Brian’s Column: ‘Trump’s Team,’ Ghosts of Christmas Past

Yet if liberty people step up, there’s light at the end of the tunnel

Strength thru Unity
Unity thru Faith

Just in case anyone is misinterpreting my assessment of what we are in store for with the Donald, here’s an interchange I produced in econversation with some Michigan liberty Republicans regarding the latest cabinet and advisor prospects

It appears to me that the Trump gang is going to be carrying the water for the Israel Lobby just as much as Hillary would have, with the possible exception of not upending Syria for a while. His statements and staff selections indicate he’s on board with the Greater Israel Project, especially in terms of invading and/or attacking Iran.[1]

He also appears to have fanatical belief in the Ziocon[2]-contrived War on Terror and its associated Constitutional infringements—not to mention the continuing unbroken string of false-flag attacks of global state terror—, such as stop and frisk [not even Hillary was for stop and frisk, at least not publicly]; he’s antitruth on several fronts (pals with many of the legitimate suspects of the 9/11 attacks, such as Larry Silverstein and other major Ziocons), is a sadistic Medievalist when it comes to drug freedom and women’s choice, is okay with poisoning the environment (and us) with GMOs, glyphosates—anything the Monsanto/Big Agra cartel wants to throw our way, including slow death by geoengineering and weather warfare.

He likes torture, mass incarceration, rendition, full-spectrum illegal surveillance, all the baubles and trinkets of the US-Israeli imperial juggernaut running amok. In short, where Hillary represents the totalitarian left, Trump represents the totalitarian right… and when you get right down to it, the individual of liberty in either regime is dead meat. Continue reading

Guest Article: Practical Matters of Self-Governance

A common-law based constitutional republic is best for liberty
By Ron Burcham, USMC

As I understand it, the Founders gave their descendants a libertarian world under mala in se, common, or natural law. It was supplanted by the political class with mala prohibitum, statutory, law.  Under common law the government had no authority or jurisdiction over an individual unless and until another’s person or property was harmed. The state, not being a person, could not be harmed by an individual.

An interesting aside is that the first police force in the United States, as we know it, was created in Boston in 1838. Until then the CLEO there was the county sheriff.

For it to be a crime someone or their property had to be harmed in some way. Statutory law, contrived, or invented law, gave government power over individuals 24/7/365. The Constitution was written under common law, hence the Bill of Rights was written to protect our rights under common law, i.e., using such phrases as:

  • “…shall not be infringed,”
  • “…shall make no law…,“
  • “…to be prescribed by law…,”
  • “against unreasonable search…,”
  • “…without the consent of…,”
  • “…without just compensation….,”
  • “…nor … put in jeopardy…”
  • and “…nor shall be compelled…”

Continue reading

Guest Column: Letter to the Leahy Subcommittee

Spokesmen for Hitler’s victims know why gun rights
‘shall not be infringed’
by Ron Burcham

JPFOMy letter was e-mailed to the Senate committee hearing, for today (1/30/13) only, on “What Should America Do About Gun Violence.” It was sent to the 18 members of the committee which include Feinstein, Schumer and Franken. Also it was CC’d to both Levins, US Congressman Kerry Bentivolio of the 11th District of Michigan, and Senator Debbie Stabenow for good measure. If anybody actually reads it I’ll be on another list for sure. 🙂 [1] Continue reading

Guest Column: Healthcare Professionals for Guns

Respect for tools of family protection
by Ron Burcham

BurchamI was at the dentist yesterday for a filling and some other work. The dental assistant noticed my empty holster and my First to Fight cap. I had left my .357 in the truck. She asked if I was a Vietnam Vet. I said yes and she said her dad was a AF Vietnam Vet. We chatted about her dad teaching her, her sister and her mom how to shoot and his license to carry. She teases him about the bumper stickers on the back of his truck. Continue reading

Guest Column: Grandpa: “Why I Carry a Gun”

Bottom-line reasons for a free people to be armed…

Liberty_LawSent along from an anonymous source by world adventurer and quintessential independent spirit, Bo Keeley, author of Keeley’s Kures and Executive Hobo. Bo’s comments upon referral:

An insight into the USA majority, they prefer a father figure, Uncle Sam, to control their lives. They don’t want to take charge. They don’t want liberty. And they don’t understand the forces that dwell beyond the frontier… otherwise they would keep their powder dry. 

Note: Normally, on Wednesdays, the Coffee Coaster features a movie review. But the forces trying to take away our human right of self-defense are in high gear after Sandy Hook, and must be dealt with immediately, en masse. I also want to credit this column to Mr. Ron Burcham, from whom I’ve learned a lot about guns and gun rights—a true patriot in every sense of the word. Continue reading