Brian’s Column: The Howell Statement (2014)

Sandbox Exit-Plan Strategy for the Libertarian Party, by Brian Wright

IMG_20140518_123758 (3)… in an Era of Wanton US Federal Crimes and Terror. A proposed new strategy for the LP and LP of Michigan, at the latter’s state convention in Howell, Michigan, May 17, 2014. Chief contribution from that convention a resolution on grand juries as follows:

The LPM supports the reinvigoration and reassertion of the people’s ultimate authority—at local, state, and federal levels—to investigate and bring indictments of government corruption and crimes through statutory empanelment of grand juries.


The United States is supposed to be a Constitutional republic based on the Rights of Man. Today, the US federal government (USG) by policy practices torture, war crimes, blanket mass surveillance, and myriad gross acts of treason—manifesting a purpose to enable, at all levels of government, depredations and atrocities upon the people by the Men of the Power Sickness.

The Libertarian Party was formed in 1971 in the context of imminent revolt by the people against the American warfare state because of Vietnam. Persons of the consistent liberty philosophy, who could have led the antiwar movement to victory—and ended US global fascism—instead learned to conduct meetings, apply Roberts Rules, jump thru election-law hoops, and run endless cycles of futile candidacies for public office. LP thus far => State 1, Liberty 0.

The good news is that the LP has established an ideological infrastructure in the belly of the beast that the general liberty movement can leverage to finesse the undoing of coercive government—and all the horses it rode in on—imminently. This statement proposes a grand strategy for Libertarians to:

  1. build voluntary-government institutions in communities worldwide to solve real human problems and help with transition to liberty
  2. arrest and reign in the corrupt and criminal life-and-planet-destroying behavior enabled by coercive government running amok

The statement briefly describes the strategy then offers a ‘business plan’ template for state affiliates, with specific reference to the LP of Michigan.

Grand Strategy

A phrase best expressing the proposed strategy is Empowerment and Accountability… where empowerment is for the people and accountability applies to their public servants… and to corrupting special interests. Only a summary.

Citizen Empowerment

Actually this first component of grand strategy is the umbrella goal for any effective libertarian organization. We aim to set people free to fulfill their individual lives. Empowering the people also leads to the second component: to keep public officials and their would-be puppetmasters from aggression.

InsertLibertarian Party supporters must keep in mind that we are part of a much larger movement toward human liberty—in fact, arguably a part of lesser import: by its nature the party takes a role in the coercive government system by seeking public office. (We aim to make it less coercive, perhaps naively.)

[Today, many tools exist in the broader movement that actually work, such as Nullification, educated tax activism, Campaign for Liberty, Satyagraha (the global truth force), THRIVE, and so on.

It makes sense for one’s personal choices in the cause of freedom to pick a winner. I maintain that choosing any of these other working organizations to focus your activism is far preferable than past LP strategy.]

The LP Citizen Empowerment strategy is this:

In a word: connect. Grassroots, local level, get to know your neighbors, particularly community leaders in and around city hall. Become a part of the process; attend city council meetings, school board meetings, planning board meetings, learn the rules and who makes the decisions. Get to know them.

Agitate on behalf of the people for various issues—that the 1% intends to make them victims of. Join with other activists on those issues: Examples: ‘smart’ meters, fracking, airborne chemical attacks, med marijuana. Or simply safe streets and demilitarized police. Then run for office.

SONY DSCThe photo shows Andy LeCureaux, LP city council in Hazel Park, Michigan. The best thing you can do to empower the people and to empower yourself as a potential office holder is to know how things work, at whatever level you want to pitch in: local, state, federal. And lead by example, putting into practice the principles of liberty. FAC: Focus, Act, Cooperate!

Go forth, shake hands, be a good neighbor. Lead. Then, when the time is right, run… on whatever party ticket makes most sense. Government will one day no longer have a compulsory monopoly, meaning the better officials, like you, will have more subscribers… and we will all get the government(s) we want or don’t want.

Servant Accountability

The discussion on the second half of Grand Strategy focuses on what goes wrong when the people do not or have not exercised their self-governing power. As Jefferson stated: “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” [I would argue, this tendency is a direct consequence of compulsory government.]

The (best of the) founders tried to set up the Constitution to restrain emergence of special interests who would steal from the public and reimpose central-government tyranny. But thru control of the money power and extending the corporate privilege, the Old World Order reclaimed its clout in the 19th century and the clout became a rout in the 20th.

We now face a New Old World Order of state crimes:

  1. Poison air (climate engg.)
  2. The 9/11 attacks
  3. NSA surveillance-state violations, TSA, DHS
  4. Torture and war crimes, the Drug War
  5. Toxic gunpoint medicine (AMA-approved ACA)
  6. Radiowave mass-assault (‘smart’ meters)
  7. Poison food (GMOs, CAFOs, etc.)
  8. Attacks on firearms ownership
  9. ObamaEd (Agenda 21, Common Core)

In approximate order of priority of threat to human life and liberty. The nuts are off the buggy. Electing Libertarians to address these crimes is not a realistic option. We’ll all be dead or FEMAd before that.

