Brian’s Column: Open Letter for Satyagraha

Breaking_Free_w_911Note: This is the root open letter for an intended worldwide ‘pay it forward’ individual email campaign aiming to convince persons, one at at time, of the need to understand and publicly assert the truth of 9/11 en masse. The benefits of understanding the truth of 9/11 and investigating, indicting, and prosecuting legitimate suspects are enormous… and immediate:

  • No Patriot Act
  • No TSA
  • No DHS
  • No NDAA
  • No statist gun control
  • No wars in the Middle East
  • No mass-blanket surveillance
  • No poison skies
  • No poison foods
  • No Obamacare
  • No Common Core
  • No unconstitiutional federal authority whatsoever…

It’s lights-out, bright-future Planet Liberty, overnight.

Open Letter to Friends, Family, and Huckleberries

Subject: Startling Good News… with Proviso

Dear Joe:

Thoreau once advised that we be respectful of—even listen to—individuals who travel to the beat of a different drummer. As one such drummer, I want to share a lighter rhythm and tune of recent discovery:

I call my discovery the ‘Authentic Swing.’

Inspired by Will Smith’s musing on the subject in the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance and then stumbling upon David Lee’s system of Gravity Golf, I experienced a flash of insight, an epiphany:

I came to see the effortless power of the perfect swing (unique for each individual) as the grand analogy of the nonaggression principle[1]—nonviolence internal and external—even as a transformational symbol of a spiritual philosophy.

That’s the good news: The New Paradigm is at hand. It’s ours for the swinging.

Hence the proviso: the condition in reality we need to fulfill as individuals. We the people must assert our authentic swings, our truth and justice, thus initiating a massive viral hard stop to the Big Sibling global state at the door.

Joe, the United States is supposed to be a Constitutional republic based on the Rights of Man. Today, the US federal government by openly stated policy practices torture, war crimes, blanket mass surveillance, and myriad gross acts of treason.

America, Land of the Free? Or Springboard of the ‘Fourth Reich?’

Remember that Syria business… in late August 2013? The American people put a stop to that, saying “No way, something’s amiss. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.” Nuclear war was a real possibility… and still is.

That scary prospect led me to envision and diagram what I see as the best path—for us all—to avoid destruction and instead reach the angels of our better natures: the New Paradigm (peace, freedom, abundance).[2]

This alternative vision of freedom and abundance requires on the political-economic level a wholesome majority of persons of stature to ‘man up’ to ‘Naked-Emperor’-level truths, particularly about what happened on 9/11/2001.

After 12 years, the gossamer veneer of the Empire’s Official Story (OS) of 9/11 lies in shreds: done like a dinner, off like a prom dress. [Polls show that only a very small fraction of Americans accept the OS.]

Researchers have uncovered vast pools of evidence that point inescapably to a deep-cover operation aided and abetted—and led—by key government-corporate officials. Specific suspects for investigation by grand jury(s) are materializing. [3]

Let me simply share two  mainstream videos with you to make my point [Note: I’m giving links to the actual DVDs for purchase. Free copies or partial copies of these videos are available on YouTube]:

  • Experts Speak Out—From Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911), this film shows the physical impossibility of the OS for the World Trade Center building destruction, particularly Building 7 which was not struck by an airplane yet suffered precipitous, global, symmetrical collapse. Excellent presentation of evidence and sensitive consideration by professional psychologists for the emotional difficulty of accepting that ‘our leaders’ could commit such a monstrous crime.
  • Invisible Empire—Grimly entertaining exposé by Jason Bermas. The video describes who ‘They’ are. That is, the controllers [my term is ‘the Cabal’ or ‘the Men of the Power Sickness’], the whackjob elite, who benefit from committing wars and other acts of state terror upon the people. Fortunately, ‘They’ have been astoundingly open about who they are and exactly how ‘They’ plan to rule us down to our DNA.

The above videos convey plain, obvious facts of reality… such as the sky is blue, the emperor has no clothes, or nanothermite and molten metal were found in the WTC debris field.

The real question is how much more time before people of stature simply choose to look at the facts: “You know, Miles, I just haven’t found any evidence for a 900 lb. gorilla trashing my living room; I stay in my soundproof bedroom 24/7.”

So, please view the referenced videos and step up to truth… and justice. Then, using an abbreviated version of this letter, pay forward the good news to everyone you know and care about.

If good people insist on truth and justice, the country we love will become rapidly worthy of its founding.

Best wishes,

Dr. Miles J. Bennell
Santa Mira, California
March 1955


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