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… Let’s ring the bell for true people’s independent grand juries

101109_liberty_bellNote: The following post started out as a letter to friends of liberty, where I express my deep  frustration at always being on the defensive in our struggle against those who aim to commit tyranny upon us. I believe there is a better way, and that we have the seeds for an effective political method to put all would-be tyrants—federal, state, and local—in a corner and relentlessly pound them into fine dust.  — bw

Every day if you’re an average freedom activist, you get inundated with requests from various organizations to stop the government from committing one crime against First Principles or another. Federal, state, local.  Or to elect this one or that one, sign this petition or that one, you get the picture. And the crimes keep getting more and more severe: consider the recent CDC rule proposal that would forcibly detain, isolate, vaccinate, and quarantine any individual for ‘public health’ reasons.

The point is that the government(s) just keeps on committing (legislative-executive-judiciary, treasonous) crimes and lies and we the people are stuck in a mode of simply reacting. They act, with the immense resources at their disposal. And we REact, with about three people who really care and have time to spare after dealing with all the other government crimes and just trying to put food on the table. Think about that for a minute: you’re in a boxing match and instead of throwing punches you simply react to the punches being thrown by your adversary—duck, parry, rope a dope, run into the corner, etc.


In other words, we are in constant defense mode, never in attack mode. We are playing to their strengths and our weaknesses. We’re like Rocky Balboa trying to fight Apollo Creed by persistently pounding Creed’s glove with Rocky’s face. How do we change the strategy in our favor?  Here are several ideas that already are in effect to varying degrees that do NOT work—they WILL or MAY work eventually [and they ARE mostly valuable activities per se] but not in general to prevent rampant, imminent acts of criminal government tyranny:

  1. Forming a third party and participating in electoral politics. (e.g. Libertarians, Greens, Constitution, Natural Law)
  2. Participating in electoral politics with one of the major parties. (Republican Liberty Caucus, et al)
  3. Declaring that no form of coercive government applies to you and that you will do nothing to employ any tool of resistance that the coercive state has touched or even breathed upon—including the post office or voting or going door-to-door or doing jack for a liberty measure—because you’re an anarchist of impeccable principles. (e.g. some modern incarnations of Voluntaryism, Gothanarchy, nihilism)
  4. Pursuing initiative-referendum-recall in states that have these Progressive-bequeathed routes of popular ‘control.’ (e.g. Headlee, Tisch, Prop 13, medical marijuana)
  5. Educating people on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, so they elect better public officials. (e.g. F.E.E., Cato, Ron Paul Institute, Michael Badnarik, Kris Anne Hall)
  6. Spending all your waking hours writing letters to public officials, especially your legislators, to support or oppose some public act or another, calling these officials on the phone, attending their get-acquainted sessions. (e.g. good citizenship 101)
  7. Voting (e.g. good citizenship 100)
  8. Actively fighting the government by generating issue-based resistance to generally economic hot-button statist aggressions. (e.g. Campaign for Liberty, Americans for Prosperity)
  9. Using local activism and state legislatures to resist, defy federal unconstitutional activities (e.g. 10th Amendment Center)
  10. Writing scintillating books and columns expressing a benevolent, freedom-friendly worldview, with a vision and route(s) to accomplish one’s ideal society; make movies and videos; publicize your work to the conscientious masses, showing how to self-liberate from the maws of state domination [e.g.,, Cracking the Code, <– the cream of the crop :)]
  11. Leaving the grid, living off the land; working toward independent living in voluntary community apart from the coercive state in its condition of unraveling; organize for self-protection (e.g. preppers, Mike Adams, Oath Keepers, Constitutional militia).
  12. Taking over a county courthouse grand jury room with a group of likeminded individuals who invoke Scripture and select passages from the Constitution, then issuing subpoenas of public officials suspected of corruption, and making presentments (indictments) of these officials to bring them to trial jury. (e.g. National Liberty Alliance)
  13. Defying or boycotting some government intrusion, denying consent to government authority on a specific act or to a government official who claims to have authority to pass legal judgment on your behavior. (I’m including in this category of action the many First Principles’ legal arguments that can be brought to bear, often successfully, for freedom of travel, freedom of arms, freedom of contract, etc.)
  14. Taking part in a truth movement: 9/11, ‘smart’ meters, GMOs, toxic-aerosol sprayed skies (geoengineering), exposing false-flag acts of state terror, etc.

You get the idea. Except for perhaps number 12 in the list, all of the above are bona fide valuable activities for any freedom activist. And a few of them actually have some immediate teeth in effecting the shutdown of some bad piece of government aggression. [I’m thinking of #9, #10 (insisting on lawful federal taxation per the Hendrickson Discovery, though the problem here is as everywhere with ‘getting the word out,’ we are dealing with a mainstream media blockade and insidious, pervasive mind control of the masses from birth), and #13.]

But what I’m really talking about here is what can we do that’s effective strategy when, say, the feds are proposing the CDC rule mentioned above, or take a recent issue on which I published a guest column: the state of Michigan via its euphemistically-called public service commission is proposing new rules to impose ‘smart’ meters on the public without the public’s consent and irrespective of medically demonstrated harm.  I can probably rattle off a dozen serious imminent infractions that the staties and federales are embarked upon… not to mention all the federal false-flag attacks and hoaxes.

