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hillary_warmongerTurning it into an open letter for posting on the Web thru my Coffee Coaster auspices…

Dear Friend,

Coming much too Fast and Furious for a deliberately paced Web columnist such as myself to keep on top of. And it only just occurred to me a few days ago to think of HRC’s rise and anointing as a plan of the Deep State. I assembled two special ‘cryouts’ this week on extremely urgent news for all citizens of the world.

  • Julian Assange [Wikileaks founder, who has been reporting indictable criminal behavior re: Hillary Clinton and her  ‘Western Cabal’ associates] has been missing since his  Internet cutoff on Friday (10/21/16). An official statement Sunday by WikiLeaks concerning his safety has only raised fears he has been captured or killed. Courtesy:

What’s staggering to me, and I think to any conscientious, caring American, is that absolutely no mainstream media news agencies are covering either of the above stories—stories that portend a) the end of all your freedoms all the time and b) the end of humanity (except for those who have prepped with fallout shelters and the elites who have been set up with underground ‘Strangelove’ havens). [Still, a single new Russian super-heavy nuclear RS-28 Sarmat (aka Satan II) missile, expected to be operational in 2016, can wipe out an area the size of Texas or France. My guess is Doomsday 2016 makes the surface of the earth uninhabitable for thousands of years. Nobody is going to want to live underground forever, even with endless jumbo-screen, multimedia reruns of Downton Abbey and House of Cards.]

The Satan-II is driven by the logic of the arms race, specifically as a response to the first-strike technology being sabre-rattled by the neocon/ziocon psychopaths of the US-Western Ally cabal. Hillary is the perfect distillation of these NZ ‘warheads’ and has already publicly stated she will initiate nuclear attacks on Russia and Iran as a high priority at the slightest provocation. And she is already taking part in Obama administration decisions that will obliterate another Middle Eastern country (Syria) and courting deadly chicken with the Russian Bear.  These sadistic machinations are underway NOW! We are all in immediate and extreme danger! If the planet survives the week, it will be a miracle.

Let me say, earnestly, that I’m very glad to have known each of you.

For additional information and links to the death merchants, please refer to my column, “Hillary the Deep and Final Op:”

rand_quote_on_corruptionThen just talk about corruption! The Wikileaks leaks just keep on a comin’.

I’ve already voted (absentee) for Gary Johnson for president, based on his statements of being more against war and American Empire than either of the two major party disappointments… not to mention understanding the idea of limited federal government power and authority. However, with respect to war (and insidious government destruction of civilians in multiple domestic ways) I must say that compared to Killary the Bloodthirsty, Donald Trump is Mother Teresa.

Brian Wright

PS:  A warm note to all my liberal or neo-Marxist-Leninist friends over the years. I do respect the emotional reasons for your one-for-all political views; many street liberals and even communists in the 1950s and 60s were not only antiwar, they were for the economically downtrodden. Killary is not only a fire breathing, chicken hawk war dragon… she’s a continuation of Obama’s fat cat extravaganza: Big Ag (GMOs, Monsanto), Big Pharma (mandatory poison-vaccines, psych drugs, etc.), Big Chem (geoengineering, toxic atmospheric aerosol spraying), Big Power (fracking, ‘smart’ (fry-and-spy) meters) all have a plush front seat at the Table of Full-Spectrum Elite Dominance.

The Little Guy gets to take it up the ol’ wazoo and like it. At least he gets his minimum-wage employment as a CVS stock boy, or Mickey D burger flipper, and if he wins the lottery he can afford his mandatory health insurance. And bus fare to the local junior high school, where in the cafeteria, we are told, Hillary-Kaine are hosting rousing rallies bursting with literally a dozen people.






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