Brian’s Column: Notes to the 2d Edition of After 9/11 Truth

Accommodating Toto Worldwide and The Truman Prophecy

After_911_Truth_Cover_Front_ReducedThe best-laid plans of mice and men oft go awry… as the poet Robert Burns (1785) put it. So, too, the summary book I wrote on the 9/11 attacks and my concept of what actions best to take to achieve ‘truth’ most efficiently. Well, not awry exactly, but in need of UPDATE based on subsequent discoveries and actions. A significant part of those discoveries have been ‘of self,’ namely that yours truly, being a writer and affected by a modest engineering habit of mind, tends to look at the world a certain way. That is with a naive remote impartiality that says, “after solid study and effort, I see or have derived the following grand process that, if followed, will produce the desired result.”

The desired result, of course, in the case of 9/11, yielding general truth and freedom.

And if you read the Amazon review comments to After 9/11 Truth—excerpts of many of them are included as testimonials with this imminent second edition—those readers of my liberty and reason milieu do completely get the message. The problem is I want and need to cultivate a larger audience, which is what I thought my ‘engineering plan’ of the second half of the 1st edition would accomplish. Alas, people—readers and doers—are not items in an equation, however elegant or ironclad the solution appears.

Iteration 1: toto Worldwide

Toto_Curtain_3Recognizing the need for socialization of the ‘truth sales plan,’ so to speak, I noted how most people are moved more by emotion-evoking imagery (what Ayn Rand would call the perceptual-emotional mode of consciousness) than by conceptual logic. Seeing also how the Barnacle Elite (~New World Order) have mastered and employed sophisticated technologies of mind control for several decades using imagery, I tossed about for something suitable for us independent thinking minds of Western culture. Eureka! The Wizard of Oz was rife with such imagery: Toto pulling back the curtain on the Wizard, then Dorothy reading him the riot act. From which I fashioned the Toto Worldwide foundation.

Toto Worldwide ( is the umbrella organization for approximately a dozen global truth ‘Affiliates’ each resisting and remediating a major area of Death Star assault by the Barnacles: 9/11, geoengineering, GMOs, ‘smart’ meters, Gulag medicine, etc. The Affiliates are composed of Chapters, which form the club level where participants socialize and learn, while their main incentivized activity consists of the core Truth Letter Closure processes elaborated in chapters 7 thru 10 of After 9/11 Truth. Only in this new world of Toto, each active individual becomes an esteemed ‘Correspondent…‘ and Toto applies to all the major truth projects. The system rewards action and measurable results with tokens and prized symbolic awards.

So, great system if I do say so myself. [Note: I have left chapters 7 thru 12 mostly intact from the first edition; they still include key information on the letter writing used by Toto; other ideas for unfolding the project are worth recording—eventually, the Toto Website will come, containing the most up-to-date information on furthering the general truth effort.]  I definitely have led ‘the horse’ to a bountiful supply of precious, life-saving water… BUT… I still lack the enticement to make him drink.

Iteration 2: The Truman Prophecy

Toto Worldwide wasn’t going to get off the ground by itself. The horse wasn’t going to drink unless something came along to make him thirsty. For one thing, the strings being pulled in the minds of most people run far deeper and stronger than I had anticipated. Even a social approach promised by the Toto project will not stir the blood and quicken the step among our allies, much less tap the imaginations of those stuck in the Matrix… to break free. At least not quickly enough considering the urgency of the Barnacle assaults.

At a Free State Porcupine Festival one year (2011), Kevin Innes, who had become a friend of mine, after his outrageous jailing by the federales in connection with the prosecution of the Liberty Dollar confided to me: “To reach people you have to tell them a story.” I also remember years ago, when visiting my brother’s family, that I immediately quieted his two young rambunctious kids by reading to them from a children’s book. Finally, those of you familiar with the power of Ayn Rand’s ideas, would we have even heard of Ayn Rand if she had never written her novels?

Those thoughts, plus my dear mother’s exhortations to start writing fiction, and now simply the need to try something new to ‘make the horse thirsty’ for truth and justice… lead me to make the earnest effort to “tell you a story.”

As of August 2015, I started cutting chips.

Now mid-September, it is taking shape and structure.

My production time is constrained, thus I shall be keeping the storytelling in a lighter vein—as much as possible for a novel about world liberation. 🙂 [You capture far more imaginations with humor than vinegar.]

The name of the book is The Truman Prophecy—intentionally suggestive of the movie, The Truman Show, where the lead character, Truman Burbank, figures out that his life has been lived in a bubble, literally. [!!Spoiler alert!!] Through several progressive scenes of discovery, then decisiveness, Truman breaks out to full independence. No more lies. No more manipulations. No more submission to people’s false, syrupy expectations, much less to brute force. I feel what Truman Burbank experiences and then leaves behind is what humankind in general will be doing… imminently. That is in essence the Prophecy.

So how does the Prophecy reach fulfillment?

That is the art and the open question. Also, no one really knows if I have the ability to pull it off. Or do so in time to make a difference. Or whether anyone outside of friends and family will buy it. I do feel destiny taking a hand. We’ll see.

I will say that, in relation to After 9/11 Truth and the Toto Worldwide projects, The Truman Prophecy introduces two or three additional BIG THAWTS or movements whose time in reality has surely come… to alter the course of history… for the better. I feel the Big Wave of Time swells beneath me and now’s the moment to catch the Bodacious Ride with my own little starter board.

If I’m right, all my After 9/11 Truth sponsors and backers are going to be extremely pleased. Because this book will be lifted far higher than most by the rising tide. ROI = 100:1. If I’m wrong, not to worry, the universe will still unfold as it should.

Other Changes

In the second edition I’m also taking the opportunity to clean up a few sections, update some links, and integrate the book more cleanly into the larger Toto Worldwide operation… and into benign social movements seeded by key ideas in The Truman Prophecy. I also eliminate the Vision Plan, Appendix B, which commits to timetables for book distribution. [I still believe the growth cycle will be as rapid, only that the starting point is affected by too many variables to enable prediction.]

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