Brian’s Column: Truthwalkers of the World Unite

The day of deliverance is at hand
by Brian Wright

Sit, Walk, StandThe saying Sit, Walk, Stand from Watchman Nee’s book of the same name[1] applies in a secular manner to the freedom movement.

“First we must sit and learn just where we are with Freedom. Next we must then walk with the integrity of a truly free person (our actions must reflect our beliefs). Finally, we must stand our ground against those wanting to destroy freedom.” This column is a summary of the various truth discoveries this author has made in recent months leading me to the conclusion that if we keep walking in the spirit of those truths, together, our force applied against the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) will be irresistible; we will usher in the New Paradigm of peace, freedom, and abundance.

Truthwalker is the term I came up with for those of us who care for the truth and have serious skin in the game. We know the cost of standing for freedom, and we do it anyway. So many great ones have paid the ultimate price for walking and standing for the truth, or in the case of individuals like Bradley Manning, have been scourged for years by the state. [Bradley’s truth has to do with my Chapter 6 in the Truth Torpedo showing that the current US government is a terrorist organization that must be denied sanction.] This column proposes essential ‘obvious’ truths that we shall walk with and stand for ’til the cows come home:

Truth Torpedo Truths

Let me start with the list of seven from my book the Truth Torpedo.

  1. OCT911The official story of 9/11: Blatantly false and fraudulent—Dr. David Ray Griffin has published perhaps the best short refutation of OCT911 here. Since 2006 I’ve written several columns and reviews in the Coffee Coaster. I’m an enthusiastic volunteer, signer, and member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. My clincher for best 911 Truth is a) buildings do not disintegrate symmetrically at free fall speed without the use of explosives and b) the owner of the WTCs, Zionist Superstud Larry Silverstein, is caught on video with his figurative hand on the plunger to demolish WTC7. Another blow against the OCT: massive intentional official destruction of evidence.
  2. ObamaliniObama’s eligibility to be president—Obama is a complete fraud, a Manchurian President to be sure. Fortunately, a first-class objective reference exists on the Web: Obama Presidential Eligibility—An Introductory Primer, by Stephen Tonchen. The concerns of O’s eligibility are legitimate. The straightforward resolution is for Hawaii to produce the actual original birth certificate of Barack Obama to several independent document experts for analysis. As with destruction of evidence in a crime, the failure to produce documentary evidence that does exist logically implicates you of the crime in question. Obama’s background is rife with grooming for office (like the Bushes) by the American intel community. He also, by executive order, sealed all his public records of school, college, selective service reporting, etc.
  3. Keeling CurveThe reality of carbon dioxide and global warming—Humans, largely via fossil fuels, are fouling their nest. The main concern for imminent decades on Earth is that the lower-than-immediately-lethal concentrations of carbon cause increased atmospheric temperatures and ocean acidification, both of which, in small increments, are anti (human) life. Check out my review of Tom Flannery’s The Weather Makers for the carbon arithmetic. This Wikipedia article explains the big picture basics on carbon. Current rates of fossil fuel CO2 generation will double by 2100, which by conventional Greenhouse-Gas theory yields an increase of 5 to 10 °F in surface temp. Per Ghostbusters, “That would be bad.” [Note: I’ve come to believe that government manipulation of the weather is an order of magnitude more dangerous than anthropogenic global warming (AGW). Further, catastrophic AGW is likely a scam by the globalists to gain total power and domination of society.]
  4. ChemtrailsChemtrails are real and alarming—As Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones write in their important column Geoengineering: Our Environment under Attack (November 14, 2011), “The fact that the planet is being bombarded with chemicals from high-altitude spraying as part of numerous geoengineering programs being conducted by U.S. government agencies and universities that have been approved with no oversight whatsoever can no longer be denied.” The chemtrails phenomenon is what is known as an ‘open secret:’ The government and its network of military, intelligence, and academic resources admit the phenomenon every time their atmospheric geoengineering data is discussed in public… which is increasingly often.
  5. Cabalization (or the high conspiracy of power in the West) is a firm reality—Who they are exactly is not so important as that they are. But ‘he who has the gold makes the rules,’ and the ascending gigabucks of our Cabal-with-a-capital-C stop at the pinnacle of the Western financial lootery: the Daddy Warbucks for national central banks, the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. And who owns/runs that bank? Never guess: the same banking dynasties represented by serious poobahs in the secret meetings at JP Morgan’s Jekyll Island, Georgia, club that led to creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913. If you want to understand a) who the Cabal is and what it does (and has done thru the decades), b) how for 100 years it has walked away with most of the productive class’s hard-earned wealth, and c) the identity of the corporate payers who will be signing our million-dollar reparations checks, you absolutely must read Creature.
  6. American Torture PervGOTUS (Government of the United States) is a monster, a rogue beast on a rampage of wholesale destruction—We are in the end game, all the bellwethers are in place: NDAA indefinite detention without trial, presidential extrajudicial killings, FEMA rape-and-torture camps (esp. for patriots), 30,000 attack drones to be deployed in the US, the continuing groping and pornscanning by the TSA (soon to afflict all travel modes), imminent plans for aggressive war on Iran. The list of GOTUS’ crimes against humanity is much longer and more threatening to average Americans than what the English Crown imposed on the colonists prior to Revolution. I made a list of 24 GOTUS insufferable acts in this February 2012 column. GOTUS is no longer a legit government, we must withdraw sanction and replace it, as Thomas Jefferson advocated. The Cabal has Congress in its pocket. [A prudent first step is Nullification via the Tenth Amendment.]
  7. ‘Income’ tax, most of us are nontaxpayers—So let’s start behaving that way. This Little Boy Truth is a stone-cold, ironclad proof that the so-called federal income tax applies solely to earnings in the exercise of a federal privilege. Which means unless your earnings are a consequence of employment by the federal government or one of its subordinate corporate creations (like the Tennessee Valley Authority or the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) you are technically a ‘nontaxpayer’ relative to the tax. You can look it up… in this bracing exposé by Peter Eric Hendrickson, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America.

