Brian’s Column: Warm Bodies for Liberty (WBL)

That is: Warm Bodies (Acting) for (Truth, Justice, and) Liberty
“80 percent of success in life is showing up.”

SymbolThe adage about showing up, most often attributed to Woody Allen, expresses a profound truth especially germane to achieving benign political goals. How many times have you joined a group of people working to end some aggression of the state—in court, on the streets petitioning, attending or speaking before your city council meetings, and so on—and the total entourage numbers three individuals!? Way too many times, I’ll wager. It’s totally discouraging. No one wants to go to the ramparts alone. This has to stop. We need to bring masses of bodies to bear on government crime and corruption.

I’m thinking of three notable incidents of my own experience where not nearly enough people showed up:

  1. In summer of 2014, Doreen Hendrickson was tried for criminal contempt of court—a second time—for refusing to commit perjury on a tax form. The judge instructed the jury that it was not to consider the lawfulness of the contempt order (which suborned Doreen to perjure herself). Hundreds of thousands of Americans have benefited from her husband Pete’s discoveries in his book Cracking the Code, with an average recovery of $10,000. At no day of the trial, nor in the subsequent sentencing hearing, did Doreen’s supporters in the courtroom exceed 25 persons.
  2. A couple of years ago, an electrohypersensitive woman in Oakland County, Michigan, Dr. Georgetta Livingstone, removed her biohazard surveillance electric meter for health reasons. She replaced it with a safe analog meter. The power company in Michigan, DTE, shut off her electricity. She installed energy alternatives. Her homeowners’ association (HA) has been fining her hundreds of dollars a day for refusal to use a ‘smart’ meter. The HA is taking her to court for the fines—scheduled for October 2016. She countersued, the HA moved for summary dismissal, which was granted by an Oakland County judge on May 11. In attendance to show support for Georgetta were perhaps 10 people. [This is a significant case and ‘smart’ meter opponent-activists in Michigan number in the several thousands.]
  3. The third incident is recent, a petition campaign put together by a few ‘liberty Republicans’ to put a Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture ordinance on the ballot for several communities in Oakland County. One of the key fiefdoms is Auburn Hills, which also has one of the highest signature count requirements (726). We go door to door, mainly, and the measure is an easy sell: anyone can typically get 10 signatures per hour, with practically no rejections. We’ve collected perhaps half that total with only three weeks to go. A lot of people show up at the organizer’s place to talk but thus far only perhaps a dozen persons have come to walk (gathering 10 signatures or more).

There have been innumerable other occasions from my own memory banks where the cause was vital—and quite doable—and the number of warm bodies coming to its aid in action was dismal. Take item #3 above: To be successful with the Auburn Hills ordinance, we need to turn in roughly 800 signatures. With a margin of safety, that’s 50 people committing to two hours of soft—though it needs to be supremely ORGANIZED—effort in a single afternoon![1] Think about it. As it stands now, it will take Herculean efforts by the few, who are just about all Hercules out, to be successful.

“Many Hands Make Light Work”

As one of John Heywood’s most effort-saving quotes, this idea to distribute the work load for maximum results needs to become a MISSION especially among the liberty minions. We just cannot afford to put forward less than our best and most efficient effort to achieve liberty—those who would take it from us will grant no quarter. Our adversaries who hold public office are moved to do the right thing solely by pressure, which invariably means numbers… of potential voters… or grand jurors as the case may be. 🙂

Thus, we need a simple system to put warm bodies in the chairs and at the soundoff pressure points of city council meetings, legislative hearings, court watchings, letter writings, and what have you. Also into the streets petitioning, pamphleting, campaigning, supporting important causes, even running for public office. Here’s what I have in mind:

First, let me suggest the potential field of recruits we have. I did some analysis as I was putting together my so-called Toto (Truth) Prospectus. My conservative estimate is that we have five million persons, nationwide, who are willing to ‘show up’ for effective, responsive actions for causes at least eight hours per month, roughly two hours per week on average. So as a worst case, for Michigan, we would have a total body pool 100,000 x 8 or 800,000 person-hours per month. We can break that down conservatively by county—Michigan has roughly 80 counties—so worst case for Oakland County warm-body activities our pool would be 10,000 person-hours.

We would launch a WBL organization statewide, and similarly at the county levels. Then set priority support activities for organizations who use the WBL program. Let’s say we have 10 such organizations, including a ‘smart’ meter activist group, a geoengineering assaults group, general corruption fighting groups, and so on. Now let’s look at a specific example, Georgetta’s court case coming up in October. The average amount of time per person coming to support Georgetta will be ~four hours, then the priority setting by the WBL leadership council is high to devote 100 bodies to her day in court.

