Brian’s Column: The FLOW Fellowship

Practical spiritual transformation for everyone
by Brian Wright

FLOW Emblem… well, almost everyone. From comments of my friends and a still-growing number of fans of Coffee Coaster commentary and reviews, it seems that the proprietor dwells excessively on the Horrifying Looming Threat. Like a broken record of gloom and doom. Unfortunately, that is the risk any whistleblower faces, especially a general whistleblower on ubiquitous government-cartelocracy evil—like Alex Jones. “Why can’t you just be happy? Quit bringing up that a bunch of psychopaths are ruling the world and intent on putting us all in chains. You sound ungrateful.” In the Coffee Coaster proprietor’s case, however, I am happy to report the principles of a widespread spiritual movement of inner peace, outer peace, and abundance have been discovered… and it’s but a few more months to general distribution. This column is a transcription of my FLOW Fellowship brochure, complete with several worthwhile Weblinks.

Life’s a bitch/beach, then…

Life is a struggle: bills, health problems, family issues, natural disasters, political calamities… some days you even worry if the humans will survive. Then as we grow older, loved ones are lost and other misfortunes occur. Many lose hope and connection, fall into addiction.

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Finding your ‘authentic swing’

JesusGreat spiritual teachers from the Buddha and Jesus to Li and Tolle have studied life’s deep Question; they arrive at the same Answer in parallel language: our material world is but a blink of the cosmic eye, full of highs and lows. Everything passes away, including our physical forms … relatively quickly.

True and constant joy, peace, and lightness fill our lives solely through union with the Infinite Eternal… a higher power, God, ‘Being.’

The Central Realization

When you realize that you are, individually, ’of Being,’ that your essence—what makes you you—is one with the all and forever of the Universe, you acquire the ‘peace that passeth all understanding.’ You achieve a spiritual transformation that brings joy, flow, and freedom into your life form—Enlightenment.

So that’s the idea… how to do it?

So how do I ‘centrally realize?’

By putting a ‘special recipe’ to use.

More exactly, we must apply a fundamental discovery of reality to reach the blessed state of Being. The discovery is well understood thru analogy to a leading-edge finding from the world of golf: David Lee’s Gravity Golf.[1]

Gravity GolfAs a PGA Tour player and teacher, thru persistent attention to the swing mechanics of Jack Nicklaus and other great players, David Lee identified the physical principles of the ideal golf swing. He then developed drills to rapidly train an individual’s body-unique to swing in accordance with these principles—so an average golfer can reach near par-level in a year.

Two requirements: 1) you must have at least a decent intellectual understanding of the principles, and 2) you must do the drills. [The drills take you outside your normal-swing comfort zone, which is necessary to bypass the ‘egoic mind’ and its body-violent resistance.]

Just as Gravity Golf and its drills lead to golf fulfillment, so, too, the natural philosophy of ‘Beism’ and its core practices bring joyful spiritual transformation.

Note: Mr. Lee and Gravity Golf have no formal association with and do not necessarily endorse the ideas of FLOW or Beism.

A New Spiritual Philosophy

Falun DafaBeism is the name given to a rational belief system[2] developed by Brian Wright, author of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle (SNaP). The first principles of Beism are the ‘one true spiritual teaching’—especially as conveyed by Eckhart Tolle in the Power of Now and that flow into our daily lives most readily via the health-enhancing cultivation practice of Falun Dafa.

Any conscientious person may achieve spiritual enlightenment thru such readings and thru such self-improvement methods that circulate the Source—a term for Being as the Life Force—through one’s inner body. However…

The FLOW advantage

… FLOW—Beism in action—accelerates spiritual transformation by:

  1. Formulating practical awareness exercises—like Gravity Golf drills—to effect the Joy of Being quickly, bypassing egoic-mind resistance.
  2. Integrating Source ideas with the complementary social ideal of the nonaggression principle.

Which produce a straightforward Central Realization for you, and its results: inner peace, outer peace, abundance.

Beism and FLOW

Briefly, Beism holds that:

  • all that exists, Being, is infinite and eternal, as the Source of all reality, all lives, and all values.
  • we realize full consciousness individually thru reason and a constant felt Being-Presence.
  • we gain Joy and Peace by letting go of internal mental compulsion and external political coercion.

Book of BeingThe full doctrine of Beism, along with its evangelism, is set forth in The Book of Being (the Book), in progress at, first edition public release Spring 2012.

FLOW is ‘Beism in action:’ a diffuse spiritual-awakening movement promoting spiritual transformation and the SNaP in ourselves and, thus, the world.[3]

Join the FLOW Fellowship

To join the FLOW Fellowship, publicly assert the Beist Creed and make a private commitment to find your ’authentic swing.’ Then, as you become of Being, share your Joy thru a lifelong dynamic union with the Community of Great Souls. [The full Fellowship process and qualities are described in the Book.]

The SNaP (

SNaP BookJust as Beism and FLOW liberate us from the fearful master of compulsive mind, the Fellowship ends the pressing threat to our lives from outer compulsion—the fearful master of coercive government.

The Fellowship is an association of sovereign individuals who work to end the coercive state—establish voluntary government—by removing moral sanction from the nation-state, worldwide.[4]

Confidence => Abundance

Inner Peace + Outer Peace => Abundance. The SNaP book describes 24 alternative productive businesses. FLOW aligns with the online powerhouse business via James Lee Valentine.

[1] Note: Even though the author is an adherent of the Gravity Golf system, I’m using it only as an illustration—as a fundamental truth that when applied brings success.

[2] One may consider Beism a ‘religion’ if by religion one means ‘an integrated system of belief in, practice of, and reverence for a supreme universal principle or idea.’ The supreme idea of Beism is Being.

[3] The Beist Creed: “I am here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold; I connect to the Source thru truth, tolerance, and compassion; I embrace my fellow sentient beings in the spirit and practice of the Sacred Nonaggression Principle.”

[4] Contact Information
Info and Investment:
Signup Page:
To subscribe enter info and check ‘1_Flow_Fellowship’

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