Guest Column: Healthcare Professionals for Guns

Respect for tools of family protection
by Ron Burcham

BurchamI was at the dentist yesterday for a filling and some other work. The dental assistant noticed my empty holster and my First to Fight cap. I had left my .357 in the truck. She asked if I was a Vietnam Vet. I said yes and she said her dad was a AF Vietnam Vet. We chatted about her dad teaching her, her sister and her mom how to shoot and his license to carry. She teases him about the bumper stickers on the back of his truck.

She said you couldn’t see the logo on the tailgate for the pro-gun, anti-Obama stickers. He’s a hunter who doesn’t really hunt. She said its been years since he brought anything home; he likes to walk the woods carrying a shotgun while wearing the orange vest and that’s the extent of his hunting says she. That’s me, except I just walk without the gear.

Today I was at my doctor’s office. As I was about to sit down I noticed an elderly couple seated across the room. Both of them were looking at my crimson and gold First to Fight cap. I go over and sit down next to the lady & she wants to know about the hat and I explain to her about that and she asks me if I’m a veteran and I tell her that I was in Vietnam for six months. Turns out that the husband sitting beside her had been on a troop ship on his way to the Pacific Theater when the bombs were dropped. Then out of the blue she asks me, — “Do you have any guns?” “Yes I do,” replies I and then she says, ” He’s trying to get our guns and its unconstitutional.”

We have support in the darndest places and the resistance to Obama is growing. My very own son, Steve, told me that it was an hour to an hour and a half wait to get in the door at the Birch Run gun show last weekend.

I had lunch with Steve Wednesday. After eating we went to Great Lakes Crossing and visited the gun counter as the Bass Pro Shop. The first thing I saw on a pedestal in front of the gun counter was a sign, “We are out of all AR15 platforms.” The handgun counters usually have the shelves and bottom of the cases full of handguns. Wednesday the bottom shelf was EMPTY and the others had plenty of space between each gun on display.

I have three really good friends/buddies who never had a gun in their house before tell me that they wanted a gun for personal protection at home. My niece recently got her CCW so now she’s looking for a carry piece, that makes four possible newbies to shooting.

To those who ain’t bought the gun yet, you’d better get one now, even if you’re out of state, like somebody I know visiting Nevada or someplace. Go to a gun show and buy a 12 gauge from a private collector. That way there’s no background check and only a single copy bill of sale. Buy fifty rounds of 00 buck, fifty rounds of slugs, and 100 rounds of mixed bird shot. Talk to the dealer about the bird shot, tell him it will be for bird or goose hunting and buy what he recommends. You may be needing it sooner than you think.

It is getting scary and at the same time encouraging. The line has to be drawn now, or, my children and my grandchildren will be in the FEMA camps! I’m not a conspiracy nut, I’m just observant and I noticed that we have a sociopathic, wanna-be Marxist dictator in the White House today who isn’t afraid to write his own laws by executive order, and has SunFLOWerordered and had killed at least one American citizen without due process. If he wanted to tomorrow, he could, because the executive order has already been issued that authorizes him to shut down the Internet, cell phones, interstate transportation and more, much more in a national emergency.

Folks is scared. Can you blame them?


PS: I also want to draw the reader’s attention to some little known historical facts of the role of guns in protecting minorities, particularly blacks in the Old South, from criminal violence of majority mobs. Jon Rappoport writes another brilliant piece in his publication: “What government fears most: blacks and whites united with guns.”

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