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TrumanPlease if you should like where it seems to you that I’m going with this startup segment, support my work via any of three related, integral-to-the-book crowdfunding projects. Note the descriptions for these projects are linked on the gofundme pages for them; you do not have to make a donation in order to read the descriptions. I shall try to keep the projects up to date as I’m completing the novel. You can see it’s of a political genre. Time integration with these real humanitarian projects requires that the novel reach completion this year. Realistically it looks mid November 2015. Here are the projects with links to the descriptions/funding pages:

Draft excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, by Brian Wright

Outside the Panera, a block north on Grand River Avenue, squads of steroid-drenched fusion cops marched with crazed eyes in parade formation. Or lucky ones rode and postured, Mussolini-like, atop dozens of military surplus personnel carriers obtained by Oakland County for the occasion. [Each tank sported two 3-ft. by 10-ft. banners with “My Child Kissed the Darth Vader Cigar Ring of Sheriff Bouchard” in large bold lettering… accompanied by a 2-ft.-diameter police-capped ‘happy face.’] The vehicles’ back-and-forth transit, skirting the Rick Snyder Complex for State Supremacy (formerly the Novi Suburban Collection Center), made quite a racket.[0]

Raising his voice slightly, Brother Al continued, “Just saying, Bo, the older and wiser I get, the more I see how most people in Old (Phantom) World go thru life acting out a script… like in The Truman Show… for a writer-director they don’t know… for an audience they don’t see… in a reality-hiding consensus bubble they seldom sense.”

“Like the movie Pleasantville?” suggested Bo.

“That one, too. Even a lot of libertarians fall in the trap.”

Bosepheus (Bo) Bartlett, a 21-year-old, precocious old soul, knew Novi, Michigan, politics. At least from the sidelines: he was a regular at city Kabukis and ran, unsuccessfully, for a council seat in 2013. He and Bro Al had helped form the Michigan New Libertarian Overground (NLO).

“Shall we get down to business, Al?”

“Right. Big day, tomorrow. Election Day, November 8, 2016. It looks like the people may break out of their Truman Shows en masse. I never IMAGINED the fates would line up in such a potentially liberating direction.”

“Key word: potentially,” Bo said.

“For sure. There’s never been such a mass migration in American history. Every major convention facility in every major metropolitan area is booked to the rafters… along with the hostelries.”

“The question is for what? What exactly are they going to do?”

At that, Bro Al—officially Reverend Cody Alfonso Jefferson, pastor of socially Big Tent, small-yet-vigorous ‘Church of the Caring Jesus’ in Grand Rapids—became pensive: The Prophet and his ‘Da Book’ state simply that on the eve of 2017 “across the Land on Earth where individual freedom first became real, a Great Assembly shall peacefully (re)claim ‘truth, justice, and liberty’ from the Usurper.”

“Hmmm, ‘Usurper?’ Duh!” thought Al. But the “convene peacefully to reclaim” phrase puzzled him.

Bo, too. And as the Indian said to the mermaid: How?

… they each knew the Prophet personally.


Before becoming ‘Prophet,’ Hiram (Hi) Chance was ‘Aspiring Visionary,’ then earlier, ‘Liberty Activist’—when later in life he started thinking way outside the box… the box being one that libertarians en masse pride themselves on thinking outside of.

A modern Jesus, without a John-the-Baptist advance team.

Thus few listened when Hi spoke or read what Hi wrote.

Until ‘Da Book’—which, like Scheherazade’s life-saving episodes, hooked the people with a story. A plan/blueprint/prophecy for reaching the Promised Land… only with pictures and large-font letters manifesting real people, struggling, who have kids, enjoy sports and beer, and maybe shop at Walmart more than they like to admit.

Tomorrow on The Day—thanks to a key justice and liberty phase of the Prophecy—an estimated 40 to 50 million Americans would be casting votes of sorts (referred to as Declarations by adherents) for Real Change. And not just some sleazy pol slogan…

A complete, 180-degree, about-face rejection of the surgically inoperable WEED that owned Washington and had critically infested every American state and free town down to dogcatcher.

How to remove the hostile growth without harming the garden of humanity. The ultimate challenge. The Prophet’s final-phase solution: ax the root of the menace—he had actually formed the concept-acronym, WEED[1]—through a bold indirect ploy of moral jujitsu:

Leverage the widespread popular moral/political support for two celebrated WEED victims… one now in Ft. Leavenworth, one dodging CIA assassination…[2] into a sterling humanitarian 10-point program of justice.


Brother Al and Bo both support the 10 Points of the Prophecy—common-sense ideas to free political prisoners, enforce the Constitution, restore people’s jury power over government-corporate criminals, hard stop Big Brother and Empire—also defund them (via the ‘Hendrickson Discovery’)[3]—, end Global State Cartel control of money and banking, and shatter the central-authority chains on individuals’ achieving prosperity.

But as registered political activists the two men cannot officially take part in ‘D-Day.’ Their travel papers and NLO badges limit them to coordinating public demonstrations—ostensibly why they are meeting here today.

Just as Al is about to launch a mild rant against the system, Novi SWAT Vehicle VII rolls into the Panera parking lot, disgorging a dozen beer-bellied Jethro Clampetts in full battle regalia, storming the store, brandishing weapons, screaming obscenities, groping the hot babes….


Half an hour later, as the ‘special-victims’ Civilian Protection League (CPL) unit is cleaning up—zapping Panera’s camera and microphone footage, administering first aid to Panera customers and workers injured or manhandled by the surprise assault, morphing a ‘successful operation’ callin to the Novi SWAT office, vaporizing Vehicle VII (!), and removing the unconscious SWAT team members to a safe remediation/deprogramming location—Bosepheus turns to Brother Al:

“This undercover work is fun, but that was cutting it awfully close.”

[Transition to flashback to most recent key point and person regarding the Hi Chance development and fulfillment of the (Truman) Prophecy.]

[1] ~ Worldwide Elites’ Enforcement and Domination

[2] Yes, Ed Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning. The core idea was to make a broad symbolic gesture of consensus of their heroism (for exposing numerous government felony crimes against humanity) thus morally desanctioning WEED’s ‘legal’ attacks on them.

[3] Cracking the Code, by Peter Hendrickson.

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