Brian’s Column: Shakabuku 9-1-1

Shakabuku 9-1-1
A Truth Paradigm… “if you can keep it”
by Brian Wright

FlowThis is a complementary column to my piece roughly a month ago about how we can leverage the recent imminence of nuclear holocaust [following the White House proposed attack on Syria for—of all black kettle things—war crimes. :) ] That previous column was entitled, “New Paradigm Rising… over the 900# gorilla,” and it was a good one. Nineteen Likes grace its Facebook icon. But far too analytical and long for the average Internet user to take time for. Consequently, I decided to create a new form of column or article: I call it a syllograph.

What’s a syllograph?

Well, as the prefix suggests it’s a sort of logical argument using figures (images, graphics) interspersed with verbiage that moves toward a conclusion. The conclusion in this case is that recent world events demonstrate clearly that the ruling families of Western Civilization are not interested in the survival or well being of the rest of us. And exposure of this ‘Mob’ for its role in 9/11/2001 is a powerful tool for ending its global Death Grip and liberating productive, decent humankind. The reduced-image syllograph appears here↓

shakabuku reducecd

Click here or on the image above to bring up the full PDF file that has active links to all key images and text boxes, the referenced items of the PDF syllograph tell the whole story…. of what we need to do to first survive as a species, then live long and prosper as individually empowered beings in a nurturing community of other such beings.

Note: This liberation idea requires mass participation. [Which is a big part of my impetus for creating a picture that’s hopefully worth a thousand words.] Couch potatoism will not free us from the Old Paradigm of Massively Deceptive Coercive Authority. Shakabuku 9-1-1 is my personal plea to every real human being to resist the ongoing parasitic ‘mind snatchers,’ who (at best) want to plug you into the Borg with a biochip up your ol’ wazoo.

What We’re Up Against

As real humans of independent consciousness pursuing truth, justice, and clean living, we face an enormously resourced attack by a political authority run by monsters. If the truth wins, if we real humans prevail, the diseased-false humans (I refer to them collectively as the Men of the Power Sickness or simply ‘The Cabal’) are going to be prosecuted and expunged. The Cabal will not go quietly into that great night, so here on the ground we must work quickly from our strengths—imaginative alternative media, person-to-person contact, and the moral high ground.

I want to get the Shakabuku Syllograph (S2) into the hands of millions of individuals who will read and view the key information for a) ascertaining who committed the crimes of 9/11, b) putting these criminals away forever, and c) getting to the business of a Society Without Coercion. Soon I’ll create a presentation of the key points of links in the syllograph and turn it into a YouTube vid. But until that video is done, I’m seeking to share my vision as a kind of rational-persuasion chain letter.

To that end, here is my first attempt at getting the ball rolling:

Shakabuku 9-1-1 Summary Request Letter
Title of Message: Shakabuku 9-1-1

Dear Friend:

Freddie[just showing main points now, sharemail letter in development, thinking of individualizing my own with Fred Couples golf swing. Couples (54) has the epitome of a gravity swing, that requires zero violence or force being generated by his body that would lead to opposing internal forces (and disrupt the integrity of the swing path. He hits the ball farther and straighter than the majority of PGA Tour players. Similarly, in the absence of violence applied to ethical and political systems, humankind can break free to a New Paradigm. The Truth Paradigm is analogous to the principles of understanding of David Lee’s Gravity Golf system. By facing clear and present truths that indict the Old Paradigm of coercive, deceptive political authority, the ‘common man’ acquires the key to effortless personal empowerment without aggression.]

Do something extraordinary for you and your loved ones! Step up to a new world of joy, peace, freedom, and abundance. It is yours for the taking.

To achieve the New Paradigm one must first stand up for the Truth Paradigm… meaning you must look around you and choose to see… the world with your own two eyes. If the evidence of your senses tells you that a determined enemy (from the Old Paradigm of control and deception) seeks to kill and/or enslave you—and has the means to do so—then reason says to dispel that mortal danger… in order to reach the promised land.

Ending the Old Paradigm threat in order to usher in the New Paradigm is what the diagram at this link is all about. [Indicate to the email recipient if you have also attached the pdf file to your email message.] The diagram, called a syllograph, is the creation of longtime freedom activist, author, and truthertenther, Brian Wright.   Brian names his syllograph Shakabuku 9-1-1—to indicate that coming to the Truth of the 9/11 Attacks is the linchpin of  moving to the next stage of human evolution. Shaka Buku means:

  • “A swift spiritual kick to the head that alters one’s reality forever.” .OR.
  • ”To remove suffering and bring happiness to all people by awakening them to their inherent greatness.”

