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Beist_SymbolEditor’s Note: The following is the second section of a three-section document that I’m assembling to prospect for a so-called ‘Toto’ organization that serves to bring truth and justice to the world… primarily by pulling back the curtain on the 9/11 attacks and other ‘high-crime assaults’ that have at their core a massive amount of deception. Although the first section of the prospectus represents several enhancements from the original two-sided ‘Project Toto’ document, it covers the same ground as that ‘Project Toto’ document, which is a former column at this location.

Toto Worldwide follows from the action concepts of my book, After 9/11 Truth, (A911T) which proposes a ‘Truth-Letter Closure’ (TLC) campaign by persons recruited from the general 9/11 Truth community—which sends templatized letters of appeal, one-by-one, to targeted ‘Respected Deniers’ (RDs) from a participant’s contacts. The object of a TLC message is threefold, to have the RD:

  1. complete and return a simple 10-item questionnaire postal card,
  2. read or view one standard truth work (from a list of books or videos) in the book, after which…
  3. publicly declare for the truth.[1]

The worldwide 9/11 Truth organization adopting the core TLC processes above will be called the 9/11 Toto Correspondents’ Society (911TCS)—an Affiliate organization of Toto Worldwide. The 911TCS has a small core office w/robust Website; main activity occurs via local Chapters or clubs. Ref. Figure 5.


Figure 5: Flat Structure (Inverted Pyramid) of Toto Worldwide Operations

Figure 5 and the specific content of this document expand the mission of the 9/11 Toto Affiliate, because the 9/11 truth operations are the first to be rolled out. The description for the 9/11 Toto Correspondence clubs serves as a template for the Affiliates to be formed soon thereafter.

Each Toto Worldwide Affiliate (also called a Society) works to expose and prosecute a high-crime assault or assault category identified in the Threat Matrix. The Chapters of a Toto Worldwide Affiliate are called: <High-Crime Assault Name> Toto Correspondents’ Club of <local municipality or region>.[2] The general Toto Affiliate (society) and club formation will follow the same approach as for the 9/11 Affiliate.

Toto Chapters (Clubs) the Social Center for Activity

Independent, yet certified and sanctioned by the Affiliate and/or by the Toto Worldwide umbrella organization. The details remain to be worked out, and the intent isn’t to suppress imagination, rather to assure some uniformity and economies in the operations. Also that the activities produce solid results. The Affiliate society level will produce the materials and the structure/procedure for the clubs to follow.


Figure 6: General Workflow for Affiliate, Chapter, and Correspondent

Figure 6 illustrates how I see the general flow of working data. At the Affiliate or society level is where the creative formation occurs, each Toto Affiliate will need analogous materials to what I’ve created for the 911 Toto Affiliate. The organizing book (e.g. After 9/11 Truth), the template appeal letter, the list of contradictions to the official story, and the questionnaire will be composed first.

Financial Note: The Affiliate level will house the Website and online facilities for Bitcoin transaction; the Chapter-Correspondent level will be cash, check, or commodity-token friendly. Estimate $20 Correspondent membership fee (gets book, lapel pin, etc.) w/$5 annual renewal. Financial purpose of Affiliate-Chapters is to a) sell organizing book, b) sell truth works, c) bring in member-correspondents. Quickly.

The Core Process

The Toto Correspondent is a noble doer of great deeds. The core process is a targeted literary person-to-person activity conducted iteratively, then monitored for results and shared socially via the Chapter and Chapter alliances throughout the Affiliate. Figure 7 shows the core process.


Figure 7: Core Process Workflow

My main discovery after outlining the essentials of the above process in After 9/11 Truth[3] has been that, regardless of the logic or demonstrable effectiveness of the core process, nobody will actually do it in the absence of a viable social incentive. Also, we need to stress hard-copy actual letters and to notables.

Chapters Facilitate the Core Process and Motivate Correspondents

As suggested previously, the formation of Toto Chapters and their day-to-day lives become the magnetic force that draws individual correspondents in and motivates and guides correspondents to participate in the simple activity.

“Pull the curtain, save the world.”

