Ayn Rand- from her coming to America collectivist Russia, to her accomplishments as a writer and her philosophy of Objectivism. Review, Link
From the Earth to the Moon (DVD) Hanks, Tom Documentary on one of the most important American episodes. Nothing automatic about the journey. Nothing was guaranteed, a pure adventure of engineering and science. Review, Link
Building a Bridge to the 18th Century Postman, Neil A special man with a special message, namely that the New Paradigm requires drawing guidance from Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and writing, and the ideas of liberty. Review, Link
Letter to a Christian Nation Harris, Sam The smaller book by Harris documenting the irrationality of superstitious Christianity, making the simplest of arguments for thinking for oneself. Practical information. Review, Link
Think and Grow Rich Hill, Napoleon The original motivational book, before The Secret, before Zig Ziglar. The Law of Attraction: As you thoughts are, so shall it be. And many other insights to achieve success. Review, Link
Evil Genes: Why Rome fell, Hitler rose, etc. Oakley, Dr. Barbara Subtitle: Why Rome fell, Hitler rose, Enron failed, and my sister stole my mother’s boyfriend. How genetics can influence human behavior and personality orders. Limbic system. Review, Link
Content of Our Character Steele, Shelby Subtitle: A new vision of race in America. This 1990 book describes how personal responsibility and virtue is the brick and mortar of success in society. Antidote to Al Sharptons.  Review, Link
Weathermakers, The Flannery, Tim A voice of reason on the issue of humans changing the weather. Flannery is an Australian scientist who as a one-time skeptic of global warming, investigated and raised a flag. Review, Link
John Adams (DVD and book) McCullough, David (author) HBO miniseries, portrayal of the forgotten man of America’s founding, w/o whom Independence would not have occurred. Deep insights into our origins as a people. Review, Link
No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority Spooner, Lysander Famous among libertarian anarchists, Spooner documents why the Constitution is not a contract. It either enables the tyranny we get or is powerless to prevent it. Review, Link
Our Enemy the State Nock, Albert Jay Classic libertarian tract about the nature the state: no way to differentiate the activities of its founders, administrators, and beneficiaries from a professional criminal class. Review, Link
New Libertarian Manifesto Konkin III, Sam The original Agorist “open market” left-libertarian monograph advocating direct action to live freely now. Contrasted with jumping thru hoops for permission via the LP “Party-Archs.” Link
Unequal Protection: The rise of corporate dominance
Hartmann, Thomas Wonderful explanation of how state-privileged business entities rose to threaten human liberty with extinction. Without corporate law, there would be no banksters.
Review, Link
Healing Our World: In an Age of Aggression Ruwart, Dr. Mary Ms Ruwart sprang (?) on the nat’l Libertarian scene with the first edition of HOW in the 1980s. This 2d edition is a vast improvement, IMHO, the single best practical manual of HOW w/liberty. Link
Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do McWilliams, Peter A gentle, humorous man, brilliant movie producer and writer, AIDS activist, marijuana cultivator and advocate. Murdered by US federal officials. Epic classic on consensual crimes: Review, Link (RIP)
Revolution, The: A Manifesto Paul, Ron Ron Paul political book written during his 2008 campaign, outlining principles of liberty, constitutional government. Especially end the fed, imperial wars, civil liberties violations. Review, Link
New Pilgrim Chronicles Wright, Brian My journal describing the experience of a single man in the New World of the Free State of New Hampshire. Please check it out along with information on the Free State Project. Review, Link
Avatar (DVD) Cameron, James A masterpiece of cinema and literature. The breadth and depth of conceptions-the symbolism, insights into the human condition, tension between machinery and liberty. Review, Link
Dances with Wolves (DVD) Costner, Kevin Sometimes we forget how great some movies are. Dances gives the wonder of experiencing American Indians civilization, and what atrocities a tyrannical government is capable of. Review, Link
Bob Roberts (DVD) Robbins, Tim Brilliant, scathing satire of political opportunism by the American fascist right. Robbins is perfect as Roberts, who wraps his warful ways in folk songs and brother-love platitudes. Review, Link
Lone Star (DVD) Sayles, John For me this is a significant political movie with a message of tolerance, particularly regarding people who are not from our own geographically bounded country. Natural humor. Review, Link

But I do wish to state that the entry I identify as #1—Global Outlook: Special Issue 13—is a priority as of this five minutes of geologic time. Seriously, we need to have a mass movement to uncover the truth, particularly on 9/11, before the Oligarchy commits 9/12. Time is of the essence; yes we are officially in Emergency Mode, given a president who declares he will hold [and torture] anyone he wishes without notice, without charge, without end. Time to choose sides. Time to impose the Constitution.

[1] Items are generally books or DVDs with a political or philosophic message, and particularly works that assist in resolving the emergency attack on humanity by the World Empire elites and their engines of coercion. Note the ID number is not necessarily a ranking for recommended reading, but because of the immediate danger, items 1-10 should be regarded as priority.

[2] Reviews are from my columns on the Coffee Coaster, and links are generally to sources for the book or reference in question. My site receives a small commission for every item purchased via Amazon during a session established by accessing the link.

[3] This is a good point to bring up a group that promises to be especially effective against the A2FCO: Guardians of the Free Republics. They’ve been in the news recently and seem to basically hold that the US federal government illegally “went corporate,” as did the states, back after the Civil War. And they want to see that corporate thing undone, and a return to constitutional republican government. (I think.) All I know about these men, truthfully, is the A2FCO is deathly afraid of them.

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