The following steps and links of Shakabuku 9-1-1 are key:

  1. NWOThe recent (September 2013) US threat to attack Syria, in which World War 3 was narrowly averted, means our would-be rulers are sadistic fruitcakes who will kill or enslave real, decent humans. Evidence is strong that they will try again.
  2. The rulers (the Cabal) who would subject us to WW3 are psychotic killers. Historically, such ideologically deranged and state-empowered men are the ones who conspire to commit ‘crimes of the century’ like 9/11.
  3. Solid forensic evidence shows the Cabal is behind the 9/11 attacks while masquerading as legitimate Constitutional federal government.
  4. A major world broadcasting network, RT, produced a (9/8/13) segment showing that the 9/11 attacks were a false-flag act of state terror orchestrated by the White House and CIA in cooperation with other nations’ (chiefly Israel’s) rogue black-op forces.
  5. rysNew citizens’ investigation and prosecution of the 9/11 crimes will usher in the New Paradigm and release humanity from ‘aggression consciousness‘ into the necessary next stage of spiritual awareness
  6. …and a political system of distributed individual self-empowerment in voluntary community based on the inviolate supremacy of the nonaggression principle.
  7. ESOAs sender of this share-mail message, I am personally asking you to view the key videos of Shakabuku 9-1-1 (links #4, #5a, #5b, and #6), then if you find them persuasive:
    • Make a public statement toward 9/11 truth, such as writing your Congressman insisting on a subpoena-enabled citizens’ grand jury investigation and prosecution of those actually responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
    • RT911Especially if you are an architect or engineer, join Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and sign the petition to seek a truly independent 9/11 investigation authorized by Congress.
    • Send this email verbatim individually, i.e. one by one, to those you care about who can take part in this worldwide grassroots effort to root out the Mobsters responsible for 9/11 and all the other state atrocities of our time.

Keep the message connection alive. Tell your friends. You’ll be glad you did. Then, especially if you’re an American, reward yourself for civic virtue by watching Jimmy Stewart in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Time is of the essence if we are to save humanity. Please do not break the connection of these emails… or, if you’re a guy, your principal appendage will fall off—and Obamacare insurance won’t cover it—or, if you’re a guy or a girl, you will come back in your next life as Hillary Rodham Clinton and absolutely no one will like you… ever.

Thank you,

Joe Shlabotnik


Note: On further thought the above appeal letter, while summarizing the full reference Shakabuku 9-1-1 syllograph, is still too complex and impersonal to have success. I will put additional effort into a shorter personal version with perhaps no links and perhaps simply a request to access the summary letter above. Stump essentials below.

Shakabuku 9-1-1 Simplified Request Letter
Title of Message: TBD

Dear Friend:

We can achieve New Paradigm of peace, liberty, abundance but first have to solve some fundamental problems:

  1. Those in charge of the US government (USG)—the Cabal—nearly brought the end of all our days to us in September of this year with attack on Syria that probably would have led to nuclear holocaust.
  2. The Cabal—masquerading as legitimate USG—will keep trying to precipitate WW3 or otherwise kill or enslave the great majority of humankind… until they are stopped.
  3. To end the Cabal, people must identify it and end their sanction of USG by exposing it as tool of the Cabal and showing USG entities were culpable and complicit in the ‘crime of the century,’ 911.
  4. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911): forensic evidence is overwhelming that destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) bldgs. was caused by explosive controlled demolition.
  5. Key authorities (Rudy Giuliani) order the WTC structural steel evidence to be destroyed and the owner of the WTC complex (Larry Silverstein) states on video that he agreed ‘to pull’ WTC7—which progressively disintegrated at freefall speed onto its own footprint the afternoon of 9/11.
  6. AE911 seeks new citizen-based investigation and subpoena-enabled prosecution of the 9/11 crime, an investigation and prosecution that will surely prove the USG/Cabal committed the ‘crime of the century.’
  7. Leading to the dissolution of the Cabal and the restoration of the Republic, ending the USG police-state/military-empire, ushering in the New Paradigm. QED.
Essential understanding of who “they” are in “their” own words, by Jason Bermas, one of the authors of the watershed Internet movie on 9/11, Loose Change. Vital information collected by citizen researcher, Jeremy Rys, relating the 9/11 attacks and US terror state to rampages of the financial-elite criminal class.
NWO rys
The single most important film for John Q. Citizen

What can you do as an individual: Join AE911 and publicly assert the truth, boycotting the USG until it ends torture, war crimes, and gross violations of the Constitution. The boycott only need be a public statement to your federal legislators that you will not vote for them until these three acts of aggression, at minimum, are abolished.

Thank you,

Joe Shlabotnik

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