Believe me, 100 warm bodies in support before any local public body yields significant pressure on those public officials. That’s a drop in the bucket, 400 person-hours out of the county pool of 10,000, leaving 9600 remaining person-hours. You get my drift? We thus intimidate recalcitrant officials by the soft effort of high numbers, causing corrupt or venal public officials to think twice about misbehaving. “When government fears the people….”

Thoughts on Organization

So what does this WBL organization look like and how do we launch it?

PageThe simpler the better, naturally. A group of us—may as well start here in Michigan—get together, establish goals and objectives, write some bylaws, create a Website, etc. Then duplicate throughout the US… eventually other countries, as well. Since this is kind of my basketball, let me propose that the organization adhere to the following key concepts:

  1. Purpose of organization: provide ‘warm bodies’ (usually physical presence) to stand up against priority specific acts of government aggression… also to stand/voice FOR measures that free us from such criminal attacks of the state
  2. Participants will be members, this will be a membership-based organization, with a small dues of approximately $10 per year
  3. Organizations who wish to access the WBL support will be special members, as well, perhaps paying $100 per year; envision ~20 longstanding org-members
  4. Individuals who are being aggressed against by corrupt power may request WBL services free of charge using standard forms
  5. All funds collected by WBL will be used to run the organization and pay for materials and resources integral to its objectives
  6. Priority actions will be set by a leadership council, initially composed of those who found the organization; some thought will be given in the bylaws as to how ‘private’ the organization shall be; meaningful membership input to the control of WBL will exist
  7. Individual members are participants who commit to so many hours per month for supporting action options provided by the leadership; awards, recognition, incentives will exist for encouraging member activities… and for bringing in new members
  8. WBL shall be rife with pride symbols—tokens of participation, exceptional activism—including pins, buttons, stickers, t-shirts, emblems of various kinds that proudly display a member’s active support
  9. Types of activities for WBL members have been spelled out above and include court watching, petitioning, pamphleting, door-to-door canvassing, city council meeting attendance, state government body monitoring, writing letters and making phone calls to officials, and so on… mainly to SHOW UP
  10. Very quickly, WBL shall become the platform for enabling common sense independent grand juries to investigate and indict gross public-official misconduct; in fact WBL shall be two-sided in its approach—initially serving to assemble the warm bodies typically in defensive fashion to protect victimized individuals from the state, yet going on the offensive quickly to catalyze real people’s grand jury justice… for public officials and their associates who violate their oaths and/or engage in gross criminal acts against the people

My vision is to launch with some key activists who always show up to walk the talk, having a brainstorming session at a local library, probably Novi, Michigan, since that’s where my crib is.

Note, WBL person-hours generally do not include attendance at conventions, dinner meetings, or even educational presentations. These can be valuable, but the objective of WBL is to hit the bricks en masse for justice… in a ‘smooth, level, and stable’ manner. Having said that, I do envision WBL to further a high-quality social life among those who belong. Anyone who performs eight hours a month of WBL activities is a special and superior human being, camaraderie will naturally develop. Our celebrations will definitely be exclusive and A-List caliber.

Note 2: I forgot an obvious activity, making presentations to public officials… this will be highly regarded in WBL. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to include other key actions; they’ll come to us in due course.

If, for example, WBL as I envision it would have been in effect nationally for Doreen Hendrickson, approximately 500 persons would have flooded to the federal court room to clog the arteries of that Bastion of Medieval Lynching. Literally, the officials would not have known how to handle 500 angry and committed people demanding justice. The chances of acquittal and/or a no-jail sentence would have been dramatically increased. [A thousand body count would not have been unreasonable, which brings up another activity worthy of engagement: street demonstrations. Any overflow can go out in the street carrying signs and making noise.]

Leave a reply to this post if you’re interested in WBL. Thanks. We need to roll it out quickly.

[1] Note: the organizers will have to put in additional time and expense for training and set up, perhaps four times the average time of the volunteers. But that’s mice nuts in the grand scheme of the cosmos.












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2 thoughts on “Brian’s Column: Warm Bodies for Liberty (WBL)

  1. I could likely attend meetings in Novi. Just send me notice of a time and place!

  2. We have the numbers of informed activists. They just need to recognize the power they possess to make the world right by committing to just one thing…
    Just show up!
    We all need to be firemen. We will never put out the fire if we fail to show up.
    Just show up!

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