Guest Column: Electoral College Makes it Official

 Donald Trump Officially Becomes 45th US President-Elect
by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers [original column here]

December 19, 2016. Final count:

  • 304 Trump
  • 228 Clinton
  • 3 Powell
  • 1 Kasich/ Paul

Congratulations to the GOP Electors who “stuck to their guns” despite death threats and intimidation by tantrum-throwing leftists who inundated the Electors with calls, emails, and even in-person “visits” to their homes. As far as we can tell, this is the first time in American history that Electors actually received multiple death threats by political zealots attempting to terrorize them into changing their votes. Just imagine what Obama, Clinton, and the mainstream press would be saying if the situation was reversed, and Trump supporters had threatened to kill Democratic electors in an attempt to force them to change their votes. The Trump supporters issuing such threats would be have been condemned as terrorists, anti-democratic extremists, and traitors, and there would have been widespread demands for their arrests.

But when Democratic supporters threatened to kill electors, along with calling for the assassination of Trump and the raping and killing of his family members, the Obama Admin, Hillary Clinton, and Democratic Party leaders were entirely silent, and likewise for their fellow-traveler comrades in the media. We heard crickets. By their silence they signaled their approval of this terrorist campaign of intimidation of electors.

While Oath Keepers is a non-partisan organization, we are also sworn to defend the Constitution, and that means also defending the electors who are part of the constitutional process of electing a President, when they are threatened with death by terrorists. And that is why, on November 18, 2016, we extended an offer of free protection to electors who were the recipients of death threats or otherwise were concerned for their safety. Some of the death threats promised to kill the electors if they dared to vote for Trump.

Given the very real threat of terrorist reprisals against the electors who voted Trump, our offer of protection still stands. If any of those electors has a concern for their safety or the safety of their family, they can still request our protection by emailing us at: That protection will be offered and provided for as long as they feel the need.

This is the same kind of protection we offer to military and police families who are targeted by terrorists. We see it as our duty to stand in the gap against terrorists in our communities, such as when Oath Keepers members across the country stood guard at recruiting centers across the nation after the horrific terrorist attack on the Chattanooga, TN recruiting and reservist centers. We likewise will help and support our local police who are clearly being targeted by terrorists, with the Dallas and Baton Rouge attacks being but the most extreme examples of an ongoing trend.

We fear that in the days ahead we will see an increase in terrorist attacks inside the United States by both radical leftist and jihadist terrorists. Their targets will be police and military (including their families), veterans, and anyone seen as being on the political right, along with the general population. This will be akin to a modern version of the Weather Underground wave of terrorism and attacks on police in the 1970s, but with an expanded target list.

Now that the radical left is no longer in a dominant position politically, they will increasingly resort to “politics by other means.”  And that means terrorism and intentional disruptions of our economy, along with manufactured riots, and manufactured racial strife. Divide and conquer meets creative chaos. Expect it. Prepare for it. That is their “Plan B” and it will be in conjunction with an increase in terrorism by the jihadists in our midst. Two peas in the same terrorist pod, with a common enemy—Western Civilization—and a common goal; the destruction of the Republic.

Prepare yourselves for a long, hard fight, right down into your local community.

Stewart Rhodes


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