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Briefer subject-area-specific previews of my new novel now available here

From the book review (April 1, 2016):

Truman_Front_NewWith a mixture of pride and humility, I’m very happy to announce the completion of my novel, The Truman Prophecy, the initial full release effective the first day of spring 2016. Truman is a story about an envisioned, imminently successful struggle for truth, justice, and liberty… in roughly that order… in America and the world.

I’m hoping motivated readers will follow at least some of the story’s bread crumbs toward building a free worldwide society of Independent human beings. The book employs a simple ensemble-cast plot surrounded by metaphor and analogy to keep it grounded in people’s real lives… along with, I hope, some modest entertainment value.

The essence of The Truman Prophecy is the Little Boy in Hans Christian Andersen’s, The Emperor’s New Suit, simply declaring the obvious. Nothing special. To those who fear pulling back the curtain on Big Wizard and ruining their standing in the merry old Land of Oz, I’m sorry. We simply must dispel and discard the overwhelming illusions of the modern world for the healing to begin.

The big news is that I have done some foundational work on the ‘Prophecy Fulfillment’ Website, Worldwide Society of Independents (, and now have provided a series of 14 ‘preview packages,’ consisting of 20-something pages each. These snapshots illustrate the plot of the novel by their subject-area background, as shown in the following table:

# Preview Package Description
1 More-Literary Content

A sequence of pages representing the plot and more universal literary thrust of The Truman Prophecy without so much of the truth-justice-liberty concretes.

2 The Interlodes

An ‘Interlode’ for the Truman Prophecy novel is a one-page vignette that fleshes out a character or activity. This package contains all 11 of them, plus the ‘Afterlode.’

3 10 Easy Pieces Questionnaires and Indie Docs

From the truth (Toto) sections, lists of ten questions to which both sides of the issue answer ‘yes.’ Also the Snowden-Manning 2016 10-point program and Declaration of Independents.

4 Cracking the Code

Liberating importance of the ‘Hendrickson Discovery’ re: applicability of the federal income tax from Pete Hendrickson’s book, Cracking the Code. People asserting the law.

5 9/11 Truth and Justice

Sections pertaining to the9/11 Truth movement, the Big Lie of which represents a linchpin to the state’s Threat Matrix of high-crime assaults on the people.

6 Toxic Skies

Toto and Dorothy (truth and justice) sections describing the high-crime assaults of toxic aerosol spraying and electro-magnetic bombardment of the geosphere.

7 Frankenfoods, Inc.

Rudy Zabala, world class Polish chef, Chance’s friend from college, discovers the perils of genetically modified organism (GMO) food and walks the walk to expose the high corporate crimes.

8 Fry and Spy (‘Smart’) Meter Crimes and Punishments

Chapter (Curtain #5) and sections pertaining to the high-crime assault of so-called smart electric meters, both fictionally and in realspace. Grand jury solutions.

9 Vaccine Nation

Toto’s Curtain #6 exposes the fraudulent science, deception, and violations of informed medical consent for all areas of the high-crime assault of medical fascism. Especially the state aggression du jour, forced vaccine poisonings.

10 State-Factory Schools’ Remediation

Following the lead of two giants of human teaching and learning—John Taylor Gatto and George ‘Longwalker’ Meegan—the Fulfillment unmasks the mind-control and control-control agenda of the global collective neurarchy.

11 Grand Jury Reclamation Project

Efforts by Clarkson Hodges and others for restoring the inherent authority of the people (according to Declaration First Principles) to directly monitor and, if necessary, indict public officials for gross misconduct and corruption.

12 Snowden-Manning 2016

Phase II of the Dorothy (justice) Fulfillment, a popular movement of political remediation, symbolic in nature, in particular asserting civil liberties and peace vs. the War Party as usual. Simulacrum of presidential campaign for Ed Snowden/Chelsea Manning ticket.

13 Independent Consciousness and Being

Discovery and development of the Spiritual Magic Move, relation of full being consciousness to Independent psychology, sine qua non. The analogy of Dorothy and Truman; Indies v. Zombies.

14 Independents’ Movement

Indies are a different psycho-epistemological life form from the others, yet most humans with Zombie affliction will respond to Spiritual Magic Move, and Satyagraha in gradual doses. Emperor’s New Suit prospect… translates to Billion+ Points of Light Society. Poli details.

Thrive[Special note: The Truman Prophecy is complementary to Foster and Kimberly Gamble’s robust Thrive movement and its watershed video, Thrive. Watching that free video (Thrive) is a splendid, easy way to grasp the thrust of the Prophecy. Further, to help illustrate the mind-control regime that human Independents are up against, please take 30 minutes and view this incisive video, Rule from the Shadows, on the sophisticated modern technology of engineering mass perception, emotion, and consent.]

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