A Presummer’s Night Dream

A plush memorial-garden setting sets off a  barrage of heavenly imagery

Here’s the dream note from 6/1/16:

Godwithin7Williams [an engineering firm I worked for 35 years ago] has a memorial garden measuring 1/2 mile by 1/2 mile inside a full square mile grounds including the Michigan design and production facility. And I run into some of my engineering buddies nearby. Men whom I only knew remotely are speaking of my work for the company as splendid and caring, showing integrity. I feel poorly that I haven’t been more friendly to these men who obviously think exceptionally highly of me; though when we worked together, I was always courteous and complimentary. The garden is this amazing natural retreat, complete with a raging river with rapids into the corner of it, all so beautiful and full of life. It reminds me of heaven—a living heaven. There’s a spirit to it, yes of Sam [Sam Williams, the company founder], but also of everyone who chose to take part in his journey. I feel fulfilled and worth something far more than I customarily regard myself. I want Rose [former wife] to share this with me, and I also see on reflection just how beautiful my own soul is, how utterly amazing—despite the rough edges and early addictions—my creative work has been.


Gerry_HermanIt happens that one of the finer persons I ever met at Williams was a tall, bright Kansan[1] named Gerry. When I first arrived at Williams back in 1977, I went to work for the accessories group—lube pumps, fuel controls, start cartridges, electronics. There were only four of us at the outset; Gerry was the head ramrod of the electronics… and anything else that required more than simple arithmetic. He was, shall we say, the brains of the outfit… and without peer in that quality for most of his career at the company. Continue reading

Brian’s Column: A Latesummer’s Night Dream

Just my own little castle in the sky… or something more?

WDreamhatever the message, this was one of my better nights in the saddle of pleasant visions, with a touch of humor that comes from someplace outside of me. [Not that I don’t have a sense of humor, but this inner motion picture is not any sequence I would have thought up on my own, in a thousand years.] It was the previous Thursday morning (8/7/14) right toward the end of my sleep session, and the dream was so vivid and entertaining, also sad and poignant, I immediately rose to write it down in longhand. It contained so many things I truly care about in this world—and recently departed of this world: golf, Mom, and the dear deceased feline friend of the woman I married. Without further ado, here’s the story… you decide. Continue reading