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Just in time for tax season… the ‘convenient truth’ of Cracking the Code

Cracking the Code, CtCEditor’s note: It’s been my honor to know Pete Hendrickson for several years as a friend and a fellow warrior for liberty. As many of you know, the liberating (what I’ve taken to calling) ‘Hendrickson Discovery'[1] is one of those once-in-several-lifetimes findings (available for a mere pittance) that raises all boats and puts the wind at everyone’s back… that is, everyone not working for or receiving payments from the government. 

Pete made his discovery in 2003, and his book has seen multiple editions since then. Enabling tens of thousands of Americans to recover several billion dollars incorrectly paid to the federal state… and to any of several state states who assess a tax based on a resident’s ‘income.’ YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT.  The upside potential is that if everyone were to not pay what they do not owe, we the people would recover or retain roughly $3 trillion in wealth, to spend it wisely on our own lives—rather than enable the Washington Leviathan to commit atrocities on roughly a dozen major fronts.

Needless to state, an increasing number of high government officials, particularly in Treasury and the Department of Injustice, do not LIKE the facts Pete’s book and site ( have made public. It hard stops their ignorance racket without a kiss. Indeed, prosecutocracy personnel have conspired to maliciously hammer Pete, and recently his dear wife Doreen, into silence… in a rampage of unconstitutional attacks worthy of Attila the Hun. Their day of judgment will come. Soon. Why?

Because real Americans do not back down from the Mob—federal, state, or whatever. They insist on lawful, constitutional governance in accordance with First Principles and the founding documents. The subterfuge that corrupt government officials are using to deny the lawful truth of the income tax is just like the phony official stories they trot out for other Big Lies. Cracking the Code is part of the general truth movement, same as exposing the crime of 9/11, government-staged massacres, ‘smart’ meters, GMOs, toxic atmospheric spraying, and all the rest…  

In fact, according to the novel I’m about to finish, The Truman Prophecy, CtC is the foundational truth that once asserted en masse makes the other Big Lies and the high crimes they enable impossible. So if your own benefit doesn’t motivate you to buy the book and file educated, think about doing so to save the planet! Now, please read these sage words from Mr. Hendrickson. 

Please watch the new 24-minute video ( I’ve just posted containing documentation of deliberate and carefully cultivated government falsehoods concerning the content of my book Cracking the Code. These carefully-crafted false ascriptions of content to the book appear in legal filings and trial testimony by DOJ attorneys, judicial rulings, and other official documents. [The video also contains the credible personal testimonies and full recoveries of CtC educated filers.

As you already understand, the purpose of these falsehoods is to create pretexts for show-trial judicial outcomes in cases brought against me and, more recently and in a much more disturbing escalation of corruption, against Doreen. These falsehoods and the show trials they facilitate have been meant, and used, to discourage others from reading the misrepresented book and learning what it actually DOES say and reveal.

My film continues with a series of video testimonials by many of the tens of thousands of people who HAVE read the book, and have acted on what they have learned by so doing.

Right now, we are in the “tax season”.

THIS is the time for some journalism alerting an increasingly awakened American people to the fact that everything they have been led to believe about the income tax– both by the state and its tools, and the “tax-protest” community as well– has been wrong. Do this. Tweet this. Tell your friends. Share it on Facebook. Most important, learn the truth and liberate yourself… so you can liberate many more.

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more… if only they knew they were slaves.” attributed, perhaps falsely, to Harriet Tubman

This is the time for Americans to learn that the actual truth about the tax is thoroughly liberating and supportive of the Founders’ intentions for small, firmly restrained governments operating under a true rule of law (a bit more on which can be found at

[1] Briefly and essentially, the federal income tax, by code and statute, is and has been, since its inception in 1862, an excise tax—meaning a tax not on direct earnings, rather on earnings as a consequence of government conferred privilege. Thus if your earnings do not arise from work for the federal government or a federal corporation, or are not investment proceeds from federal entities, the income tax does not apply to you.

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1 thought on “Guest Column: Big Kahuna Tax Service

  1. I 100% agree, I look at my 2 daughters and think,, someday when enough is enough they(my daughters) will NOT have to go through pains that I have. their live will be so much better, and I ask now, why would you not stand up for the truth when its plainly laid out for you? to answer my own question it seems kneeling for so many years has caused the muscles to not work so well, and the person needs a bit of help standing like I did and will continue to help others where and when I can…

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