Brian’s Column: The Doreen Freedom Files

Ongoing efforts to free Doreen Hendrickson from the clutches of Leviathan

TaxToonToday I want lay out a set of documents and activities that Pete and many others in the educated tax and general liberty movements are putting together. We earnestly hope they do the job, that is lead to the exoneration and liberation of Doreen Hendrickson from the recent sentence of a malevolent prosecutocracy that is running amok nationwide. First the appeal is in progress. Second the attorney has sent a motion to the district court to modify Doreen’s sentencing on exclusively 5th Amendment grounds, which I’ve uploaded here. Third, led by Pete, we have been constructing a petition for submittal to high Michigan officials—chiefly the head law enforcement official in Michigan, Attorney General Bill Schuette; this will be accompanied by a background description, which Pete has composed and is uploaded here. And fourth, individuals are sending their own letters of appeal to Michigan officials to interpose on Constitutional grounds, such as the missive by former Troy mayor, Janice Daniels, which I’ve uploaded here.

My Prelim Effort at a Petition

The following shows my first attempt. The idea is to have as many people of ‘standing’ (such as current and former public officials) to sign as in the format of a Declaration of Independence:

Attorney General Bill Schuette:

On April 9, 2015, after the second trial on the charge of criminal contempt (a hung jury in the first one), in August 2014, Judge Victoria Roberts of the Sixth District federal court sentenced Doreen Hendrickson to an incredible 18 months in federal prison for refusing Judge Nancy Edmunds’ order that Doreen must commit perjury on her sworn tax affidavits. In her defense, Doreen was not allowed to bring up the unlawfulness of Edmund’s order. In recent cases, the Sixth District court of appeals, as well as the US Supreme Court have ruled that it is a high crime for any federal official to compel persons to attest to beliefs or understandings they do not hold.

Thus, both Judge Roberts and Judge Edmunds have egregiously violated the Constitutionally protected natural rights of Doreen Hendrickson, and by extension all Michigan citizens. To carry out the sentence imposed by Judge Roberts amounts to an act of aggression by the federal court that you and your office must in good conscience and professional competence enjoin. Doreen, a peaceful, conscientious woman of high esteem in her community, was viciously characterized by Roberts as ‘dangerous.’ On the contrary, Judge Roberts is the clear and present danger to decent society, stating she would not allow Doreen time for appeal before physically requiring Doreen’s self-surrender in only 30 days–May 9.

Therefore, we the undersigned call for you to issue an immediate injunction against the forced surrender of Doreen Hendrickson before her appeal is heard, and further, to interpose on behalf of the Constitutional protections of all residents of Michigan by preventing federal enforcement personnel from carrying out any treasonous order of incarceration or expropriation against Doreen Hendrickson.

… all the signers and their standing

Janice Daniels’ Heartfelt Appeal to Bill Schuette

Then you may have a look at the inspiring text of Ms. Daniels’ letter here:

Following is a copy of a letter I sent to Michigan’s Attorney General Bill Schuette, with copies to Michigan’s Governor Rick Synder, Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard, MI District 11 Congressman Dave Trott and MI District 41 State Rep. Martin Howrylak.

Dear Atty Gen Schuette:


As I am confident you remember, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said from a jail cell in Birmingham, Alabama, on April 16, 1963 (a short 52 years ago), “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Those words are as important today as they were 52 years ago, and as they were in 1776, when great men and women risked their lives to establish an order of self-government that is the shining example of republicanism around the world and across history’s great divide.

To the point, a present day assault on the Liberty of an individual woman living in Oakland County, Michigan, is occurring as we speak.  Mrs. Doreen Hendrickson has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for refusing to sign a government-generated document instructing her to agree to statements that she believes in her heart to be untrue.

Can you imagine the horror that people, like me, who follow political happenings and who study constitutional principles and care about the Liberty of all persons feel, when we witness an assault of this magnitude on another fellow American citizen?

The government’s judge (Ms. Victoria Roberts) would have us believe that Doreen is a threat to society?  I know Doreen; she is a gentle woman who has been falsely made to look like a monster.

I am an individual who has experienced the horrors of a totally inaccurate, media-driven attack on my personal character in 2012, the likes of which have not been seen in Oakland County, possibly in all of Michigan, for as long as I can remember.  I know the depths to which the written word can be used against a person, and there seems no way to stop the abuse, the mischaracterization and, in the case of Doreen Hendrickson, the complete misapplication of the power of the state against a woman who holds firm beliefs.

Attorney General Schuette, you hold a position of power that is unique, in that you can stop the federal government from incarcerating this woman, and I pray to the God of our fathers, that you have the strength of character to agree with Dr. King that injustice to one is injustice to all.

Please initiate an injunction against this order and end this injustice to everyone who values their Liberty (and quite frankly also for those who don’t have the sense to value theirs).

Most sincerely yours,

Janice Daniels
Former Mayor of Troy, MI


Please comment on this post and send your ideas of how to help. Also, use Ms. Daniels letter if you wish to construct a personal letter of your own to the attorney general, calling on him to enjoin and interpose on Doreen’s behalf… not to mention on behalf of all the law abiding citizens of the state of Michigan.

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