Brian’s Column: The Threat Matrix

Specific high-crimes and assaults on humanity by the pathocracy

Real_Political_SystemDuring the writing of my book on Libertarian Party/movement grand strategy, Leaving the Sandbox, I stumbled on a central idea not unlike being hit over the head by it with a two-by-four. Duh! As I wrote in that book, “The Great Barnacle standing in the way of human fulfillment has morphed from an easily identified and demonized Tyrant to a global matrix of mental domination and brute aggression masqueraded—via decades of the most sophisticated and insidious audiovisual mind control—as somehow intellectually respectable and GOOD FOR US!”

Thus our greatest challenge as freedom fighters is to convince the people that those people who say they’re from the government “ARE NOT here to help you.” What this means is today the fight for TRUTH and JUSTICE are indispensable prerequisites to our battle for freedom. They are the soil and water of the Liberty Tree.

Truth and Justice

Let’s look again at the real political system chart. This is real. This is what we get day in and day out. The ordinary bludgeoned citizen or perhaps the net tax recipients of our country will comment, “The graphic is so negative, you’re not identifying the important services government provides to the people at the various levels.” Fair enough. What’s the budget for all legitimate functions—protection from criminal aggression, courts for handling civil disputes, military to ward off attacks from Mexico or Canada, and reliable weather data? Only being slightly facetious.

In fact, all putative legitimate services at all levels of government are a) financially negligible and b) not being performed well… because of the overwhelming attention to government’s egregious acts of aggression (EAAs), deception, and brainwashing on the people. Every minute, every day.

Let’s also get another thing straight:

Government aggression is not a simple misunderstanding.

No sir.

Crimes… not Misunderstandings

The financiers and political figures who founded, and the poobahs who run, the Federal Reserve System didn’t one day wake up and say, “You know, I’m all confused about this central banking and monopoly monetary system… which looks like it functions an awful lot like a smooth counterfeiting confidence game. But I’m sure that JP Morgan and the Rockefeller interests wouldn’t do anything to benefit themselves at the expense of the general population. So let’s go ahead.”[1]

They knew a high crime was in progress… and still is. They chose to take it.

The trillions of dollars of lies and attacks on you and me are full blown, all-American, Big Daddy-inspired, Don Corleone worthy CRIMES! The men—typically, except maybe for Hillary Clinton—who commit these acts of aggression know exactly what they’re doing. The other quality of these acts: virtually all the EAAs are cloaked or covered up, usually by the ‘running-dog lackey,’ bought-and-paid-for media.

For purposes of Leaving the Sandbox (LTS), I am going to now list the major criminal assaults being conducted on the people of America and the people of the world… primarily via the federal government, but often enabled at state and local levels by little mobsters cut in on the deal by the big mobsters. [Note, I listed many of these in the Columbus Statement overview. Also, a watershed video or book or Website exists for each of the crimes; I’ll let the reader locate them on his own, but will provide these references in the next soon-to-be released edition of LTS. — bw]

The Dirty Dozen (Roots of the Threat Matrix)

Note: For key supporting references of each of these crime categories, please refer to my single-sheet table for the Threat Matrix.

  1. the Fed and central bank itself—takeover of the money system, resulting in massive confiscation of material wealth.
  2. stratospheric aerosol geoengineering—toxic skies, climate mod, weather warfare, threatening end of human story.
  3. 9/11 attacks—as false flag acts of state terror, 9/11 is the Big One; resulting in unending war and militarized US.
  4. NSA, surveillance-state violations—TSA, DHS, NDAA; goons set loose in Occupied America to prep us for gulag.
  5. torture and war crimes—including in this the ongoing War on Drugs (WOD) atrocity, strip searches, police assaults.
  6. toxic gunpoint medicine—genocidal-AMA-approved Obamacare; crushing wholistic, naturopathic alternatives.
  7. radiowave pollution—chiefly mandatory ‘smart’ meters, per Agenda 21: wantonly surveil and destroy people’s health.
  8. poison food—GMOs, CAFOs, etc., eliminating or reducing people’s choices in food; contaminating healthful practices.
  9. attacks on firearms ownership—thru staged ‘massacres,’ demonizing ‘gun nuts,’ always run as fed black ops.
  10. ObamaEd—also per Agenda 21, the Common Core K-12 school curricula; collectivist, mind-destroying drivel
  11. psychiatric drugs and vaccines—esp. predatory/mandatory and on children, huge Big Pharma profits from pedicide.
  12. propaganda machinery—and threats to the Internet, 1st A Amendment; persistent lies and mind control dumb down.

I can think of about three more… for example suppression of cheap abundant ‘free’ energy alternatives and knowledge of OIBs (other intelligent beings). But a dozen is a nice round number. These assaults are in effect 24/7 and amount to a wholesale democidal[2] program in which the lower levels of government are (often)[3] taking part.

So what’s a mother to do?

How does she protect her children from such monstrous evils?

How do we protect ourselves?

Well, my whole After 9/11 Truth book and project I intend to serve as a ‘nuke to the engine room of the Death Star’ (which is a perfect symbol for the manifestation of the social pathology we are beset by). [We need to realize that the 9/11 attacks represent the linchpin of the ‘House of Crimes’ and that when we pull that pin, by pulling back the curtain on the Evil Wizard, the Threat Matrix evaporates like cowboy flatulence in a West Texas wind.]

But any particular counterattack is at the level of tactics, not grand strategy. The latter must be what Barbara Honegger and others have pointed to: Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha or global truth force. Satyagraha is the fundamental, the grand view, the Big Picture, the moral high ground… that beats any pathocracy. We must first realize Satyagraha in ourselves—by spiritual growth, achieving a place of peace inside us—then project that outward as an aura that draws people to our cause(s). That way, and only that way, lies victory. Indeed, I plan to seed my own little corner of Satyagraha through the A911T promotional process. Please join me.

[1] G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, American Media, 2002.

[2] Note: Clearly the perpetrators of democide—blanket killing of whole societies—are suicidal as well, which means, yes, they are psychopaths. Control is all they know, and it doesn’t matter to them that their own neck is in the noose when they set the trap.

[3] Not always. A serious State Nullification program is ongoing nationwide. Sponsored by the Tenth Amendment Center. Read your Constitution: the 10th Amendment says, unless it’s spelled out here, the federal government does NOT have the authority.


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