Guest Post: Down Under to be First Plowed Under?

June 22, 2015

Red flag: grand experiment: the plan for a future Australia
by Jon Rappoport (original here)

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power outside the matrixA new report, undoubtedly overblown in its predictions, but still important, states that up to 40% of Australian jobs could be transferred to machines in the next several decades, with a projected loss of five million human jobs by 2030.

See “Australia’s Future Workforce,” issued by CEDA, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia. Stephen Martin, the head of CEDA, states:

“Australia and the world is on the cusp of a new but very different industrial revolution and it is important that we are planning now to ensure our economy does not get left behind.”

Martin is talking about automation, not just in the mining and trucking sectors, but in offices, healthcare, many transportation services—wherever machines can do the jobs now occupied by humans.

Obvious result?

Massive unemployment.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the result of that: increased citizen-dependence on government and government money.

Recently, Prime Minister Tony Abbott declared that the refusal to receive vaccinations would be punished by canceling government-aid $$ to families opting out.

A pincer movement. A clamp.

Increase the need for gov’t. cash through overwhelming automation—and then take that money away when people refuse jabs containing toxic chemicals.

There is more.

Present Australian Globalist policies, which will be exacerbated by the impending TPP Treaty (Trans-Pacific Partnership) = more jobs shipped overseas, more domestic companies going broke.

Further unemployment.

A nasty picture.

A dystopian welfare state of gigantic proportions.

This is the plan, and it’s not just for Australia, but Australia is a kind of test case.

Elite planners are, of course, focusing on questions of population control: “Can we keep order? In the face of widespread unemployment, can we avoid massive riots? Can we shape propaganda messages that will maintain the people in a quiescent passive state? Can we maximize mega-corporate profits? Do we need to reduce the population? Can we sell off huge and huger chunks of the country to foreign companies?”

These are primary Globalist issues for the immediate future.

And then, we have this: What happens when the Australian consumer base shrinks to the point where most people can’t afford to buy the products large corporations manufacture and sell?


Can a whole nation, with few exceptions, be turned into an underclass?

Can vibrant independent people be ground down into a proletariat who are brainwashed enough to believe they still are who they once were?

Can that illusion be sold?

Elite planners are undoubtedly asking: “What traditional conflicts among sectors of the population need to be stimulated, accentuated, pumped up, in order create significant distractions and diversions?”

Keep in mind that, when push comes to shove, when environmental and health issues are seen to create a barrier to trade—and when trade is viewed as absolutely vital in the face of massive unemployment—all bets are off.

A company like Monsanto says, “Look, you people should forget all about your GMO doubts, your pesticide doubts, your fancy-pants environmental issues. Your survival is at stake. Now, we can show you a blueprint for the future of GMO agriculture in Australia. We can take over great swaths of land and grow good food and put money in your pockets. We’re your best hope. Stop your nonsense. Throw your doors open wide and let us in all the way.”

That also is part of the plan.

The media/entertainment sector steps up to the plate as well: “We are going to do everything we can to keep people glued to their screens. Our job is to stimulate the adrenaline flow of the population and lead it into our programs and our news reports, thereby draining it and rendering it inconsequential. There will be no revolution…”

Need more repression and weakness? Hello, pharma. Enrolling every person in a cradle-to-grave medical system will allow the input of hundreds of toxic and debilitating drugs, thereby keeping the population in a grossly weakened state and incapable of rebellion.

The present Surveillance State will be strengthened, to ID and root out dissenters.

Yes, all these programs, as I’ve sketched them out in this article, are exactly what is already happening.

But the need to accelerate the programs, from the elite planners’ viewpoint, has increased.

Which is why the decentralization of power, along every possible front, is required.

In Australia, as elsewhere, the political leaders and bosses are front men for megacorporations, and they provide those corporations cover as well. In turn, the corporations, citing their bottom lines and their new breakthrough technologies, give cover to politicians who are bent on exercising control over populations. It’s mutual handwashing. It’s an expanding fungus of organization.

The propaganda, as always, is about “share and care.”

That message is true, in one sense. Big government and big corporations (including banks) do care, once the people are pacified and rendered helpless and dependent.

At which point, the message is actually: “We care about our little people, our slaves, all those too weak to cause any trouble. We love our pets, and we try to keep them happy.”

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