Brian’s Column: Speculation on Johnson-Weld 2016

The success scenario is not all that unlikely considering the context

Cover_Leaving_Sandbox_FrontProprietor’s Note—I’ve written extensively on the Libertarian Party (LP) and Libertarian grand strategy, in particular, with my Pusillanimous Prize-winning book, Leaving the Sandbox: Grownup grand strategy and operations for Libertarians in an era of wanton US federal crimes and terror. More recently, in my novel, The Truman Prophecy, I’ve referred to the LP as being rife with anarchists of the irrelevant kind… thus I saw very little in the way of prospects for it.

As usual, the world is far more unpredictable than my understandings; at the national LP convention in Orlando this year, instead of dissolving itself in a flurry of ‘Dilatory Young Men Who Pontificate Incessantly on the Nonaggression Principle,’ the party goes the other way and basically sells its soul to the Republican Establishment. It nominates Gary Johnson (P) and William Weld (VP) (Weld, by a whisker), both utilitarian rather than principled libertarians—having the broad moral passion of a Mitt Romney with a sense of humor.

Strangely enough, this ticket may actually be THE ticket of the 21st century!

Hear me what I’m saying: What follows is an email message that I prepended to a Gary Johnson fundraising note, just following the colloquial logic where it led me. [While I have officially jettisoned personal activity for the LP, I am an erstwhile leader in the Michigan organization who has not quite made up his mind who to vote for on November 8th. Either Trump or Johnson… as I consider Hillary in the Oval Office as an absolute Orwellian hard stop of human civilization as we know it.]

My ‘Realistic Scenario for an LP Presidential Victory’

A prospective choice? My problem, ironically, is that I don’t want to waste my vote.

[When I was an active Libertarian and candidate–I ran for state senate in ~1982, secretary of state in 1986, and for Congress in 1994, where I got one of the higher vote percentages, something like 3%–that was a common refrain: “I’d like to vote for you but I don’t want that evil slimeball <Republican or Democrat> to get in.”]

But the reality this election I’ve heard is that Johnson-Weld are taking votes away from Trump and Hillary in roughly equal numbers. Johnson is a ‘utilitarian’ libertarian, meaning he doesn’t hold the freedom philosophy from principles, rather because it ‘works.’ Weld is like that, too, only I don’t think Weld is even close to being a libertarian; he’s old money and a significant suckup to the New World Order globalist mob (the Glob). He’s like Hillary, and he likes Hillary, doesn’t think she should be prosecuted for anything.

Yet, withal: If Johnson and Weld get into the debates, they ARE going to appear like shining beacons of reason in comparison to Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!

Information theory, I suspect, will work like this: As soon as (or if) Johnson-Weld approach within, say, 5% to 7%, of what the second-place Duopoly Party ticket is polling, I think the system will become unstable and will tilt rapidly to Johnson-Weld. I mean a step function! Almost overnight—because of the animosity toward and lack of confidence in the other two candidates—I can see JW hitting 40-45%. Voila!

And EVERYONE can breathe a big sigh of relief as the first Libertarian president is inaugurated.

You heard it here first.


The Johnson-Weld Fundraising Request Letter

Trump_2d_AmendmentProprietor’s Note 2: I’m still holding back from Johnson-Weld, mainly because of my #neverHillary passion. The graphic on the right displays the absolutism with which I advocate Trump over Hillary; it is literally the only thing you have to know to vote correctly IF Trump and Hillary were the only viable candidates. Hillary and her mob of government mendicants will try in earnest to deploy police state minions door-to-door to confiscate all private firearms. That totalitarian act will play out as the nightmare that the radical gun rights group, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, envisions: Move over Hitler and Stalin.

Gary Johnson’s Letter


You have probably seen some of the amazing media coverage from my visit last week to the Republican National Convention. It was overwhelming – literally. I couldn’t go 50 feet on a sidewalk without a camera or microphone in my face.

But I have a confession to make. I didn’t really want to go to the Republicans’ convention. It was their party, and I didn’t want to cause any trouble. Civility is actually important, and sadly lacking in this election.

I went because, frankly, the media demands were so great that we couldn’t stay away.

When I got there, an amazing thing happened. Literally hundreds of people at the convention came up to me to express their support, say hello, thank me for what we are doing, or just have a photo taken. Over two full days, there was not a single negative comment. Not one.

That trouble I feared? It just didn’t happen. It was just the opposite. The only problem we had was getting through the crowds of people wanting to shake hands and wish me well.

It’s happening. With Donald Trump’s nomination now official, Republicans are making their choices, and a LOT of them are ready to join us. They are beginning to understand that the only real small government candidates in this election are Gov. Bill Weld and me.

Right NOW is the time to reach those voters — along with those who Democrats and independents who are also looking to cast a vote for someone they can actually believe in. To reach them, I have to depend on your help. Your contribution of $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500 or more today will pay for the Internet ads, Social Media outreach and other messages we absolutely must deliver to those voters who are right now looking for a home.

Our poll numbers keep rising, especially among independents, and we are getting VERY close to the 15% that will put Bill Weld and me on the debate stage in September. When that happens, the two-party stranglehold on American politics will be broken. But it won’t happen without your support. We HAVE to reach more voters, and I can’t do that without your financial support.

Go to today and make it happen. I’m counting on you — and I appreciate you!


Gov. Gary Johnson

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1 thought on “Brian’s Column: Speculation on Johnson-Weld 2016

  1. A funny factoid: A little after 1900, there was a gang of KKK supporters in Detroit, who got all bent out of shape when an African-American physician moved to Detroit and bought a house.

    The Kluxers threw a cross-burning party and promised to burn the good doctor out of his house.

    But when they tried to set it afire, he shot at them with a gun, wounding several.

    There was a trial held, at which the court ruled that a Michigan resident has the legal right to defend his or her home from invasion.

    The Kluxers, upon reading over the decision, were astonished to learn that there was no Michigan statute, prohibiting African-Americans from owning a gun, nor from using it to shoot back at the KKK.

    That was the last time the Kluxers tried that trick, too.

    Back in Alabama, when General Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA, started the custom of hooded riders storming Republican homes and looting, they made sure there was a law against Black people owning guns for self-defense. The mass lynchings that led up to the 1876 election, would have been impossible, if Black Republicans had been able to shoot back at KKK raiders. White minority government would never have happened, had eligible voters been able safely to cast their votes.

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