Guest Column: The Hendrickson Icing

Timely Reminder of “Little Boy Truth” #7
by Pete Hendrickson

Pete HendricksonIcing as in ‘on the Cake’… of the (reasonably) obvious truth of things. As I point out in my book, The Truth Torpedo, Pete Hendrickson’s book Cracking the Code: The Truth about Taxation in America shows conclusively that—even if we have dozens of moral reasons to cease funding the federal government—the fact is most of us legally owe it nothing anyway. At least nothing via the so-called income tax. Each of us who practices the Hendrickson ‘system’ owes it to ourselves and our country and out progeny to spread the word… to the Alex Joneses, Mike Adamses, Paul Joseph Watsons, Jon Rappoports, and all the rest who stand at the pinnacle of the truth, liberty, and justice movement of our time. Not to take cognizance and make use of Pete’s discoveries—which legally and successfully deny chains to the federal would-be masters—is tantamount to accepting slavery. The following is a brief reminder from the master himself. Please take heed… to make April 15 a pain of the past.

O, my dear and good friends! Am I missing something?

I post material like and that will make unmistakably clear to any reader that AS WRITTEN, the law doesn’t apply the income tax to his or her non-federally-connected earnings (which for most folks is all of their earnings). All that is necessary for those posts to win this long war for us all (or at least to get us a long way down the road to winning) is for you to send them to others, who will then be impelled by the most powerful and reliable motivator of all– their own self-interest– to become partisans on our side. (Hopefully they will also be motivated by their regard for the rule of law, but you know what? That isn’t necessary.)

These newly-educated folks will become invested in the truth and in upholding the law. All will become a political pressure on every judge, every DOJ attorney, every “tax professional” and so on to get it right going forward. Each of them will become more attuned to truth and lies, and be less tolerant of the latter and more inclined to help promote and support understanding of the former in others.

YOU need do nothing more than send the files to others in your address book.

And yet, I get no indication from you that you have sent these oh-so-important posted files out.

Is it possible that it somehow isn’t clear to you that ALL that is necessary for the law to prevail– that is, for us to win– is for enough Americans to learn that UNDER THE LAW AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN they do not owe the tax?

Is it somehow not clear to you that ALL that is necessary for the law to prevail– that is, for us to win– is for enough Americans to learn that UNDER THE LAW AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN the tax doesn’t apply to their earnings in the first place; and they’ve been getting scammed their whole lives (and even scammed into being the critical participant in the misapplication of the tax to themselves)?

The document at is only nine pages long with lots of spaces and margin. ANYONE older than 14 will readily understand everything in it. ANYONE reading it will know the truth beyond any doubt and all you will have to do is help answer their questions about how they could have not learned this long ago.

But you’ve got to act to make this happen, by the simple touch of a few buttons on your computer. What is stopping you??


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