Brian’s Column: Here’s Ronnie

Ron Paul Takes Hollywood
by Brian Wright

Ron Paul on Jay Leno

What a thrill it was to be able to point with assuredness to the notice that small-l libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul would be appearing on the Jay Leno Show 12/16/2011 (which, fittingly, is Boston Tea Party Day). As a Boomer who remembers the NBC predecessor Tonight Show starring the inimitable Johnny Carson, I still hear the booming voice of Johnny’s announcer Ed McMahon opening the show: H-E-E-R-R-R-E-‘S JOHHNNNY! Well, on Friday Night, Johnny became Ronnie, Dr. Ron Paul that is.

Basically, the Good Doctor—the one who has cured so many Americans’ apathy—hit everything out of the park and was on the show for THREE SEGMENTS, with Leno asking intelligent questions (just as Johnny Carson used to do). RP was like Josh Hamilton in the home run derby at the All Star Game. In every area—civil liberties, economics, foreign policy—Paul’s answers were concise, good-natured, bright and light. His mood was practically jovial. When Leno asked whether he would consider running as a third party candidate, Paul answered that it would be premature, since his chances of winning the Republican nomination look quite excellent!

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The Leno Show appearance comes at a time when Paul is polling at first or second in Iowa, despite the fact that the mainstream media (MSM) continues to exclude him from coverage. It’s almost comical: you can watch a CNN or MSNBC program like the Chris Matthews’ Show and you’ll come away believing the race is between Newt ‘the Slime King’ Gingrich and Mitt ‘the Peter Keating‘ Romney. The lesser red-meat candidates in the race—Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and Michelle Bachman—are so many brain-unencumbered, warmongering, vitriol-spewing circus monkeys, while the intelligent ‘liberal’ Republican, Jon Huntsman, truly does have no chance.

Synthetic TerrorWith such an intellectually and/or morally lumpy field (excluding Huntsman), Ron Paul stands out like Einstein at a village idiots’ convention. Why are the other candidates even on the stage? In a word, because the Republican Party and too much of the Republican constituency have become the War Party; they’re mired in the mythology of the false-flag terror state… they’ve been deluded into believing the Muslim-radical megathreat just as a few decades ago they groveled to The Power who told them the Russians were Ten Feet Tall. Qui bono? You betcha, the Welfare Muthas of the Warfare State: Goldman Sachs and the central banks, Big Oil, Weapons ‘r’ Us, Halliburton, etc., etc. War, Inc. [1]

Randolph Bourne understated the case: War is not the health of the State. War is the State, certainly the modern American jackbooted police-military Leviathan. And the average Republican (from the intellectual snakepit—in this day of War, Inc.neocons and New World Order globalists—that passes for political philosophy in that organization) likes it. At a higher level many do not realize that the American two-party duopoly is merely a facade, two sides of the same coin, serving the same sadistic puppetmasters. Since the JFK coup d’etat, when you come to the US Congress, you’re IN… no matter what your party affiliation. Welcome to the State as War, welcome to War, Inc. You will be handsomely rewarded. Just stay in line, follow the script, hit your marks, follow the bouncing ball, and don’t ask questions.

Enter the anomaly of Ron Paul, a full-frontal libertarian who strictly adheres to the Constitution… and doesn’t fall in line with the statist-globalist agenda. Remember the Constitution, written for all Americans to actually read? Have you read it? I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that none of the other candidates has. Or if they have—like so-called Constitutional lawyer Barack ‘The Kenyan’ Obama—it’s simply to spend years figuring out how to drive a Mack Statist Truck thru the smallest (usually false) openings of language in the Sacred Document that May Yet Save Our Collective Asses.

The Republicans defy the Constitution when it comes to letting the president declare war; the Democrats defy the Constitution when it comes to letting the president take over health care; both parties defy the Constitution when it comes to letting the president throw you in jail because someone says you’re ‘belligerent.’

None of these unConstitutional acts is even debatable. A slow five-year-old knows the president cannot declare war or jail someone arbitrarily forever, and that the feds have no authority in health care or anything outside Article 1, Section 8. So as soon as We the American People order our public servants to adhere to the Constitution (as Ron Paul does), We the American People are going to have a truly free and prosperous country at peace, virtually overnight. And the rest of the world’s population will sleep a lot better, too.

It’s really very simple: Constitutional liberty. Ron Paul is the only candidate for Constitutional liberty. He’s the only antiwar candidate. Which is driving the currently dominant War, Inc. mainstream of the Republican Party bonkers. A response to my mailing to encourage the Ron Paul 12/16 Money Bomb disclaimed on RP, stating if RP were to somehow get the Republican nomination he would not beat ‘The Kenyan’ [my term] in the general election; the responder—a self-described true Republican—also expressed grave concerns about ‘this Ron Paul thing.’

I want to say to my responder: “If RP does win the Republican nomination—and now I think he’s the favorite to do so—the Republican Party will become the party of liberty and the party of peace[2], leaving statism and war to the Democrats. How could that be a bad thing for the Republican Party?[3]” Perhaps it’s time for a change. I really feel that if the average Republican will do some serious reading and thinking, they will realize that the fascist/bankster-cartel roots of the party (and the newer neocon-psycho weeds) are best abandoned… and Ron Paul provides the ideal opportunity to decisively cut them away, cast them asunder.

Finally, the Republican Party can become the Party of Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty—what so many people, including Dr. Paul, mistakenly believe the Party once was. Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty will beat The Kenyan… and his Third World totalitarian entourage. Basically Obama has flagrantly betrayed the peace and civil liberties movement… which many in the entertainment industry are part of. Judging from Friday’s Leno-Paul love fest, Hollywood is thrilled with Ron Paul. The peace movement is thrilled with Ron Paul. The Joe Lunchbucket crowd is thrilled with Ron Paul. The honest money folks are thrilled with Ron Paul. The OWS 99% are natural allies. Who’s left? 1% for The Kenyan.

The liberty breakthru begins, RP, Republican or Libertarian, runs and wins.

[1] Don’t get me wrong, the Democrats are equally fascist as the Republicans, the Dems simply lie to you about that. Again, as with Dr. Paul, a few exceptions do exist among Democratic officials. But most, like most Republicans, checked their integrity at the door long before being elected.

[2] Libertarians have an acronym RINO for Republican in Name Only, which basically holds that, historically, good Republicans and true Republicans are libertarian, while RINOs are miserable liberal-socialists. But if you look at the actual history of the Republican Party, you’ll see it has always been the party of fascism and war—socialism for the rich, welfare state for the industrial warlords and their shyster central banksters.

[3] On the other hand, the window dressing of the Republican Party has always been free markets, small government, and peace (what the Libertarian Party truly represents)… if Ron Paul wins the nomination, the sham window dressing for the Republicans has the potential for actually becoming true… for the first time, ever. And that will change EVERYTHING.

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