Rediscovering and Reasserting the Master Key

The master key—and master tool—to our dilemma lies in the tried and tested principle of self-government handed down from the Magna Carta: the grand jury. This principle states that whenever a person so directs—via simple petition/complaint showing clear evidence of official wrongdoing [which wrongdoing a citizen is duty bound to point out]—a judge must empanel a grand jury to investigate and bring indictments.

4thBranchThe grand jury—well-understood, taken for granted, and used frequently by the American colonists—was acknowledged in the 5th Amendment. It has been used successfully to combat government wrongdoing over the years. But has been officially suppressed in the past several decades for obvious reasons. It’s now time to dust it off and put it back on center stage. And start the takedowns.

The watershed book leading our understanding of how to resurrect and reassert our seminal power is Kelly Mordecai’s The Hidden 4th Branch: A corrupt government’s worst nightmare. The LP is the perfect institution for reviving the grand jury form of empowerment, and gaining respect as the ‘tough-on-crime’ party. A properly empaneled statutory grand jury tells judges and prosecutors what to do… not the other way around. There is no branch of government higher than the grand jury: it is ‘the people.’ Presidents, the Justice Department, Congress, foreign agents, corporate poobahs, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers grovel at its feet.

“Where the government fears the people, there is freedom.”

A Grand Independent Jury Association (GRIJA) advocacy group is forming now, including Mr. Mordecai, Brian Wright (author of Howell Statement), and Judge Jim Gray. We will be presenting our plans at the national convention in Columbus, 26-29 June 2014. We aim to educate the people on their grand jury power and how to assert it at all levels, providing easy empaneling of GJs to address gummint crimes… and adequate consideration for the people-jurors.

Accountability as a grand strategy of the LP contains other components, but the grand jury is central.

LP Affiliate Business Plan Template

Necessarily short summary. [Book, Leaving the Sandbox, bw, to be published TBD (~ in 2014) elaborates.] General LP strategy dictates. For the LPM, three components:

  • Maintain and enhance existing infrastructure—run candidates efficiently. Focus on actually holding office. Maintain ballot status. Local affiliate enablement, basis for state organization. Empowered individuals feed locals, who feed state orgs. Cooperate w/C4L, etc.
  • Cultivate empowered volunteers—Fundamental step. Can be local, state issue, or federal issue oriented. Affiliates and state orgs need to be learning centers of what is, then issue resolutions at every meeting.
  • Pursue grand jury enablement—So many crimes, so little time. Bring people in to slash government and corporate wrongdoing with grand jury empowerment

For the LPM we empower the affiliates thru local/state individual action. Everyone’s a doer in the new LPM!

The Training Construct (…coming)SunFLOWer

Break free, spiritual next stage, authentic swing. In concert.
Remember: We outnumber the evildoers a million to one.

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3 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: The Howell Statement (2014)

  1. Sharon, thanks for the comment. The GRIJA group we are forming is based on Kelly Mordecai’s book, The Hidden 4th Branch, which is about the inherent authority we the people have–IN THE CONTEXT OF THE EXISTING STATUTORY SYSTEM–to be empaneled by a judge in that system as grand juries. So we tend to differ with the NLA’s approach, which is extralegal in terms of the existing conventional system. NLA and GRIJA both support the supremacy of the grand jury and its role in indicting corrupt public officials, it’s simply that we differ about how the jury is to be initiated. I feel the intralegal approach stands the only prospect of success; the extralegal approach is simply ignored and belittled by the conventional system. As you are no doubt aware. GRIJA is going to be pitching its message to the LP at Columbus, hopefully with the endorsement of Judge Jim Gray.

  2. I am involved with a group trying to do just what you are talking about. I am unable to attend the LP convention, breaks my heart, but am also active in the group We are constituting common law grand juries all over the country. We are being beat down at every turn. Reasons are obvious, but we keep fighting. The Supreme Court ruled that the 4th branch of government (the people) is indeed legitimate and our government courts are not. People have been arrested trying to do what is right and lawful. I’m not the best at explaining the whole process, but I would recommend everyone who reads this, go to the above website and get involved. Since I am running for the US Senate in November as the Libertarian candidate, I don’t have enough time to do both well. I need for someone locally to take over our county. So far, as far as I know, I am the only one who is fully aware of what’s at stake. All documentation as to the legitimacy of this effort is on the website. We need more people to be informed and awake. I’m trying but need some help in my county. Every county in the country needs to get involved. I’ve gone to a few C4L meetings and at the last one they told people to vote for Rebublicans. That dismayed me because one never knows if a Republican is truly conservative or talks the talk to get elected. Libertarians can be trusted more than Republicans because we would run as Republicans if we really wanted to get elected, which we do, but to run as a Republican in order to get elected, is the height of dishonesty. Libertarian candidates run on honesty and integrity and we truly want to save our country and return it to the country our founding fathers envisioned. It is very hard to talk to people who have been brainwashed since birth because they can’t handle the truth. They think that we are the bad guys, when in fact, we are the only good guys that voters can depend on. I’m an ordinary American with no alliances to special interests or corporations or the stock market. I can be far more objective than the Republicans and Democrats because I am not “owned”. Great article!

  3. Brian, this is the best thing I’ve read on your site. I can identify with every point made.
    MiC4L, 13th District Repub. precinct delegate

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