Two words: grand jury. But we need to be more precise in these days of government-manufactured impostors. Five words: people’s independent multilevel ubiquitous grand-juries (PIMUGs). All I’m saying is that we the people of America have a marvelous, effective popular tool stemming from the Magna Carta—and cemented at the top of our self-governing structure via the First Principles of the Declaration of Independence, used widely and naturally by our colonial ancestors—called the grand jury, whose purpose is twofold:

  1. as a shield, to directly and immediately defend an individual against wrongful prosecution or other misconduct by public officials toward them specifically, especially to provide a filter of establishing probable cause for state prosecution, and,
  2. as a sword, to directly and immediately confront and remedy public official misconduct—that is, corruption thru violation by state officials (and their associates) of an individual’s First Principles’ life, liberty, and property, or violation of codified statutes derived from these Principles—by investigating the people’s complaints of such corruption and bringing presentments of probable cause to a petit jury for trial.

We need to dust this tool off and reapply it immediately and (because our country has reached a stage of terminal corruption) vastly. 24/7/365. The question is how. The tool is all rusty from improper- and dis-use; no sooner did the ink dry on our country’s founding documents than the Men of the Power Sickness plotted ways to circumvent these documents’ restrictions on state privilege.  The MOPSters took particular aim at any institution of popular empowerment, such as what was originally known as the common law grand jury.

It took them a while but at the federal level, anyway, the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure of 1946 formally “made independently-acting grand juries illegal for all practical purposes.”[link] A thorough background of how our natural grand jury authority and rights have atrophied is found in this article.

But those rules do not have to pertain to state or county grand juries, and, indeed, the inherent First Principles’ authority of the people to access and employ a body of their peers to independently investigate and indict any government official, at all levels, still stands. We simply have to stand for it. Again, how? What’s the best way?

Truman_Front_NewIn my novel, The Truman Prophecy, I envision two mechanisms for reclaiming our power in this regard. The first is to find a judge who actually understands the true nature of grand juries and to petition him to submit a documented complaint against public official corruption to a sitting grand jury (or to form a special grand jury); the second is to form ‘virtual’ or online grand juries among those who are aware of official misconduct, then publicize their findings via the media, mainstream or alternative. Once again, these probably take too much startup time… considering the immensity of high-crime assaults on the people.

Leading citizen researcher of true grand juries, Kelly Mordecai, suggests a more promising way: direct access of a sitting grand jury by a group of concerned citizens. Here’s the link that describes the method:

It works like this: Take the state case above where the public utility company, DTE, and its lackeys in the Michigan legislature and the public service commission continue to foist ‘smart’ meters on Michigan residents without their consent. A group of concerned citizens gets together to detail what laws and First Principles have been broken, then they write a complaint (aka petition) describing these violations and whom they suspect as responsible.

Next step. The group meets with the district attorney or the attorney general’s office, where the group submits the petition to the sitting grand jury for taking up the case, subpoenaing witnesses, taking testimony, interviewing suspects, assessing what laws and First Principles have been broken, and whether there is sufficient evidence to bring the suspects to trial. The procedure varies slightly depending on the jurisdiction. The DA or AG or prosecutor’s office can refuse to refer the petition, which is a clear violation of fundamental law (First Amendment), for which the prosecution or any interfering official can also be indicted and tried for obstruction.

Yes, we have a few wrinkles to work out. But here’s the thing: Every time we the people go to bat against a public official(s) who has blatantly violated his oath of office or the laws and First Principles he was sworn to uphold—namely, when we write a petition and get it to a grand jury of our peers—we the people GO ON THE OFFENSIVE.

We attack, THEY are forced to respond. Moreover the costs of the attack in time and money are negligible… compared to the multiple longer-term activism listed above… or writing letters in futile protest. It’s an efficient use of liberty activists’ resources. We attack these officials who are enabling or causing crimes against humanity WHERE THEY LIVE. We subject them to actual criminal justice, call them out for their acts of aggression, meaningfully threatening them with long-term incarceration and financial restitution of their victims.

The PIMUG is our best friend. We are going to see him a LOT.

Finally, consider this: when we get ONE indictment, countrywide, the citadel protecting government criminality breaks into a million pieces. Immediately.

Presto. Republic recovered. All it takes is a modest amount of public spirited effort by a few people, the bad guys go to jail, and those who remain in the wings avoiding prosecution become afraid to say boo! We bring into effect the adage, “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

Let’s make it happen. I’m way too overwhelmed by all the good causes for liberty and simple justice for people like you and me that I feel obliged to support with time or money… that I just don’t have. There’s a name, ‘compassion fatigue.’ I’m just so friggin’ tired of not being able to stop these injustices. Aren’t you?

Please, anyone who wants to pursue this strategy contact me here.



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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: The Justice Action Movement

  1. Dan, my understanding is the NLA is proprietary, mystifying in its methods, and has had no (good) results. I mention it in point #12. We need to think ‘as simple as possible,’ and this method, which comes from Kelly Mordecai’s work, is a jujitsu using the existing system against itself. Check this document: And for background on where we have atrophied check out this article:

  2. It seems to me that Liberty Alliance has already got something started along these lines. What we need is at least 24 volunteers of voting age in a single county to serve as Grand Jury members. Liberty Alliance will help with the notices (paper work) that needs to be served to the county clerk.

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