Guest Column: Raise a Hue and Cry for Doreen…

… or we shall all hang separately

From column by Pete Hendrickson here.

Struggling To Protect Illegal Court Orders,
The Sixth Circuit Takes Aim At The Constitution, by Pete Hendrickson

VoidbyLaw_5In a desperate effort to shield from review illegal orders meant to suppress revelations about the income tax which have prompted the federal and state government to return billions of dollars to claimants over the past 13 years, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati rules that the First and Sixth Amendments are not binding on the federal judiciary.

In case you have missed the earlier material on this remarkable story, please see the following post:

A Petition For En Banc (Full Court) Re-Hearing Of Doreen’s Appeal Has Been Filed

THE BY-ANY-MEANS-NECESSARY EVASIONS OF THE PANEL THAT ISSUED A DENIAL of the appeal on March 11 are both transparent and a deadly threat to the rule of law. See them dispassionately discussed in the petition filed on March 25 with the court; or see the somewhat warmer and more alarm-bell oriented “inspiration for journalists” version.

Background on Doreen’s case:


Finally, here’s the video ( on why the illegal orders were sought and issued nine years ago  (it’s important to watch this 24-minute film all the way through). Expanded links as follows


Pete Hendrickson

Editor’s note: People, the above is all you need to know. The attack on Doreen Hendrickson was and is an attack on every one of us, on our liberties and on our very lives. If the crime committed under pretense of law is allowed to stand, and not be remedied—if Doreen is not restored and her persecutors jailed for egregious violations of First Principles—the country, and the world, have zero chance of survival in any form that civilized humanity regards as worth participating in. We MUST all of us do our parts to restore Doreen and justice.

Here is the latest summary file of the appeal, with background from Pete.

Katie_CtCLet me also point readers to the novel I just finished, The Truman Prophecy, which was largely inspired by the government’s criminal assaults on Pete and Doreen. [Note: the overwhelming majority of CtC educated filers are still be accorded lawful treatment—with delays occasionally but very seldom, harassment—and literally tens of thousands of informed Americans have reclaimed more than $3 billion of incorrectly paid or withheld income taxes and income-based extractions, federal and state.] From the novel, I have a single-page ‘Interlode’ entitled “The Motor City Witchcraft Trial.” That writeup is posted on this Coffee Coaster page here.

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1 thought on “Guest Column: Raise a Hue and Cry for Doreen…

  1. It is already too late. When you have a government whore that committed the same, or worse, than Snowden, and she is running for president and the whores in congress will not do anything about it, IT IS TOO LATE!

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