Brian’s Column: Reality?

Power of NowOne of life’s many mysteries
is why libertarians who say
don’t trust the government on anything,
from jobs to school performance to how to pay for roads,
believe any government official story
when it comes to military or foreign policy,
from WMDs in Iraq to ISIS rebels’ funding
to nuke threat of Iran… to the attacks of 9/11.
Also, anyone who actually tries
to watch modern mainstream network news
takes part in the same mystery
of why to believe what’s induced via that deep trance.

Origin_ConsciousnessEverything is about consciousness, the individual’s.
Eckhart Tolle comes along
to provide a full picture of a full one—
not the mind wagging the you, mind you,
rather the living, breathing you wagging the mind.
Note: consciousness not yet full
is of a form following orders…
from God kings, to Collective Consensuses, that is.
In the 1970s, a professor named Jaynes theorized
the God king order-giver ‘voice inside brain’
to be near universal among humans
at period of the ‘Christian Era’ and before.

AmusingJaynes was ‘burned at stake’ by academic bureaucrats,
his work and theories suppressed by the mainstream.
Enter lecturer Neil Postman, a teacher of media
at New York University, one (of many) major works (1985):
Amusing Ourselves to Death:
timely insights into the decline of language
(esp. with respect to reading and writing),
logic, conceptual development, and common sense.
With advent of TV nation, most now enshrine
the emotional-perceptual mode of consciousness,
thus ending independent reason
as the means of survival. “Reason-be-not-us-no-mo’.”

McLuhan_BealeWhere is my insight?
How does it apply to those we see
who care or dare not to differ with official stories?
It comes from independent source, Jon Rappoport,
who brings home the point with Howard Beale
of the movie Network (1976)… then hammers Beale home
with McLuhan’s observation:
“The whole tendency of modern communication…
is toward participation in a process
rather than apprehension of concepts.”
The McLuhan note is key revelation to me, wow!,
it explains our world, the key to the Matrix.

toto2And how to end it for good.
Not only are those holding back from full independence
seduced by television to the facile image-emotion process.
Their consciousnesses, like the bicameral ones of old,
are embedded in the goop of mass sociology.
In extreme cases gone completely to pod.
Functioning outside the ‘apprehending of concepts,’
why they turn deaf and blind to logic and evidence.
Yet we Matrix-sprung will soon spring most of our friends.
Light now at the end of the tunnel.
Emperor’s New Clothes applies obvious AND pressure.
The Grand Unplugging nigh upon us.

Then the Billion+ Points of Light Society all around.

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