Brian’s Column: Letter Describing the (USS) Liberty Meme

Rather a core dump of ideas on the USS Liberty starting with a screenplay
By Brian R. Wright

Note: this is basically source thinking for what is to come in creation of the so-called (USS) Liberty Meme, to be fleshed out in next week’s column.

To screenplay writer and three Liberty survivors:

Okay, here’s what I have in mind. [I am copying the three key players I ran into and talked with at the reunion, too. Not to put any pressure on anyone, but to get their sense of things and start a conversation about where we need to go. I’m still immersing myself in the books, I know Phil has a key one that I purchased, and I’ve begun to speak publicly–here’s my presentation to the local Campaign for Liberty group in Michigan that I did before going to Norfolk.]

I read thru the document again yesterday for some time, and now feel the only major concern I have is that a new title should be considered. My thinking is twofold (and please understand that I see your work as extraordinary and a magnificent achievement in its own right, I believe this is THE screenplay that is worthy of the cause… indeed probably the only bona fide screenplay extant at this point, where time is of the essence):

  • By giving away the gist of what the movie would be revealing, i.e. that we the American people have ‘enemies within,’ and who they are, we’re more or less telling them what to conclude rather than simply letting the logic of the action and events lead them to their own conclusion(s). People like to figure things out on their own, and feel better when they do.
  • It just seems prosaic and, even, negative. It draws focus to and inflates the adversary rather than elevates the heroic achievements of our principal characters (living up to their oath) who have survived and aim to prevail against these enemies [whom we plan to destroy and see scurry away in fear and cowardice]: foreign (Israel) and domestic (deep state traitors in America).

Accordingly, I was going to suggest something that will look wholly unconventional on a marquee, lower case with quotes and ellipses, as the main title: “… foreign and domestic …” [The quotes would be included with the title and we can let the artistic designers give it the appropriate look and feel.]  Such a title is suggestive of the magnificent positive goal these great men have accomplished and continue to strive for in seeing justice done: supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States. The title is also enigmatic… that may help break people out of their trances and ask, “what the f is this?”

If we do go with such a title, then the subtitle becomes very important to give prospective viewers a specific, though poetic, statement of what the movie is about. The subtitle needs to convey the attack on and aftermath of the attack on the USS Liberty as something special and transcendent in American, if not human, experience. I’m thinking right now in terms of the Bourne movies, something like: The Liberty Catalyst. … or Liberty Epic-Catalyst… Ordeal-Catalyst.

I was very moved by the reunion, and feel so proud to be part of the cause. I don’t think you could have picked a more representative trio than Ron Kukal, Phil Tourney, and Ernie Gallo. I spoke with all of them, and a few key others… which has led me to a new line of thought: self-conscious creation of the (USS) Liberty Meme. I haven’t worked out all the details in my mind, or put it together into a column yet, but I shall within the next two weeks or so. I did design a 4×4 sticker shown here.

More to come. I think a USS Liberty Meme can be a natural ‘catalyst’ toward ending Zionist Power and the wholesale corruption of our country. It can lead to restoring the republic. Just walking around back here in my SE Michigan digs with the USS Liberty hat on, people, men mostly, I’m sure from military backgrounds or appreciation, stop me and give me regards thanking me for my service. Of course I tell them I’m a civilian and supporter of the men of this magnificent ship and tell them a little bit about it. This is going to be part of the ‘meme.’ [btw, Alison Weir’s site, If Americans Knew has some great little ‘business’ cards here, that explain the incident and the need for justice. (Also part of the meme.)]

I see the movie as integral to the entire grassroots justice and restore the republic via USS Liberty movement: we’ll need the meme, the movie, the media (neutralize and destroy the Zionist mainstream media and academia, provide alternative real news for real people at the grassroots), and the money (at some point we’re going to start figuring out that we will only defeat the formidable, insinuated foe by ending the money and credit monopoly they hold and creating our own distributed, perhaps a bitcoin/gold hybrid, system). Call it the 4M strategy.