Gives you an idea of a descriptive slogan or signature for a Toto correspondent. Because that’s essentially what we are doing en masse. Many hands make light work. We’ll have coffee cups, t-shirts, Toto and Dorothy imagery—naturally, we’ll need to thread the needle on copyrights—, and some artwork that lies in someone’s imagination. Brainstorming contests for marketing tools.

We will need to sell the core process, have people want to sign up (correspondents) to do the process and be part of the public service organization.[4] By the correspondents having a cell or team identity structure we also develop espirit de corps, internal competition, improvement in the processes.

Workflow_DiagramFigure 8 shows my initial workflow, which is in the After 9/11 Truth book, and includes the essential tasks—both correspondence and recruiting, showing a power of two network.

Consider as a place holder now. Do not get wrapped up in the details.

What’s important is to realize the actual work will be performed in a team-spirit context, enhanced by the social event sequences of the Toto Chapter.

Each signup gets a starter kit and joins a team.

Social Event Sequence, Showing Main Functions


Figure 9: Social Event Sequence, Activities

Figure 9 lays out a workable schema for the social ‘meetings’—I envision them being held in a modern library facility with access to decent projection screen hardware. The splittable-sectioned room (for a typical major city suburban setting) should accommodate up to 200 people in full with audiovisuals.

Meeting protocols and the financial procedures need to be worked out, policies and procedures in general. Chapter officers, leaders, teachers, learners, stakeholders play a vital role and must all feel they are an important part of the same ‘noble mission:’ “Pull the curtain, save the world.”

“Noble Mission:” Toto Correspondents as Disciples of Healing Truth

… and rolling back ‘Brainwashed Nation.’

Pod1When one considers the depth of the control and power blanket—ref. the Thrive video, Invisible Empire, Rule from the Shadows—particularly the conditioning applied universally via mainstream media, academia, and larger conventional intellectual/moral-authority institutions, our task as worldwide truth correspondents (regardless of the Affiliate cause) is formidable to say the least.

Some parallels exist to the classic sci-fi movie, Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In the case of many of us, instead of being taken over by pods we are subjected to 15,000 hours of forced schooling… cultivating zombie consumers and red-white-and-blue cannon fodder. Hard to resist the pressures to conform. [But like Dr. Miles J. Bennell in the movie, not everyone readily chooses to take the blue pill in kindergarten. Also, some of those pesky parents ask questions.]

Dr. Miles J. Bennell makes an ideal symbol of correspondent resistance.[5]

Think what he endures, the loss of his community and the loss of the woman he loves. In the movie the people turn to contented, soulless automatons in the span of a few days. But our peers in reality become plugged in very slowly and relentlessly—via school then media and TV-tainment—from age, say, three… to thirty.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The_WizRemember the Wiz has only the power he tricks us into giving him. Watch the video Rule from the Shadows. He and his Old World Order masters have been polishing these tricks w/technology, making them evermore sophisticated, for a century. Even so, when we pull back the curtain it’s still game over.

Our mission is to reclaim programmed minds from deception and domination and thus to free ourselves.

Satyagraha is Our Business _________________________________________________

Satyagraha was coined by Gandhi 100 years ago to mean ‘the global truth force.’ As Barbara Honegger states, “We are not going to win (in the 9/11 truth movement) by logic and argument alone. Our work toward truth and justice needs the dimensions of a moral cause.” That is what Satyagraha gives us:

  1. Toto pulling back the curtain (truth)—choose barrier-free reality w/o compulsion
  2. Exposing Wiz’ impotence (liberty)—morally delegitimize and deny false, corrupt power
  3. Dorothy insists on amends (justice)—make humanity whole-hearted again

Per Eckhart Tolle, “Let your peace flow into whatever you do…” and all will be drawn to the light.

