Brian’s Column: The Truman Prophecy

Teaser for ‘my first’

TrumanPlease if you should like where it seems to you that I’m going with this startup segment, support my work via any of three related, integral-to-the-book crowdfunding projects. Note the descriptions for these projects are linked on the gofundme pages for them; you do not have to make a donation in order to read the descriptions. I shall try to keep the projects up to date as I’m completing the novel. You can see it’s of a political genre. Time integration with these real humanitarian projects requires that the novel reach completion this year. Realistically it looks mid November 2015. Here are the projects with links to the descriptions/funding pages:

Draft excerpt from The Truman Prophecy, by Brian Wright

Outside the Panera, a block north on Grand River Avenue, squads of steroid-drenched fusion cops marched with crazed eyes in parade formation. Or lucky ones rode and postured, Mussolini-like, atop dozens of military surplus personnel carriers obtained by Oakland County for the occasion. [Each tank sported two 3-ft. by 10-ft. banners with “My Child Kissed the Darth Vader Cigar Ring of Sheriff Bouchard” in large bold lettering… accompanied by a 2-ft.-diameter police-capped ‘happy face.’] The vehicles’ back-and-forth transit, skirting the Rick Snyder Complex for State Supremacy (formerly the Novi Suburban Collection Center), made quite a racket.[0] Continue reading