Back on the screenplay

I have included my only noteworthy comments on the attachment. I just feel we need to pull a couple of punches early so we can be successful later, and, again, let the audience reach their own conclusions about the nature of the beast. Page 5 on the attachment shows a routine copyedit that needed to be made. I’ve noted about 10 others of similar nature at this point, these are minor but should be fixed before any formal submittal to potential producers. I suspect that it will take me 2-4 hours to mark the remaining edits, which probably average one or two per every three pages. Then I would FEDEX the edited doc to you and you would incorporate in the source. I can probably find the time yet this month.

My initial contact is proving to not be a go to guy for the screenplay, not because of Rip but because Cameron seems to have a major project on his hands with the Avatar series as his life statement. So what I would suggest is going down your list and put Mel Gibson and Clint Eastwood at the top, then figuring out a plan to get the document in their hands, a summary to begin with. By that time I am hoping to see this (USS) Liberty meme take off: I’ll have a preliminary definition of (article describing) the meme inside of two weeks.


I’ll first produce my trip report to the reunion on the Coffee Coaster (my Web columns and reviews). As I said, I believe I had an epiphany as a consequence, that can put new life into the movement. From ‘management’s’ perspective I do believe the LVA has to put its focus more on survival of the Liberty as a great kernel to build upon for restoring the republic. Specifically, the LVA needs to state specific objectives wrt justice for the victims and the perpetrators. These goals will infuse the Liberty Meme project. What I see are the following major pieces:

  • Recognition–we really need to have a Liberty Remembrance Day as a national holiday, its survival marking the beginning steps toward restoration of the American Republic. The Moorer Commission as much as suggested this. Also, Ted Arens (?) has some excellent plaques that we can agitate with our local city councils to provide space and/or funding for. Post cards, stamps, the rest.
  • Justice for treasonous ones of the federal government–yes, we should continue to put pressure and appeal to Congress and the official channels, but it’s very likely these are so infiltrated now that our chances are nil short of a mass uprising… which the meme CAN accomplish, but I prefer a more fundamental approach: exercise of the American First Principles grand jury. This is partially defined in Kelly Mordecai’s book, The Hidden 4th Branch. Basically, this is an inherent power of the American people that we just have to dust off and assert.
  • Justice for Israel–the same basic logic applies for grand juries internationally as nationally: the institution stems from the Magna Carta where the nobles held the king’s men to high standards of conduct, the ‘people’ (originally these nobles) wield both a sword against gross public official corruption and a shield to protect citizens against abuse of government power. Internationally, we do what we do nationally, namely convene a grand jury of peers (randomly selected citizens around the world, but perhaps starting with American citizens (who do not work for the governments involved) who probably have to pass a Constitution knowledge or ~Geneva convention knowledge test)

Steps 2 and 3 are going to require a lot of thinking and figuring things out. For the time being, I think the LVA should simply state that we need to bring the general case for investigation and indictment of those responsible for the Liberty war crime to a ‘people’s fully independent grand jury’ or suitable tribunal of the people not government officials (a la a truth commission, which was done for South African apartheid). This gj or people’s special tribunal shall have subpoena power over government officials and will indict to a federal trial jury (for the fed crimes) and to the ICC (for the Israeli high official crimes).

Since the crimes occurred 50 years ago, many of the perpetrators are now dead, or old and feeble. Anticipating that these individuals, especially the Israelis, will not consent to be subpoenaed by a grand jury and that it really serves as no benefit to justice to drag a 90-year-old man through questioning, I’m suggesting we conduct the grand jury as more of a truth commission and one that will be able to bring its indictments without necessity of appearance of any of the principals who may yet be alive. Further, I suggest that the maximum penalty upon conviction in a petit trial court should be public repudiation for crimes committed, something that officially (by the people) disgraces those who made the decisions… also sanctions against the source government, namely, Israel, in the form of restitution to the victims and forebearance of any further US aid.

Anyway, I’m just bringing some proactive ideas to light here. They need a lot of work by all the principals, the survivors, the wives and families. The people MUST take charge of their government, and this is an excellent opportunity to show how it can be done, using the essential First Principles grand jury institution and melding it with a truth commission focus for this particular horrific crime… so that the healing can finally begin for these heroes and for the potentially wonderful country they stand for.

I actually believe we’re in for some major, imminent success.

Best to all,


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