Aspire to Become a Correspondent __________________________________________

Yes, provided a prospect pays the small membership fee and agrees to do his part to fulfill the Toto mission (and abides by the straightforward yet high-minded code of conduct), he’s in. But we want to create an espirit de corps among ALL Toto Affiliate (not just 9/11) Correspondents—make becoming a Toto Correspondent in good standing a badge of the highest personal pride. How? Some rough ideas:

  • SnoopyEntry fee and renewal modest: Thinking $20 with $5 annual renewal. The $20/$5 gets you the After 9/11 Book, a Toto Worldwide lapel pin, discounts on truth works, etc.
  • Base commitment: 100 messages (at least half hard copy letters split between notables and persons of special quality on the Correspondent’s list).
  • Militia-like organization: Was going to say ‘military’ or ‘army’ but distinction is we’re fighting for our homes and families against the ‘deceiver-oppressor’ who uses central-state military.
    1. You volunteer and are either assigned a unit (team) or choose one. (Teams are analogous to platoons. In military terms, three to six platoons compose a ‘company’ of roughly 150 persons.)
    2. For starters, our Toto Affiliate Chapter will aim for a total count of 160, organized into 32 units of 5, and I’m thinking for the time being to use National Football League (NFL) team names as our team names.[6]
  • Results-based recognition: The TLC core process can measure progress toward concrete goals. E.g. Correspondent categories of achievement (for letters, questionnaires received, conversions), honors:
    1. Correspondent Second Class: Toto Award. (Details of results required, to be determined.)
    2. Correspondent First Class: Dorothy Award. “ “
    3. Correspondent Eagle: Miles J. Bennell Award. “ “ [Awards banquet/ceremonies for some. All?]
    4. Special Acknowledgment: Snoopy Award. “ “
  • Outreach and personal improvement: We gear ourselves to rapid membership growth—considering the urgency of turning back the Threat Matrix—and at the same time, positive life transformation. In particular, we grow in knowledge and presentation ability (like Toast Masters).

Down the road, I envision the Toto Worldwide cadre to form the base of a truly living and objective body of knowledge. It will be extensive and solid, having had to dispel the massive Barrier Cloud of OWO deceits that are close to taking over the ‘official knowledge’ that most of our peers still buy today.

Toto Worldwide => The Toto Institute => (leads to) a George Meegan super-humanitarian vision of teaching and learning: Democracy Reaches the Kids.

Note:    Members or Correspondents can be signed up outside the Chapter context, that is by going directly to the Toto Affiliate site. Also, there is no barrier for any Correspondent to fly solo. We need to work out all the procedures as part of the development plan. But for verification of results and reporting reasons—as well as being more effective and fun as a team—everyone will be assigned a Chapter, if only a tentative, temporary one. Or be encouraged to start one.

Why the Socially Enhanced Core Process Will Be Successful

Let’s consider the BIG PICTURE of what we’re doing. And run some numbers.

Core_Process_NumbersNote:    The analysis and numbers here are for the 9/11 Toto (truth) mission. What is so exciting is: Everything specifically identified in this document applies directly to all the other noble causes such as resisting high crimes, e.g. ‘smart’ meters, GMO foods, toxic aerosol skies, federal tax banditry, etc. … not to mention positive marketing for several kinds of businesses.

The figure on the right is an image-sequence summary for the flow chart of actions that are part of a user guide and plan for 9/11 Toto Correspondent work.

The reason I’m including the diagram is to show a rough order of magnitude (ROM) of the numbers of active participants (and their average time commitment) needed to achieve success. Then, the specific penul-timate result of that participation that marks victory. The definition of success or victory being: “convening a fully em-powered—meaning the GJ issues orders to the judiciary and prosecution that they (judges, prosecutors, other sitting officers of the court) must carry out—grand jury(s) to investigate and bring indictments of legitimate suspects.”

“Truth is the inception of justice.” — Dorothy Gale

The Toto Correspondent person-to-person messaging process circumvents the mainstream media blockade and domination of customary truth channels. Consider the following conservative premises:

Premise #1:    If 24 persons of stature[7]—nationally or world-renowned individuals in media, entertainment, sports, government, etc.—publicly declare the official story of <high-crime assault x> groundless and call for grand jury(s) investigation/indictments, then truth (we) win.

Premise #2:    Of 100 Correspondent messages sent, at least one Respected Denier (RD), will a) view/read a truthwork and b) publicly declare for truth .AND. of RDs receiving Correspondent messages at least one RD will be Super RD. Ergo: 1 of 10,000 msgs => 1 SRD declarer.

