Brian’s Column: Healthcare Cider House Rules

Suppose they gave a law and nobody came
by Brian Wright

This column was originally written and posted on March 22, 2010, and you can see not much has happened to date the analysis. Obamacare isn’t even in place yet, but everyone knows it’s going to be pure hell:

Lots of activity on the Web, as you might expect, following the rather “intravenous heading toward Pluto” outcome from DC yesterday. My goodness, HR 3962 “Health Care Nationalization” passed by a 219-211 vote. What’s a mother to do?
— bw

Actually, she may become a skeweree on the liberal agenda. As I’ve explained in Omamacare vs. Obamacare (I and II), she has a pretty good arrangement with Henry Ford Health Systems in the tri-county area of Southeast Michigan. But according to this article by the libertarian Cato Institute:

  • The Obama plan will encourage abusive insurance practices. Research by Obama adviser David Cutler shows that the plan’s price controls will force insurers who provide quality care for the sick into bankruptcy. Insurers would therefore use countless and covert means to deny care and avoid, mistreat and dump the sick. Along the way, the legislation will shower private insurance companies with half a trillion dollars in government subsidies.
  • The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office verifies that the legislation will reduce Medicare benefits. President Obama’s top Medicare actuary verifies that it will reduce access to care for Medicare beneficiaries.
  • This legislation will force all Americans to purchase health insurance coverage. Government will control what kind of insurance you purchase, where you purchase it, how much you pay and what kind of medical care you receive. Our health care sector will be “private” in name only. Once government controls those decisions, there will be nothing left to socialize. Make no mistake — this was a vote on socialized medicine.

Yup, looks like the feds are going to be severing mom’s hemodialysis tubes forthwith, or make it so expensive she won’t be able to get the treatment. [She has supplemental Medicare insurance via Henry Ford Systems. It’s been a godsend, and her quality of life is extraordinarily high. But if the Medicare portion goes away, it sounds like all the good supplemental insurance companies go away, too.]

Sorry, Mom. It’s been nice having you around. [If you want to look at my mom’s recent passing on the plus side, at least she got out under the wire before the Obamacare Leviathan starts eliminating care for those who need it.]

Here’s what I had to say in reply to a friend from West Bloomfield:

Friend: Now what happens? Is it as bad as the Republicans make it out to be? Not having read the bill, I assume the worst.

Me: It’s pretty bad all right, but I think the people may tell Congress to stuff it; many states seem to be mounting 10th amendment challenges. Personally, I don’t think it will ever happen; it’s simply too insane. This could be the straw that leads to the Jeffersonian resistance: “… to refresh the tree of liberty from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I do hope for a bloodless one.

I’m on my way back from the Liberty Forum in New Hampshire. Pretty sure the Free State will ignore the federales on this one, regardless of whether its cowardly Dem governor expects the people to take it up the ol’ wazoo. I think I’ll take a few minutes and write something up.

btw, It would be tough to read the bill. I’m pretty sure nobody in Congress has, it’s about 2,000 pages… making it, as a $trillion bill, roughly $500 million per page.

I suppose this rather incredible, bizarre Congressional decision was to be expected. The level of intellectual, not to mention moral, understanding on Capitol Hill has plunged to new depths. Even the Republicans aren’t this cruel and unusual.

My own situation is going to be complicated: Instead of reluctantly not having health insurance I cannot pay for, I will be forced to purchase health insurance I don’t have the money to get. Basically, I’m running on fumes until a couple of business deals kick in and SNaP II starts selling. So how is it the government is going to force me to buy their designated plans when I don’t have any earnings to speak of? Write me a check? Put it on a credit card? Whose? Mine are pretty much maxed out, and I don’t think I can get more until I have some kind of like, you know, job.

It’s not that I’m not trying, mind you—to find (more) work, that is—but when the ruling class passes out a $trillion here and a $trillion there to their friends at Goldman Sachs, plus ploughs a $trillion into foreign wars of aggression {and (USA) state-sponsored, false-flag terror operations}, then maintains a $trillion welfare system, wastes untold $trillions a year on the War on Drugs and prohibition of agricultural hemp… and now this trillion-dollar program… well, no one has any money left over to have me do a company brochure or a system description. Or even move boxes around.

So how many $trillions is that? A $trillion here, a $trillion there…

Thomas Paine once opined—I think it was he—that there are two classes of people: the tax paying class and the tax receiving class. We’ve taken the tax-receiving class and elevated them to heroic status.

As evidence, look at all the bumper stickers that extol our soldiers as heroes. Why are they heroes? Most of them have agreed to kill— foreigners who present no threat to America—for the US government without asking too many questions. “Hero” doesn’t seem to be the correct word. Anyway, on top of that, these obedient government hired guns are sucking at the public tit like the rest of ’em.

Point is the tax receiving class—especially those corporate welfare mothers—is burying the honest, hard working tax paying class in debt and jobless stress. Somethin’ ain’t right.

But I don’t think this news of another trillion-dollar, compulsory rathole is all that bad. At the Free State Liberty Forum, I found several individuals commenting that for the government to pass this unbelievable bill will lead, as a minimum, to massive civil disobedience, and possibly open rebellion. This is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch all the wondrous statist (in this case Democratic) goombahs choke on their stupidity, malice, and arrogance.

“Where were you, Daddy and Mommy, on the occasion of the Great Obama-Pelosi Health Care Implosion?”

So, in the immortal words of George Bush I: “This aggression shall not stand.” And when the government’s house of cards crumbles this time around, it’s likely the people can make a clean sweep of things. Restore the Republic. Put government back in its Constitutional box and take away its allowance. We may get to the point in a month or two where the Libertarians become the majority party and where the First Lady grows pot in the Rose Garden.

Seriously, it’s becoming so obvious that the state and national governments are increasingly irrelevant and dangerous, I see the people putting them on a very short leash in a very short time. [Then the Democrats can all go home to their ant farms and the Republicans to their grasshopper-torture camps… and leave us normal humans the flock alone.]

“Oh, and one more thing!”

And I touched on this extensively in my Omamacare vs. Obamacare series in the second one. I can’t take complete credit for the discovery and elaboration, because I was largely cribbing from The Price of Liberty Website. Anyway, we can all do this at home: Pull out your copy of the United States Constitution and give it a thorough reading; in there I would be astounded if you found wording granting the federal government the power to regulate, dictate, or fund health care in any way. Seriously, I can’t find any language even close to enabling that sort of rude behavior.

Indeed, if you examine the Bill of Rights—my favorite part of the “Big C”—you will note in item #10 that “unless a power is spelled out in this document specifically, that power is NOT granted to the federal government.” Pretty plain wording if you ask me. Hard to misinterpret, even for some yahoo in Congress.

So—insofar as each of our representatives signed an oath to uphold the US Constitution (certainly not to egregiously and obviously violate it by legislation)—we the people hereby insist that every one of you 219 representatives and however many US Senators who voted for this jive turkey bill march yourselves over the the federal marshall closest to you and turn yourself in for committing a flagrant act of treason. If you make this small gesture, I promise, personally, to send a letter every week to your cell in Leavenworth.

Note: Just because your Republican colleagues from the previous administration violated SunFLOWertheir oaths, too (by letting George Bush shred the sacred document), doesn’t excuse you. We’ll take care of them soon enough in the “Torture and State-Terror Authorization Trials.” (Of course, the Democrats were part of those exercises, too.)

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