Brian’s Column: Is Donald Trump the ‘Apple Girl’…

… or Big Brother soft shoeing for the zombies

AppleGirlWhen a person makes an incorrect choice or supports a mistake, he needs to fess up and make things as right as possible… and as quickly as possible—to the extent people respect his opinion and to the extent of the magnitude of the mistake. Well, mea culpa wrt to the Trumpster. And I feel a need for deep apology to my modest group of followers for any impression I have given that Mr. Trump is anything more than, at best, a leader of one subgroup of the global syndicate vs. another.

The syndrome leading to my mistake—I never fully endorsed the man, but conveyed favorably some statements Trump had made about this issue or that one—is the classic fallacy that the apparent enemy of my enemy is my friend. The rest was simply falling for the wishful-thinking fallacy. And if ever we were going to wishful think, the 2016 election would be the ideal candidate. Trump actually conjured up for me the prophetic Howard Beale character in the 1976 movie, Network, trumpeting from his anchorman pulpit, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” Also the so-called Apple Girl from the 1984 Superbowl advertisement for the Macintosh, per the figure above right.

Well, the Apple Girl is what I, and many others, desperately wish he were. But despite a few mixed-message nods toward liberty—being against Common Core, wanting to shut down the $100 federal department of education for local control, being arguably less bellicose regarding commitment of troops to unending wars, and for viable trade proposals to generate real American jobs—Donald Trump is, and would be, a complete disaster to any hope for liberty via the electoral process. [Not that any of the other mainstream candidates will be any less disastrous to liberty, but I have the sneaking suspicion Trump’s version will be bolder and more self-righteous about steamrolling it.]

Yes, scary fellow. What tipped the scales for me were two series of statements: one series reflected in this article in Reason, where the Donald goes totally bat shit crazy about ratcheting up the war on terror even further against families of alleged ‘terrorists.’ Those of us in the general truth movement are convinced that modern so-called terrorism, especially Muslim terrorism, is a contrived bogeyman (serving especially the Greater Israel Project) to justify unending war, expropriation of $trillions of dollars to the military-industrial complex, and obliteration of lives and liberties worldwide.

Trump may talk worse than he would bite (as far as carrying on aggressive military interventions in the Middle East and everywhere else), but there’s no reason to trust him, as this column on his New World Order connections from attests:

“We know insider Trump has socialized and cut business deals with the wealthy Manhattan elite for decades. [He’s a longtime friend of Larry Silverstein, owner of the World Trade Center buildings and profiteer of their demolition on 9/11. He’s also been friendly to Bill and Hlliary.] It has been insider Trump who has been pushing the hard line of Islamophobia within America, to fan the flames of hate against all Muslims, much to the benefit and delight of the Zionist regime of Israel….”, “Trump Says He Supports Reauthorizing Patriot Act, NSA Metadata Collection,” also has Mr. Trump on the record as a Darth Vader enemy of civil liberties and supporter of the most draconian national security state. Obama wishes he could have presided for a year or two as Big Brother; the Trumpster hopes to get the chance. If you’re a liberty-oriented person who’s not on a terror-watch list yet, just wait until your homeboy MussoDonny takes the reins.

Which speaks to another puzzle. My understanding is that a large percentage of the alternative media—I’m thinking Alex Jones and—seem to think Trump will be good for liberty and the Constitution. What kind of loco weed are they smoking? How are they able to drop context and blank out such obvious contrary facts? My speculation is again to reference the enemy of my enemy fallacy. Jon Rappoport, whose analysis I usually lionize, brings up two stories:

  1. A semi-furtive conclave on Jekyll Island, GA (location of the origin of the Federal Reserve), where insider bigwigs are meeting to ‘stop Trump.
  2. Reflections on the Trilateral Commission’s foundational economic purpose of globalizing societies for the elites.

Big_BroAnd we have guru of conservative economists, David Stockman, too, suggesting that Trump may upset the globalist apple cart, at least for the current big shots in Washington. All of the arguments from generally reasoned opinion leaders who tentatively support the Donald, to me, are missing the core facts: that even if he is not a sexual-perversion initiated member of Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, or other top secret societies of the bankster elites, that does not mean he doesn’t carry the water for a significant batch of these heavily armed and dangerous psychopaths.

Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) recently exposed how Trump is turning to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) for military and foreign policy advice. More than that, Trump has indicated that a top honcho of the CFR will be his national security adviser.

So as I said, the Trumpster gives mighty thin pickin’s to the liberty people. You might even say nonexistent. Further, based on my own insider knowledge of the status of the Libertarian Party organization, the chances of any candidate emerging from Orlando (May 27-30) with real legs are as likely as Charlize Theron (speaking of great legs!) flying in from Hollywood to join me for cocktails in Novi (Michigan). What’s that expression… when pigs fly out of my nether regions?

Candidly, my dream ticket of Snowden-Manning looks better and better. Kind of a Just Say No! and We Do Not Consent! message flung out to the denizens and rulers of Zombieville from the rising tide of humans who prefer to live as fully independent, conceptually conscious beings. We shall overcome!



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5 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Is Donald Trump the ‘Apple Girl’…

  1. Great writing, good reasoning, and even your commenters write well.

  2. For years Trump has been practicing his acting in preparation for political office. What were those two called: “You’re Fired” and “The Apprentice” for example. Strivers with a never ending lust for power, wealth and fame value that which is in direct conflict with the qualities needed to be a humble servant of the entire populace. When in office it is instead “payback time” back to the power elites who lust similarly and who have made sure to position on their chess board their molded man-puppet who has sold his soul to them.

  3. Agree with your points. When Trump first declared, I, who have seen many people who were sucked into his ventures lose money, was appalled.
    However, what people like about the Donald is that he speaks what is on their minds, not what their grade-school children are being conditioned to spout.
    As he goes more center stage, unfortunately, he probably will adopt a more “presidential” stance–seek establishment advisers and openly mingle with people in his moneyed circle.
    He is not thoroughly evil as is Hillary; he is not a Sunni puppet as is Rubio. With the two-party institution in the US, voters usually have two almost identical candidates to select from and are told this is a model “democracy” that we must slaughter thousands in other countries to establish globally.
    The last major party candidate I voted for was Goldwater and would again. But Trump and Sanders are bringing out the disgust and indifference most people feel toward politicians. I applaud that.
    Seeing the violence in Chicago reminds me of the 1968 Democratic convention where protesters were bloodied but a majority of journalists are too young to remember. Having been at the first Viet Nam teach-in in the nation while a student at U of M (not as a leftist), I too get a spark of hope when I hear any voices questioning the status quo.
    Trump is not the answer but at least he is channeling dissent, whether to indeed have a revolution as Bernie asks for or extinguish the flames is unknown.

  4. Thanks for coming back to sanity, bro’. The elixir of hopefulness had you drunk for a wee bit, it seems.

  5. You know as well as anyone that Edward Snowden and Manning has an ice cubes chance in hell. That leaves Dr. Zod, Little Mario, a felon or a communist all of which are bought and paid for. That is A CERTAINTY. I too sweat out Donald Trump but look at what he said 25 years ago is the same as today. One ought to see the differences in behaviors of business v. politics. Why do you think they want Trump out?Or is it a feint? but the felon funding the latest violence makes too much sense with who benefits. I think you’ve been boondoggled by the recent efforts of the 50 plus high-tech billionaires who recently flew in to some island brainstorming how to dump trump. I’m steady in a storm. A deep rudder does that. Go Trump!

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