Guest Column: Ali Championed Palestinian Liberation, Who Knew?

Muhammad Ali: “I declare support for the Palestinian liberation struggle”
Dr. Kevin Barrett, c/o Veterans Today [Full VT column here]

AliThe mainstream media doesn’t want you to know one important thing about Muhammad Ali: His all-out, unreserved support for the liberation struggle of the Palestinian people against Zionist genocide.

Samidoun writes:

In 1985, Ali traveled to Israel in an attempt to secure the release of Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners imprisoned in occupied Southern Lebanon. This followed on his visits to Palestinian refugee camps in 1974, when he declared in Beirut that “the United States is the stronghold of Zionism and imperialism.” While visiting Palestinian refugee camps in South Lebanon, he declared:

“In my name and the name of all Muslims in America, I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.”

The mainstream media has no problem celebrating Ali’s heroic resistance to the Vietnam war. We’ve all heard about that.

So why won’t they even mention the Champ’s equally heroic stand on behalf of the Palestinian people?

In mainstream media circles, it’s OK to side with the Viet Cong against the US government. That’s actually kind of fashionable.

But to side with Hamas and Hezbullah and Islamic Jihad against the genocidal entity occupying Palestine … now THAT is absolutely taboo.

The MSM censorship of Ali’s support for the Palestinian resistance struggle speaks volumes about who really runs our media, where their loyalties really lie.

But was Ali really speaking for “all Muslims in America” when he endorsed the Palestinian liberation struggle?

Absolutely. The Qur’an repeatedly insists on the right and duty to fight aggressors who “have driven you out of your homes.” That is precisely what the Zionists have done to Palestinians – Christians as well as Muslims.

On this first day of the holy month of Ramadan, I repeat, and ask all of my Muslim and non-Muslim brothers and sisters to repeat Ali’s courageous words:

I declare support for the Palestinian struggle to liberate their homeland and oust the Zionist invaders.”

Any Muslim who isn’t part of the “lesser jihad” (i.e. just war) against the Zionist invaders, ethnic cleansers and genocide perpetrators isn’t much of a Muslim. And any human being who isn’t at all out war with the Zionist criminal scum who own our media, our Congress, our banking system and much more isn’t much of a human being.

Muhammad Ali, like all Muslims and all decent human beings everywhere, must have been cheering wildly when “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” Hezbullah won a technical knock-out against the Zionists in summer of 2006.

As for the Palestinians, they have been pursuing a rope-a-dope strategy by taking all the punishment the Zionist goliath can dish out, yet somehow surviving. It’s a horrendously painful path. But what other choice is there?

Fortunately, in the long term at least, it’s a winning strategy.

University of Victoria professor John Dolan, writing under the pseudonym of “war nerd” Gary Brecher, gets it right:

“Israel may win this battle, but it’s lost the war already…(In 2009) they killed 1400 Palestinians, and it didn’t do much but make everybody sick to their stomachs…In a situation like this, the real winner is likely to be the Gazans…Israel had lots of chances to deal with (the Palestinians) but they had a mandate—nothing worse than a mandate—and didn’t need to make a deal with anybody. Now it’s too late. There isn’t always a good solution at this point in the game. Maybe ten moves back you could’ve won, but not now.”

The Zionists will continue to pummel the Palestinians with child murders, white phosphorous, intermittent rounds of “mowing the lawn” in Gaza (i.e. wanton mass murders of thousands of civilians) … sort of like when George Foreman pummeled Muhammad Ali in the famous “Rumble in the Jungle” in Kinshasa, 1974. And it will end the same way that fight ended: Victory to the side that can take the most punishment.

The Israelis, by and large, are utter and absolute cowards. Half of them have foreign passports and are ready to flee the country at a moment’s notice if even a fraction of the horror they inflict on Palestinians on a regular basis threatens to engulf them.


Once the international community fully recognizes the justice of the Palestinian struggle, and stops propping up the genocidal lunatics in Tel Aviv, that’s all she wrote. Goliath, like George Foreman, will be flat on his back, never knowing what hit him.

Muhammad Ali was a good man: a man with guts, a man of God.

Here is a tribute to The Champ by Rasheed al Ḥājj abū Muṭahhar, contributor to ANOTHER French False Flag (and author of The Way of the Wayfarer Without a Way – this is from  The Way of the Wayfarer Without a Way, Book 4).

Full VT column posted here.

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