These are what I started from and what went into the book first published in September 2012. Next I expanded on these from additional reading and viewing.

Truths That Bear on our Imminent Physical Health

I went through a DVD-watching phase over the past few weeks and was amazed by what I learned. I framed my discoveries in a column entitled Letter to Melody and Tanya, which I condense as a continuation of truthwalker truths here:

  1. Why are they sprayingWhy in the World are they Spraying—Classified, but commonly known to exist and even indirectly acknowledged by government/academic/industry agencies. More precisely, stratospheric atmospheric geoengineering (SAG), chemicals sprayed from high-altitude mostly military aircraft for various purposes. The main two categories of purpose are military—probably to support battlefield surveillance, shield against missile attacks, and enhance the effects of high-tech energy beam weapons—and industrial—modifying the weather to enable a group of inside manipulators to profit from drought, famine, GM foods, etc.
  2. The Great CullingThe Great Culling—About water fluoridation mainly. The producers show how deadly toxic waste is being added to the drinking water of many English speaking countries and calling it Fluoride. It’s sold under the idea that its good for your teeth, when it’s not all. In fact, it’s poison that causes everything from cancer to sexual problems and obesity. This film features an impressive line up of doctors and dentists. The toxic waste is causing many health problems including death. There’s a segment that covers Phosphate mining, which is the main producer of these poisons.
  3. Genetic RouletteGenetic Roulette—Concerns about genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It became clear that it’s the material of a rather full column, so I’ve decided to post this on my Coffee Coaster site more or less as is. I just last night viewed the Jeffrey M. Smith movie on GM foods, and it was quite an eye-opener. What you start to realize as you get into the so-called truth movement is one piece of the puzzle connects another piece somewhere else, until the whole picture becomes clear. The GMO DVDs are the final pin in the tumbler for me. People are fighting back and telling the biotech giants (esp. Monsanto) to stuff it. Same thing is going to happen in all other instances of the Truth movement.

Miscellaneous Truths Bringing it all Together

With all of such programs seemingly planned to cull the human species on earth and enslave who remains, how do the planners and executors of such attacks plan to escape the effects themselves? They’re breathing the same air and drinking the same water and eating from the same soils as everyone else. Two references:

I simply wanted to identify further reading for those interested in answering the obvious question of qui bono from ‘democide.’ Finally, probably the best evidence of a pathocracy lies in 1)  the crime of 9/11 and 2) the steady evisceration of societies worldwide by that pathocracy. Key references:

These works are a magnificent and integrating revelation about, respectively, who is behind the crime of the century and the global crime process of the past six or seven decades.

Why I am Optimistic for an Imminent Breakthru…

Because the truth is like a river, which includes all its streams and watersheds, hundreds of feed sources. Each of these sources leads to the whole truth of the river. Whether one learns about the hazards of GMOs or chemtrails or fluoridation or depleted uranium or whatever, they have a common cause, which is the acts of aggression and deceit of individual men acting in concert via unchecked central government(s). That singular cause is being found out in all cases.

It does not matter that today 95-99% of the population may be in denial and reluctant to walk with or stand with the truth: the Internet expands the awareness of the truth at light speed. It then focuses the inordinate energy of tens of thousands of truthwalkers into a common, integrated message that destroys the myriad facades and illusions foisted on the people by the power-sick ones. The government-corporate system seems invincible, like the British Empire of old—and it employs many sophisticated traitors to humanity in the guise of reason—, but its foundation lies in the same shifting sands of coercion, psychosis, debt, and war.

The forces of truth and remediation are poised for an imminent great victory. Soon all we need do is direct a small breath of fresh air at the poseurs of the Leviathan State and watch it fall like a house of cards. We no longer need it, and it is as nothing. One final comment and a list: Along with brute force, control of information is all the MOPS have left. It’s time to turn off those mainstream media sources entirely in each of our homes. Instead rely on Internet sources exclusively, at least for the near term—every mainstream source has been hopelessly corrupted by the Death Star. Here are six daily sources of quality information that I recommend subscribing to immediately:

Truly, so many great other sources of information exist these days… and more are coming online daily. I don’t want to slight anyone. Yes, I feel it’s all over but the shouting. The MOPS are done like a dinner, they can huff and puff all they want, but it’s over, and the Internet stoked by Truthwalkers like you and me, have made it so.

Don’t get me wrong, we can’t let up. The monsters of the pathocracy will still do what they can to destroy the people, and will be effective on a small scale in the near term. But Obamacare, NDAA, the War on Drugs, TSA, the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, Drones on the Veranda, Torture, War Crimes, Imperialism, and all the economic atrocities in general are toast. The people will simply deny consent SunFLOWerand walk away. And I feel confident the denial of consent and corresponding restoration of common sense and the Republic will cascade like an avalanche within the next 20 months. The top stones are already set free.

Don’t break out the champagne, but put it on ice. It’s about time!

[1] Watchman Nee was a Chinese writer and preacher. He was for many in the west a symbol of Christian steadfastness under the pressure of a totalitarian government.

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  1. So now you are buying into global warming and the anti-carbon fraud?. . . reign yourself in Brian.

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