Conclusion:    240,000 Correspondent msgs. will produce 24 SRD declarers => Toto cause success.

Toto_Curtain_3But let’s be even more conservative and require that a minimum of 100 SRDs must come forward to call the emperor naked. That means we need 1,000,000 Correspondent messages to be sent through our Correspondent Affiliate Chapters. Let’s further assume our window is one year (roughly autumn 2015 thru autumn 2016), and we’re considering the USA only.

Ignore_2To achieve 1,000,000 msgs, averaged over 50 states, requires 20,000 messages per state. At a minimum of 100 Correspondents per Chapter, each producing an ultralite load of 10 msgs per year, that implies we need 20 Chapters (on average) per state. [Doable, but definitely high end from an organization standpoint.] However, IF the Correspondent message load is at the high end of 100 msgs per year THEN each state would only need two active Chapters.

My guess is that we’ll achieve an active Chapter formation of 5-10 per state, with 50-100 Correspondents per Chapter, each Correspondent producing 50-100 msgs. per year. Which works out to 12,500 msgs minimum to 100,000 msgs maximum per state (on average) per year. [Note: the minimum still yields 62.5 SRD declarers and the maximum will produce 500 SRDs!]


Spinning Off Success

ChemtrailsRecall the discussion of the high-crime assaults and the Threat Matrix (page 3 and Figure 4). As founder of this Toto Worldwide system (and creator from my book After 9/11 Truth and its Website, I also have deep sensitivity toward all these attacks. In particular, two have the higher priority of my attention at the moment:

  1. The persistence of ubiquitous, massive stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) chemical plumes from covert military programs—these ‘chemtrails’ contain aluminum, barium, strontium, and other neurological poisons… and, frankly, we have no idea of the content of the cocktail of horrific toxins raining down upon us. Reasonable articles suggest viruses and vaccines for behavior modification and other agents of destruction.[8]
  2. The mass hysteria in the media and among the political class, seizing on a measles outbreak at Disneyland, to violate all informed choice in the administration of vaccines and, soon, any medicine the states or the federal state dictates everyone must submit to.

My guess is—because, despite the literally unbelievable (and infantile authoritarian) propaganda, Americans en masse are beginning to see the fraud and dangers behind corporate marauders such as Monsanto, Dow, Biotech and Big Pharma in general—the people will defeat item 2) shortly. But 1) continues to be massively denied. AND, you cannot run away from or filter out the poisons in the air you breathe.

I know several of the leaders who are fighting against these high-crime assaults. I shall work with them to create Toto Affiliates to help them break thru. (More related to the spinoffs in the Business Plans.)

[1] Meaning, in a political context, justice—a fully empowered grand jury investigation bringing indictments.

[2] The clubs will have the freedom to merge and assemble in different fashion, whether geographically or by level. I expect the rules of common sense will apply.

[3] I credit Mr. David Hooper—producer, writer, and director of the key 9/11 Truthwork, Anatomy of a Great Deception—for bringing the need to integrate social event(s) into the truth-sharing activities.

[4] Although the core process is extremely simple, the implementation needs to be precise, requiring a system and training the trainers. The correspondents’ meeting devoted mainly to correspondent and Toto business‘training.’

[5] As we develop our positive imagery and tokens for correspondent pride, the Dr. Bennell award will be like a ‘Pulitzer Prize.’ This points out cause-based incentives of being a Correspondent in good standing, as in the early US space program, where workers of distinction were honored with Snoopy medals and the like.

[6] The NFL currently with 32 teams in 8 divisions has caps, cups, etc., all the insignia, and is easy to learn. Example: The 9/11 Toto Novi Patriots. Five persons per Correspondent Team facilitates training and regular gatherings for acting (letter sending) in concert. A TBD process will select one person as Team leader. When a Chapter exceeds 160 person level, form new Chapter. This is the fun part of startup, we get to use our imaginations on such things.

[7] These are a special category of Respected Denier (RD), called Super Respected Denier (SRD).

[8] Best source, also article in this South Coast magazine.

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