Brian’s Column: Spiritual Magic Move

Potentially useful cosmic shortcut I stumbled upon in writing The Truman Prophecy

Godwithin7This shortcut cultivation method I discovered during writing of the Prophecy. Regular performance brings inner peace and, by enabling inner flow, produces great energy and imagination.

Prophet’s Spiritual ‘Magic Move’

[The term ‘magic move’ comes from one of the great teachers in the game of golf, Harvey Penick. It’s a term for a simple move that anyone can perform to enable the proper and effective swing of the club.]

The process takes anywhere from 3-5 minutes in the midst of one’s day, 10-15 minutes before night’s sleep or before rising for the day, or 25-30 minutes for full meditation. I call it Breathe, Center, Watch, Be, Flow.

  1. Breathe deeply into your center, your diaphragm, taking five-second inhales and exhales as the norm. You may do this from any position that remains relatively motionless, and as you become more proficient, any position at all. Several sources exist that will help you learn how to breathe properly and deeply with your whole person.
  2. Center your ‘you’ or natural self to your body’s physical center of mass, typically just under the diaphragm. Until one reaches full consciousness, habitually one’s ‘you’ exists or moves upward in your body into ‘Mind,’ which then takes you over with compulsive mental chatter. Centering extracts ‘you’ from Mind and puts ‘you’ in charge.
  3. Watch from the center all your parts, especially your mind. Start with awareness of your extremities, then relax all the areas of your physical body one by one. Then watch Mind—a good technique is to ‘let Mind go’ where it will in a rapid sequence of ‘thoughts’ discharge its nervous energy. This is a key step, because it quiesces the mind.
  4. Be or reside in that place—the Deep Quiet or Infinite Eternal—for as long as is practical for you at the time. This place is Being itself (all of existence regarded as a unit); spiritual teachers refer to it as the Inner Body. Indeed, Chance found the Magic Move by entering the Deep Quiet through drawing in a special moment of stillness.
  5. Flow of energy without resistance, internally and externally, is the natural result… of the above sequence. Source and Flow. Unmanifested and Manifested. Living from the Deep Quiet lends a distinct quality of joy, ease, and lightness to one’s life. People and other living beings, likewise, feel your peace presence and are drawn to ‘you.’

Make this Magic Move a part of your daily meditative routine.

Note that steps 2 and 3 tend to happen in synch, and the important part of the practice is to reside from one’s center in the place of peace, and then be there as much as possible continuously during your day-to-day life. What stimulated me to create the exercise was one evening simply attending to my cat sleeping utterly still, which brought a great stillness to my own perception and then to myself. That was a Eureka! moment, I said to myself, “That’s it! If someone can reach this Deep Quiet at will, then it all falls into place. Everyone can achieve spiritual enlightenment, find ‘God.'”

Utterly nondenominational God. Our own authentic swings.

Like all shortcuts, the move is not intended to replace systematic spiritual cultivation practices or exercises, such as Tai Chi, ChiGong, Falun Dafa, Yoga, and so on. Nor does it substitute for lifelong learning and refining spiritual teachings to produce your own Authentic Swing… and sharing them forward.

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