Brian’s Column: The Snowden-Manning Campaign

… is a symbolic assertion of consensus by millions of Americans on how their country can be fixed… especially in light of the federal government’s attacks on NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Army Wikileaker Bradley/Chelsea Manning.

Snowden-Manning_Art_2The plan is to develop a Website and facilities for blanketing the country in ‘signage’—bumper stickers, t-shirts, coffee cups, lapel pins, banners, brochures, etc.—that will be suggestive of a Snowden-Manning 2016 presidential campaign.

But instead of supporting any candidacy, the anticipated widely popular promotionals point to a Website where a common-sense 10-point program sets forth how decent, caring American citizens, together, can take back their republic… as follows:

The Snowden-Manning 10-Point Program for Criminal Justice

  • Expose federal crimes: Proceed to clean house by full exposure and disclosure of government-official felony crimes. Special note: Revealing government-official felony crimes shall not be a felony crime.
  • Indict federal criminals: Fully empowered grand juries shall be restored, empaneled by judges, upon citizen-complaint, to investigate and indict criminal activity by government officials and associates.
  • Restore the innocent: No one who has not aggressed upon another person shall be prosecuted, convicted, or imprisoned by government. Release those who have been so harmed, expunge their records, provide restitution.
  • Hard stop Big Brother: Immediately deactivate and defund the DHS, NSA, CIA, TSA; repeal the Patriot Act and indefinite detention of the NDAA, try all officials (for high treason) who enacted such unconstitutional scourges.
  • Shut down the Empire: Reduce military spending 50%/yr. for 10 yrs.; destroy weapons of mass destruction, starting with the US’s; demilitarize/defederalize US law enforcement; strictly adhere to posse comitatus.
  • Enforce the Constitution: Prosecute (those committing) unconstitutional executive orders, due process violations, war crimes, illegal surveillance, drone strikes on civilians, mass imprisonment, and mass murder. (Etc.)
  • End high-crime assaults: Urgently bring before empowered grand juries all parties to suspected high-crime assaults: toxic skies, GMOs, forced medicine, ‘smart’ meters, 9/11 and other false-flags, staged massacres, etc.
  • Defund tyranny: Per uncontested federal law, nonprivileged direct earnings are not income. Stop paying tax on them, NOW! Read Cracking the Code and quit handing to Leviathan the hammer forging your chains.
  • Revive honest living: End monopoly central banks and assess owners for reparations; release wealth-generating bonanza of productive humanity from cartel chokehold; withdraw state privilege from corporations worldwide.
  • Apply First Principles: Per the Declaration of Independence, rights are accorded by Nature and valid governments require voluntary consent. We the people may nonaggressively opt out of rogue states, individually or en masse.

Talking Amongst Ourselves… by Linda Richman 🙂

If America were not suffering from ‘a long train of abuses and usurpations’ to the point of being on its death bed, the specific, detailed Snowden-Manning 10-point prescription above would not be necessary. The cure could be offered in three broad steps:

  1. Obey and uphold the Constitution—presupposing reading and understanding it.
  2. Transition any decent unconstitutional program to the private sector humanely.
  3. Realize corporations are not people and have no rights under the Constitution.

Thinking of the country as a garden, these three steps would be sufficient for tending it and routinely managing daily threats. But for a garden overrun with the Eggplant that Ate Chicago, we have to roll up our sleeves and do some special righteous whacking (also careful whacking, because we don’t want to kill healthy plants).

Key Concepts of the Program

The sad fact is we just don’t know whether the ‘garden’ can be saved. We do know that millions of caring citizens have been working, almost as renegade or guerilla gardeners, to keep the Liberty Tree alive, while pubic officials have been derelict and worse.

If the country can be saved, the above 10 points are essential. And the following three core behaviors—premises of the 10 points—must be learned or relearned widely:

Grand Jury

HIddenProbably the most important general structural quality that we the people need to reassert on our way to taking charge. The American grand jury, certainly as developed during colonial times, is rooted in the Magna Carta and provides THE essential tool for people to monitor/prevent general government criminality. It is, indeed, the Hidden 4th Branch of government, which needs to be restored to its highest vantage.

Educated Tax

CtCElsewhere I’ve referred to Pete Hendrickson’s revolutionary and watershed book, Cracking the Code: The fascinating truth about taxation in America (2003), as The Convenient Truth. The real opportunity of the Hendrickson discovery(s)—namely that the federal income tax is an excise that applies to the exercise of a federal privilege—lies in the fact that the people, by not paying what we don’t owe, effectively boycott Leviathan.

Global Truth Force and Moral Sanction (or deSanction)

GandhiGandhi coined a term ‘Satyagraha’ to mean global truth force, which he conceived as a thrust of human morality against the deception invariably attending and enabling political aggression. The relevant co-concept of Satyagraha is analogous to American First Principles or simply the natural authority of the people to choose their government(s). And, equally important, choose NOT their government(s).

The Role and Rise of the Snowden-Manning Community

Flag_IIAs the discerning person may note, the 10 Points and their premises form a rather substantial ideological thrust. One that, although like Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence being fundamentally self-evident, require considerable back and forth among concerned Americans to work out the details. Many notable individuals have chimed in on any or all of the several ideas above; I hope they will want to put in their two cents for the Community as well.

Here’s to the next iteration of “Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor!”

Check out the crowdfunding platform.

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