Brian’s Column: Doreen’s Status, Please Help

Doreen Hendrickson relief fund:

CtCOn April 11, 2015, Pete Hendrickson drove Doreen to the prison facility to begin her unconscionably severe 18-month sentence for refusing to obey a direct order from a federal judge that Doreen commit felony perjury on a tax affidavit. (Yes, it CAN and DID happen here.) Pete strenuously filed motions for ‘bond release until appeal’ to the sentencing judge, which judge vindictively ignored. Thus his wife and mother of two… and daughter and sister and dear friend to so many of us has taken up involuntary residence in the hills and hollars where world famous Martha Stewart did her time (though only for five months under ‘cupcake’ conditions… mainly because Martha did NOT refuse to lie to officials).

 [Doreen Hendrickson: 48564-039, FPC Alderson A-4, P.O. Box A, Alderson, WV 24910. She would love to hear from you. Personally, I’m mailing her a letter per week for however long it will be, we hope only a few more weeks when the appeal is successful, as our good ol’ Bill of Rights is invoked.]

Let’s all please chip in to help Team Hendrickson get what should be a routine 1st/5th Amendment-reversal on appeal. Their attorney, Mark Cedrone, has a long and successful career of fighting for the individual and businesses against government aggression. Though he’s working as pro bono as possible, these are special areas of law and to contend on that field of battle requires SERIOUS DUCATS. Please help, then share this crucial information with your network(s) and email distributions. The liberating truth of Cracking the Code is about to defund all Death Star operations… if we the people but declare ourselves… live free… and let THEM die.

[Note: neither Pete nor Doreen is being ironfisted for any federal tax-related matter. They have not been prosecuted for claiming their nonprivileged earnings as not being income. They are being hammered precisely because the truth of the book is about to catch on. That is, the government is deathly afraid that the current 200,000 + successful ‘educated’ lawful filings reclaiming more than $2.3 billion will (in the span of months) become 20 million successes reclaiming 100s of $billions. Because THAT will really crimp their plans… for full-spectrum dominance and a biochip up everyone’s wazoo. Whaddya say we go ahead and ‘BE that monkey wrench we wish to SEE in the halls of corrupt power.’]

PS: There are always some concerns that come along with making the decision to help. Some L/libertarians–or people who simply go to the Web and type in Pete Hendrickson or Doreen Hendrickson–have been known to accept biased reports, hearsay, and even bald lies about distant past behavior… then use that dis/misinformation to justify refusal to be with them. Really. I didn’t want to raise the issue, but feel it necessary to point such potential refuseniks to this fine column by Pete on ad hominem assaults–which should dispel the typical bad-apple info.

Brian Wright

SnoopyNote: To donate directly to the Hendricksons, please click on the Snoopy image on the left or on the link identified above: i.e.

If you click on the PayPal ‘Donate’ button below, the donation goes to me, Brian Wright. Which is certainly okay—I am doing a lot of work for the the Hendricksons right now—but if you want the funds to go to the Hendricksons, please accompany the PayPal donation with a note to that effect.

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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Doreen’s Status, Please Help

  1. In Canada the Governor General has to give instructions to the House of Commons before any debates can take place. Our GG is de facto head of state – titluar only but has no power. Is unlawful, illegal, illegitimate.
    Our B.N.A. Act s. 96 states our GG shall appoint judges. But the GG is de facto, that makes all our judges appointed by a de facto GG are de facto judges. Also all Acts/bills must be published in Canada Gazette before it becomes law. IOf not published in the Canada Gazette, then the Act/bill is not legislated properly.
    Do you have anything similar to Canada??

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