Brian’s Column: With Hillary Inciting WWIII, Gotta Go Trump

It’s not just the Wikileaks that disqualify Hitlery, it’s imminent nuclear annihilation

hillary_warmongerSummarizing from my latest Facebook post: “With Trump we liberty people have real issues—for one thing he has said he wouldn’t mind seeing Snowden executed extrajudicially PLUS he certainly hasn’t expressed any appreciation of Julian Assange’s Wikileaks that are burying the Clinton crime family—but FOR SURE with her we’ll get tyranny and death. Trump has laid down the gauntlet vs. the so-called ‘globalists.’ Johnson and Weld, if they win in a fluke, will fold like an accordion to the globalist Death Star.”

Yes, this is a reversal of my most recent stand for the Johnson- Weld ticket, but so much water has gone under the bridge in the previous week. For one thing the Wikileaks keep on a comin’. Trump has to realize  that he is being helped enormously by Julian Assange—Hitlery wonders why hasn’t the Wikileaks founder/leader been ‘droned’—so a rational thing for Trump to do is to claim he will:

  • pardon Ed Snowden
  • pardon Julian Assange
  • pardon Chelsea Manning
  • etc., etc., release and reward all the whistleblowers and political prisoners

That’s liberty and that’s justice. Open question: Is Trump for liberty and justice? And if not, what can we the people do about it should he win in a landslide? Short answer: keep the heat on. To defeat the globalist monster, Trump as president will need all the help and guidance the liberty people and the Freedom Philosophy can give him. He will need the Ron Pauls, the Leonard E. Reeds, the Murray Rothbards, the Albert Jay Nocks, the Ayn Rands, you and me, you name it… he is stepping into the dragon’s flame zone, assuming a leading role in the historic conflict of humanity: the individual vs. the collective.

Note: I’m running with the theme of Hillary as the nuclear holocaust candidate, until election day. Please spread the above image far and wide. For a thorough analysis of the forces behind why she is so inclined toward confrontation with Russia, check Christopher Bollyn’s outstanding article, “Who is behind Hillary Clinton’s Hostility for Russia and Why it Matters.”

barrier_cloudThere is so much at stake in the next four years, in the next two years, in the next two months. Trump can be a catalyst for the Rise of the Independents that I predict in my novel The Truman Prophecy. In fact, I do not see how he can backslide, given what we know and what he certainly knows about the way the Men of the Power Sickness (MOPS) play the game: Post election, look for Donald Trump to step up to the obvious reality of who is actually behind the majority of the chaos, expropriation, and slaughter in world affairs. [Or not.]

Hint: it ain’t ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or Iran, or Russia, or the Muslim hordes. All these are either contrived agents or fake enemies put forward by the Western Cabal to blind us to the MOPS’ high-crime assaults on humanity. Feast your understanding on the following documentation and remember the mnemonic: Thrive Rule Invisible Experts:

Thrive (New Paradigm nonaggression social philosophy),
Rule from the Shadows (technology of modern mind control),
Invisible Empire (New World Order expose),
Experts Speak Out (Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth magmum opus).

My feeling is that if you will watch these videos—all quite entertaining with extremely high production values, also inspiring and fact-verified—you will at least understand the basic operations of the New World Order (NWO) and its threat to humankind. Thrive is ~2 hours, Rule ~1/2 hr., Invisible ~2.5 hr., and Experts ~1.5, as I recall. These are solid, respectable works, presented by knowledgeable experts and well informed people who care. These convey my core beliefs and premises, many of which show up in Truman.

Trump is the only candidate who not only shows awareness of the New World Order, he talks about ending it and its hoary partisans in one fell swoop. No, I don’t believe he is devoid of the powersickness, himself, but by raising the issue into mass consciousness, he can be the catharsis of World Awakening, Earth Spring… despite that. His speeches and writings also show a prospect that he can learn the political principles of liberty.

It’s no contest: Hillary = NWO imminent war and death, Trump = a body blow to the NWO from which it may not recover. [Johnson-Weld = no appreciable change or threat to the NWO.]  I know not what choice others will make, but as for me, give me Trump or give me a coalition of Constitutional militias.

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